Easily Convert DIVX to DVD

VSO Software are offering a free program called VSO DivxToDVD to quickly and easily encode files to DVD. DivxToDVD accepts many different formats including AVI (DivX/XviD), MPEG files, VOB files, MOV files AMV and DV files.


The program only has a few steps and will create a VIDEO_TS folder for you for your encoded files to be easily burned to DVD. While the program at this time does support encoding multiple files and putting them on the same DVD, it does not yet have the ability to create a menu to allow you select separate files, which can cause some playback problems with some DVD Players. DivxToDVD will also encode your audio files to 2CH AC3 format, which is a better option than MP2 for NTSC DVD’s.

More details and screenshots of the program can be found at Afterdawn’s VSO DivxToDVD guide, and the program can be downloaded directly from VSO Software

Note: VSO Software have made the program shareware so I’ve uploaded a copy of the last free Install file for vsoDivxToDVD_setup.exe to my webspace

PS If you can’t get VSO DivxToDVD to work see comment #9 for an alternative.

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  1. Hi Neerav

    Thanks for this post but the software which you have mentioned is not free anymore. if you still have that free version of that software can you send me that?


    EDITOR: thanks for telling me they’ve made it into shareware. I’ve changed the download link in the article so you can download it from my personal webspace

  2. Just wanted to say that I have been looking for this free file for sometime. Thankyou so much for making it available.

  3. DivXtoDVD doesnt support subtitles!!!

    EDITOR: Not sure what your point is, 99.9999999% of DIVX files have no subtitles anyway. Those that do have subtitles embedded in the video stream and they get converted fine.

  4. hi i am able to convert the divx files but am unable to burn them to dvd. Following message appears:(to burn a dvd at completion of the conversion,please download and install copytodvd. i have tried my own software to no avail any suggestions thanks mark

    EDITOR: You need to burn the resulting files to DVD in the “DVD-Video” compilation format using a program like Nero Burning Rom

  5. Well yet again I have tried this program to convert DIVX to DVD format but it will only go as far as 28 mins left & will not do the rest, please could you help this is now doing my head in thanks

    EDITOR: there could be any number of problems including a DIVX source file which was compressed with incompatible codec settings

  6. hi i used the program works just great but am looking for a rmvb converter as well could any help all the ones ive been looking at are trial ones it would be much appreciated thanks charlotte

  7. I have recently acquired a number of .avi Videos. Unfortunately, my “Highlander” stand alone DVD player ( one of the few that plays .avi files ) is not reliable, so I have been searching for a reliable programme to convert Avis to DVD format.
    Have tried quite a few, most take far too long in the conversion process. Found your website and have downloaded the “DivXtoDVD” programme. This is excellent, even though it does’nt have an embedded burner.
    Reliability is fine and speed is fastest I have tried.
    Easy to use even for an old fart like me ( I’m nearly 70 ), Re the AVI2DVD programme… this is a “DOG”, quite useless.

  8. Hiya,
    I was the one who recommended AVI2DVD, but I had a few problems with it, namely audio sync problems & it being a hassle to put multiple avi files onto the one DVD.
    I am now using: http://www.dvdflick.net/
    It’s an opensource avi->DVD converter with a nice plugin to ImgBurn(which does the actual DVD burning): http://www.imgburn.com/

    They both work a treat.
    Hope this helps!

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