February: ABC + SBS TV and Australian Commercial TV Highlights

Shaun Micallef


In this post I’ll highlight February’s Australian TV Network News & Upcoming TV Show Highlights and schedule changes

Australia vs India Twenty20 match in HD

Channel 9 has announced that cricket fans will enjoy the international Twenty20 match on February 1 2008 between Australia and India at the MCG in 1080i high definition.

I must admit that even I, an ardent cricket fan find this announcement boring as I can’t see there being that much benefit to viewers from watching cricket in High Definition. I can however see the point of HD sports coverage for fast moving sports with lots of detail and players on the screen like AFL or NRL.

Robin Hood Series 2

The thirteen 45-minute episodes of Robin Hood Series 2 are due for broadcast by ABC TV on Sunday 3rd of February at 7.30pm.



New Episodes of Agatha Christies Miss Marple

Miss Marple mysteries are based on the stories of world renowned queen of crime Agatha Christie, with acclaimed actress Geraldine McEwan as much-loved amateur sleuth Miss Jane Marple.

Miss Marple’s sweet old lady exterior hides an excellent perception of human nature and a razor sharp intuition for solving crimes – murderers underestimate her at their peril! These new productions continue the series’ trademarks of star name casts, high production values and stunning locations.

Episodes start on ABC TV Sunday February 3rd 8:30PM – 10:05PM

Dateline (International current affairs)

Australia’s longest-running international current affairs show, Dateline returns 8:30pm Wednesday February 6 to SBS. Veteran Australian journalist George Negus again fronts the show, now in its 24th year.


Good News Week Returns

Channel TEN is reviving Good News Week with Paul McDermott.

Good News Week is back on Channel 10 from Monday 12th February at 8:30pm

No doubt this is a response to the lack of commitment from the Working Dog camp who have been evasive on a return for Thank God You’re Here. TEN has also been missing The Panel for some time.

The production company who devised Good News Week recently saw The Sideshow wind up at the ABC and before that, The Glasshouse.

source: TV Tonight

Foreign Correspondent cut by 25%

Foreign Correspondent has had ten minutes (25%) trimmed from its programme in 2008 🙁 With the dropping of The Bill on Tuesday evenings, the current affairs series moves to a new starting time of 9:30pm, ten minutes later than usual.

Reporter Mark Corcoran now fronts the show as its presenter. He has been with the show for ten years. He has also received a Walkley Award for his coverage of the conflict in Sierra Leone.

Make sure you join the ABC’s network of local and overseas journalists bringing you stories of international importance from around the world when Foreign Correspondent returns to ABC TV on Tuesday February 12th 2008 at 9.30pm

-Source: TV Tonight

Life on Mars Series 2

ABC TV will air the second (and final) series of Life on Mars from 8:30pm Thursday February 14.

Newstopia Series 2 in early 2008

Due to popular acclaim Series 2 of Newstopia starts on SBS TV – February 27th 2008 🙂

Series 1 of Shaun Micallef’s Newstopia started broadcasting on SBS at 10pm on Wednesday nights starting October 10 2007. I especially enjoyed the fake ads for SBS programs eg: “Tyrants and their pets: Hitler’s poodle”. Watch the videos and see what you think

SBS In-program Ads to be Reviewed

SBS will be ordered to provide legal advice to support its placement of advertising breaks within programs, amid concerns the practice is illegal.

Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has told The Australian he would follow up Labor’s doubts about whether the broadcaster is complying with legislation by introducing ads during programs.

“I’ll be seeking advice from SBS, a report on the legal advice from SBS on this matter,” Senator Conroy said.

SBS prompted a viewer outcry when it moved from placing advertising between television programs to within them, interrupting content for the first time.
-Source: The Australian

SBS managing director Shaun Brown justified the decision on revenue grounds stating that “public broadcasters will suffer a slow and painful death by irrelevance if they are prevented from accepting advertising to fund increasing demands for digital and online content”

Hopefully the Minister will force SBS to return to the old “ads at end/beginning of shows” policy and provide enough federal funding to compensate for lost ad revenue.

No sign of Torchwood Season 2

Channel 10 was the first commercial FTA network to unveil its new schedule for the 2008 ratings season and they didn’t mention Torchwood season 2 anywhere which is worrying 🙁

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  1. Torchwood Season 2 is now showing in the UK. Apart from the hysteria and (pointless) homosexuality exhibited by the characters, it’s not bad at all. Suggest you go to tv-links.cc if you’re desperate; Ep. 1 and 2 are listed there.

    EDITOR: Hi Tom

    thanks for reminding me about that. I’d forgotten that series 2 has already started in the UK

  2. Actually, you can watch episodes legally using BBC iPlayer

    EDITOR: wish I could Tom but the BBC blocks people outside the UK from using iplayer.

    Access to this site is restricted: If you are outside the UK you will not be able to use bbc.co.uk/torchwood for rights reasons.

    This is quite fair really because you as a UK resident have paid the BBC licence fee which I obviously haven’t because I live in Australia.

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