FIFA Soccer World Cup Germany 2006 (SBS Digital TV)

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In good news for Australian Soccer (Football) fans, SBS has announced Digital TV viewers will be able to enjoy lots of extras watching the FIFA 2006 Soccer World Cup coverage on the SBS Digital TV and SBS Sports+ extra Digital only channel.

SBS will broadcast all matches of the FIFA 2006 World Cup in 16:9 widescreen Standard Definition format, giving sports lovers a wider, clearer picture capturing more of the action.

To complement the live widescreen SD coverage, SBS will also be replacing the World News Channel during the live match broadcasts of the World Cup with a digital enhancement channel (like the one at left showing highlights of England vs Paraguay)

SBS FIFA Soccer World Cup Germany 2006 highlights channel

This channel will offer digital viewers the chance to receive the latest World Cup news via a sports ticker, current match stats via an updating timeline, as well as 2 live video feeds – 1 of the current off-air signal (smaller image) and the other being the ‘instant highlights’ feed or player cam (with a larger image and associated audio).

The highlights feed and playercams are being produced by the host broadcaster specifically for digital applications like this.

SBS will be collaborating with Virtual Spectator for the integration of the video and data feeds into the one service. Virtual Spectator will also be providing SBS with some virtual 3D elements of real time match incidents which will be utilised on the main broadcast.

With the late night commencement times, retailers are expecting strong sales of digital television PVRs with hard disk drive recording capability (such as the Digicrystal 9000PVR) in the lead up to the World Cup. To record both the main channel and the enhanced channel, viewers will need a PVR with twin tuners.

After advancing to the last 16 of the World Cup finals for the first time after a thrilling 2-2 draw with Croatia, the Socceroos lost 1-0 to Italy in their sudden death playoff on Tuesday 27/06

The SBS TV guide for the Quarterfinals onwards group matches can be viewed below

Round of 16
No. Date Time Venue       Broadcast on SBS
53 26 Jun 17:00 Kaiserslautern ITA vs AUS 27 Jun, 00:30 (AEST)
54 26 Jun 21:00 Cologne SUI vs UKR 27 Jun, 04:30 (AEST)
55 27 Jun 17:00 Dortmund BRA vs GHA 28 Jun, 00:30 (AEST)
56 27 Jun 21:00 Hanover FRA vs FRA 28 Jun, 04:30 (AEST)

No. Date Time Venue       Broadcast on SBS
57 30 Jun 17:00 Berlin GER vs ARG 1 Jul, 00:30 (AEST)
58 30 Jun 21:00 Hamburg ITA vs UKR 1 Jul, 04:30 (AEST)
59 1 Jul 17:00 Gelsenkirchen ENG vs POR 2 Jul, 00:30 (AEST)
60 1 Jul 21:00 Frankfurt BRA vs FRA 2 Jul, 04:30 (AEST)

No. DateTime Venue       Broadcast on SBS
61 4 Jul 21:00 Dortmund GER vs ITA 5 Jul, 04:30 (AEST)
62 5 Jul 21:00 Munich FRA vs POR 6 Jul, 04:30 (AEST)

Third Place & Final
No. Date

Time Venue       Broadcast on SBS
63 8 Jul 21:00 Stuttgart GER vs POR 9 Jul, 04:30 (AEST)
64 9 Jul 20:00 Berlin ITA vs FRA 10 Jul, 03:00 (AEST)

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  1. I cannot for the life of me find which australian tv channel will be showing the fa cup live. will be in australia on saturday so any heads up would be great.

    EDITOR: quoting from

    Sat 13th 2006
    LIVE FA Cup
    LIVE to all centres
    10:30pm – 2:30am (NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS/QLD)
    10:30pm – 2:00am (SA & NT)
    8:30pm – 12:30am (WA)

  2. SBS was testing their multi-channeling skills during the Australia VS Greece world cup warm up match today with the SBS digital EPG (Electronic Program Guide) channel replaced with a highlights package of the game. Unfortunately because the EPG channel doesnt have much bandwidth the picture quality was fairly poor

  3. Australians [should not] be holding their breath to watch the Socceroos’ long-awaited participation in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in high definition … the event, which commences in June, will be shot in the 1080i HDTV format. But … SBS cited bandwidth and cost issues as the reasons for their decision to show the World Cup in [widescreen] SD. Paul Broderick, the network’s CTO, told that SBS has a “choice between presenting it [World Cup 2006] in high definition and offering extra multi-channel services, but it’s difficult to do both.” He also noted that “the costs associated with acquiring programs in high-definition…[are] more than standard definition.”

    – excerpts from article “Broadcasters hit sports fans for six”

    Personally I agree with SBS’s move considering the increased cost of transmitting a HD signal from Germany to Australia and the fact that only 1 in 6 Australians have digital TV equipment and only a fraction of these have HD compatible equipment. A bonus of not broadcasting in HD is that SBS can offer a seperate Highlights and Statistics channel for World Cup matches (as noted in the article above)

    At least the event is being broadcast in 16:9 SD format, unlike Formula 1 racing which is still broadcast in 4:3 format 🙁

  4. Any idea how I can watch the world cup televised England games from Oz??

    EDITOR: SBS will be broadcasting every single match of the World Cup on Australian free to air TV. Refer to the Stage 1 TV guide above for the times/dates England is playing the round robin group matches. After Stage 1 the times/dates for England matches depend on where they qualify in their group [assuming they qualify 🙂 ]

  5. I’ve just added a screen shot of the SBS FIFA World Cup digital enhancement channel taken during the England VS Paraguay match yesterday.

    It shows how Australians with digital TV’s can see a sports ticker of World cup information, current match stats via an updating timeline, as well as 2 video feeds – 1 of the current live signal (top left) and the other ‘instant highlights’ feed (larger image at right with audio) and a player stats box in the bottom left corner which in this case shows england captain David Beckham’s stats.

  6. Remember that the FIFA World Cup 2006 is on SBS Radio as well as on SBS TV.

    You can tune into SBS radio on the following AM/FM frequencies:

    Adelaide			106.3
    Adelaide foothills		95.1
    Bathurst			88.9
    Brisbane			93.3
    Canberra			105.5
    Darwin				100.9
    Hobart				105.7
    Melbourne		1224 	93.1
    Newcastle / the Hunter	1413
    Perth				96.9
    Sydney			1107 	97.7
    Wagga Wagga			103.5
    Wollongong		1485
    Young				98.7
  7. I want to watch England v Australia. What station if any in Australia can I see it?

    EDITOR: there is no such match in the Stage 1 group matches. In Australia SBS TV will broadcast all matches of the 2006 FIFA World cup

    If you meant the England vs Australia Rugby Union series, it’s broadcast on Channel 7.

  8. hello,

    I brought a new HD wide screen tv for world cup 2006 and sbs digital does not seem to work on my tv. I have 80 signal strength but no quality. I live in beaumont hills. I would like to know if the problem is due to my antenna or the coverage in my suburb.

    Thank you.


    1. It’s a shame you didnt do more research before buying your new TV because the World Cup is being broadcast in SD quality not HD and the vast majority of Digital TV programs are SD.

    2. The first thing to check is whether any of the other people on your street can view SBS Digital or call SBS on 1800 500 727 to see if they know of Digital TV reception problems in your suburb.

    3. Remember that Digital Broadcasting Australia recommends using quad-shielded RG6 coaxial cable from antenna to receiver for reliable digital reception. The advice of a professional antenna installer should be sought if you’re in doubt asto which type of coaxial cables you have.

    4. Try and rescan the channels on your STB. You didn’t say which STB you have, some are much worse at tuning channels than others.

    5. Lastly try and manually tune your digital set top box to SBS using their manual tuning guide for Sydney

  9. Is there a place i can go to see a “tv-guide” of the world cup… set out so the lay out is date and time rather then group.. thanks in advance

    EDITOR: as stated above The SBS TV guide for the round robin Stage 1 group matches can be viewed at The SBS World Game website. Where matches clash because they are played simultaneously, SBS will show 1 match live and the 2nd match directly afterwards.

    The SBS TV guide for matches in the round of 16 upto the Final on 9th July is set out in chronological order

  10. Is there radio coverage of the wolrd cup in Sydney of the matches in English? I could only find them in other languages.

    EDITOR: most of the matches on SBS radio are broadcast in the language of the team playing eg: German, French, Arabic, Spanish etc

    Because of restricted broadcast rights, you generally can’t listen to FIFA World Cup matches for free online except the licenced broadcaster in your country eg: SBS in Australia, BBC in the UK etc.

    I don’t know if it will work from Australia some people have had luck listening to World Cup radio commentary through the Sun (tabloid British newspaper) website

  11. Who is commenting on SBS TV for the World Cup matches

    EDITOR: SBS’s Simon Hill will commentate in any matches Australia plays, other major matches will be commentated by renowned English football commentator Martin Tyler

  12. Do you know why Australia lost agaisnt Brazil. It was jersey colours of the goalkeeper Mark S. Imagine wearing RED and so obvious for the attackers finding the target. Look at Brazil’s goalkeeper’s colours, shots keep finding over the post. Let’s hope mark wears something not too bright.

  13. well done Simon Hill, Brilliant Commentary. Other sports commentators should take note.

  14. To watch live video streams of Fifa World cup matches on the internet via P2PTV streaming just as you’re watching a live television, you have to download and install some software applications that designed to redistribute video streams on a p2p network, such as PPStream, SopCast, or TVants (google them to find their website)

    These Peer to Peer TV networks are from China, so you’re actually watching sports channel from China with chinese commentary and because many people will try to use them the stream may not provide reliable continuous coverage.

    I’m not linking directly to them because they’re illegal and I haven’t used them anyway because SBS TV in Australia is broadcasting all the world cup matches on Free to Air TV.

    If you’re interested google for PPStream, SopCast, or TVants

  15. Digital television viewers of SBS’s coverage of the 2006/07 UEFA Champions League are set to benefit from the addition of extra features on the SBS digital enhancement channel. Viewers with access to free to view digital television will be able to access instant highlights of match play, game statistics and player profiles broadcast on SBS Digital Channel 31.

    Audiences will also be able to see web highlights from games in a new ten-minute highlights package available on-demand through the SBS Video Player on A highlights segment will be available for each day’s play.

    – excerpt from Digital Broadcasting Australia – Free to View Digital Television Information Bulletin [September – October 2006]

  16. I am looking to purchase a DVD or VCR recording of 2006 Men’s World Soccer Cup match between Australia and Brazil during the Group rounds of play. If you cannot provide I would appreciate your directing me to who might in Australia.

    Many thanks for your help. Thank you.

    EDITOR: I’ve found where you can buy the boxset of all 4 socceroo matches from the 2006 fifa world cup, the link is in the 1st paragraph of this article

  17. Just want to know if anyone knows where i can get some pictures of Ned Zelic sprawled out on the couch during the SBS 2006 World Cup soccer coverage. His refusal to sit up straight was a highlight for myself and my cousin. PLEASE any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  18. That is a pretty cool feature. I wish they had this in the United States, but no one here appreciates the beautiful game… (and David Beckham does not count!)

  19. I know this is an older string, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea on where I might be able to find a DVD (not VCR) recording of the 2006 WSC match between Australia and Brazil. I am able to find a number of short videos on YouTube, but I’d really like to own a copy. Please contact me here if you guys can think of someone who may be able to help out.

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