Do Your Tax Return Online Using Free Etax Service

The Australian Taxation Office’s FREE E-tax service lets you prepare your tax return and baby bonus claim electronically and lodge them online. You might need to do one or the other or both. Most people find e-tax easy to use. In 2006-07 over 1.6 million Australians lodged their tax return using e-tax.


The end of July marks 1 month since the end of the financial & tax year so most people should have received their group certificates (proof of income for the tax office) from employers by then.

If you haven’t received their group certificate/s make sure you hassle your employer/s to hand it over so because you need various details about gross income, tax withheld etc from it to lodge a tax return.

According to the ATO, the benefits of using e-tax are:

  • Quick turnaround. In most cases your tax return (including baby bonus claim) or separate baby bonus claim will be processed within 14 days.
  • Less effort. e-tax uses your answers from the questions it asks to automatically complete your tax return or baby bonus claim. And along the way, the computer can save you having to enter the same information more than once
  • You can roll over last year’s information. If you used e-tax last year and you still have your tax file, you can roll over last year’s information in this year’s tax return.
  • You can choose to auto complete your baby bonus claim. e-tax gives you the option to auto complete your baby bonus claim with information held by the Tax Office from your previous claim.
  • Instant tax estimate. e-tax provides you with a progressive calculation of the tax payable or the amount of your tax return.
  • No mistakes in arithmetic. Calculations are done automatically
  • Help is only a click away. e-tax gives you access to Tax Office publications, rulings, help screens and examples
  • Final estimate. When you have finished, you will get an estimate of your tax assessment and baby bonus entitlement

However the program itself is not as easy to use as it could be, you need to know what you’re doing and be familiar with Tax Office Jargon and if your income is from several employers, you have various investments (eg: managed funds) generating income, need to calculate depreciation or claim a lot of work related expenses you’re probably better off going to your local accountant and paying them (anywhere between $70 – $140) to do your return properly (remember that tax agent fees are tax deductable too!).

The ATO website has more details about e-tax 2009 and a download link for free.

More Tax Help

Since I wrote a few tax tips articles on this website I’ve received a lot of questions from people about their tax returns. The most popular questions I’ve answered are collected at Australian Personal Tax FAQ: Questions & Answers and Basic Tax Tips Anyone Can Follow: Save Money, Pay Less Tax

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  1. thanks! etax got my tax refund back in less than a week. the program was easy to use as i only have 1 income 🙂

  2. hey my refund was $100 more than expected. how long until it goes into my bank account?

    EDITOR: officially I think its 14 days, but less than 1 week is quite common

  3. Remember that you can lodge your tax return or baby bonus claim electronically using e-tax from 1 July 2005 to 28 February 2006. However, by law you are required to lodge your tax return by not later than 31 October 2005. Failure to lodge your tax return by this time means you may be subject to a failure to lodge penalty.

    If you haven’t lodged your return yet do so ASAP, its better to do it now than to defer it even longer and risk larger penalties. At this stage you’re better off getting a Tax Agent to do your return as they have a better chance of negotiating penalties with the ATO compared to doing the late return yourself

  4. Do you still have a copy of the etax 2005 installation file? The ATO no longer allows me to download it from their site, and I desperately need it.

    EDITOR: thats because Etax 2005 has been disabled. If you’re this late in filing a 2005 tax return you need to call the ATO Personal tax enquiries on 132861 to find out what to do next

  5. The Australian inspector-general of taxation has joined calls for taxpayers to be protected from the mistakes of their tax agents … He notes that the Government promised in 1998 to protect individuals where it was the fault of their tax agents that penalties and interest were incurred on tax returns … “I believe there should be a safe harbour where taxpayers have fully disclosed their information to a tax agent and the tax agent has prepared the return,” Mr Vos said.

    Mr Vos says says 74 per cent of individual taxpayers now use tax agents.

    – from ABC online article Protect taxpayers from agents’ errors: Vos

  6. According to a survey conducted by Count Wealth Accountants, taxpayers are making the same mistakes today as they were making when a similar survey was conducted back in 1999.

    The top three mistakes in both years were omitting interest, providing incorrect or omitting capital gains and losses and omitting investment returns.

    excerpt from Money magazine article “Top three most common tax return errors”

  7. PS while e-tax will not work on an Apple Mac natively, it has been tested successfully on an Apple computer running OS X v10.4.3 with Virtual PC 7, running a recommended Windows operating system.

    According to the Sydney Morning Herald

    The tax office is showing signs of softening its hardline Windows-or-nothing stance, saying it has held discussions on developing either a web-based system or a cross-platform application written in Java”

    BUT this is unlikely until 2007 or later…

  8. Remember to order your Medicare tax statement to receive the net medical expenses offset. You can claim a tax offset of 20% (20 cents in the dollar) of your net medical expenses over the ATO threshold. Information about the amount of the threshold for this year can be obtained in several ways.

    The easiest ways are:
    * by using ATO’s e-tax application,
    * Online at the Medicare website
    * Or by calling Medicare on 132 011. You will need to tell the phone operator: Your Medicare card number, personal details, Personal details of the persons who are requiring a statement and Applicable financial year for the statement(s)

  9. The ATO is committed to finding ways to make it easier and cheaper for you to meet your tax obligations. As part of this ongoing commitment, e-tax has been developed to provide you with the opportunity to pre-populate your tax return with data held by the Tax Office and other organisations like: Medicare, Centrelink or Commonwealth Bank.

    Check the ATO Tax Office e-tax pre-population initiatives page for details

  10. I have recieved tax back information from one employer but not the other as of yet. Am I able to lodge one tax return now and then another when I recieve information from my other employer? Or am I only able to lodge one tax return?

    EDITOR: I see you’re keen to lodge a return, but you have to wait until you get a group certificate from all the employers you’ve had between July 2005 and June 2006

    I’m in the same position myself, received 2 group certificates in the mail and am waiting for one more so I can do the return to get my refund of about $600 🙂

    PS Bef ore you can lodge a return you also need interest statements for your bank account/s and income/franking credit statements for any managed funds or other investments that are held in your name

  11. I grabbed a copy of TNT Magazine the other day when I was walking towards Town Hall in the city and I noticed an ad for TAXBACK.COM which might be useful for any backpackers, working holiday makers or international students in Australia who have worked and therefore need to lodge a tax return before October 31st like all other Australian workers.

    More Details at

  12. Also went through traveller tax agent Super return who charged me flat fee of $100 for my tax back. Got the money in 10 days. are a rip off, the take about $300 a return and take ages as i used them last year for my tax return

    got to

    EDITOR: thanks for the tip James 🙂

  13. Hi there – thx for a helpful site. If 2005 lodgement is this late and THEY owe ME money, is there anyway I can lodge it myself. (Without ringing the helpline). I have it on etax but could put it on the paper taxpack and send it to them?? Thx in advance

    EDITOR: Phone the ATO on 13 28 61 as soon as possible to try and avoid having to pay a “Failure to lodge on time penalty”

    The ATO may apply a failure to lodge on time penalty if you lodge your tax return late. However, their policy is not to apply a penalty if your tax return is lodged voluntarily, and does not result in any tax payable.

  14. My husband has not received a group certificate from one of his employers. On the ATO site it states business’ are required to supply a group certificate to employees by 14th July. After numerous phone calls made to employer they are not forthcoming with the group certificate. We have rung the taxation office and as pays went into our bank we can include a copy of bank statements showing amounts paid and include a signed statutory declaration form and still lodge the return without the group certificate.

    EDITOR: thats correct. Even though businesses technically have to give you a group certificate, in reality the ATO is not going to make them do it.

    Using Bank statements and a statutory declaration will do but it would be better to give your accountant the last payslip at the end of June 2006 as well because it should show the amount of tax withheld during the year.

  15. A tip for those who are using e-tax but have not yet lodged. When the verification page asks you to re-enter (confirm) your given name, all that is required is for you to enter your first/christian/given name. So if your name is John Citizen, all you would re-enter is John

    EDITOR: thanks for the tip Brian.

  16. I’ve been using etax since 2001 and have always liked the idea of being able to do my tax on line. For the first time – in 2006, I’m experiencing trouble at lodgement, I keep getting the message, “Your confirmed name does not match your name as shown on the Notice of Assessment …”. I have my NOA in front of me and what I’ve typed is identical. To try and fix the problem I’ve copied over the name from the first line which gives the name as it should be typed. I’ve created a new file. I’ve restarted the computer. I’ve uninstalled the program, downloaded and installed a new program from the e-tax site and nothing is working, I’m still getting the same fault message. And I’m really disappointed because I have this thought that when I ring the e-tax help desk tomorrow that the person is not going to be able to help me out – and I’ll have to do my tax return the old fashioned way – which I don’t want to have to do! I wonder if someone else has had the same problem?

  17. Holy Cow, I just noticed the comment by Brian (must have been blinkered, I didn’t see it before), but your suggestion worked, thanks. I don’t remember that from earlier years and why would people be told to confirm the name exactly as on the NOA then? Oh well, happy end to story and my appreciation to you for me finding some good info on your website.

    EDITOR: Glad to know my site helped you 🙂

  18. Thanks Brian

    had the same problem as comment 19, your comment saved me many hours of frustration. The ATO are c****

  19. FYI all tax returns whether done by etax or at a tax agent have to be submitted by October 31st (for individuals, partnership and trust income) unless an approved substituted accounting period (SAP) has been granted.

    Don’t avoid doing your tax return until it’s too late because the ATO can penalise you for a late return

  20. I am using e-tax for the first time doing my 17 yo son’s return. Gross Income was $4904 but the program has applied a tax of $707! The tax free threshold is $6000 so what am I doing wrong. Can anybody help?


    EDITOR: I would suggest that you call the ATO’s Personal tax enquiries hotline on 13 28 61 and explain your situation, they should be able to tell you the correct choices to make on E-tax

  21. Wow, This version of e-tax is pretty stupid when you have to verify you name as stated on NOA (enter only your given name)

    Apart from that im happy to use it.

  22. I am enquiring about the $4000 Federal Government baby bonus scheme. Is it available to everyone regardless of income? Also do you receive the $4000 straight away or do you have to claim it at the end of the financial year?

    EDITOR: Please call the ATO’s Personal tax enquiries hotline on 13 28 61 for advice about the baby bonus scheme

  23. Hi,
    I am overseas at the moment and can’t lodge my tax return as my sister keeps forgetting to send me details of my group certificates.
    I can’t call the 132861 number from overseas- does anyone know what number I can call to advise the ATO of my late tax return
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Go to

    2. At the bottom of the page click on “Contact Us”

    3. A menu will appear, click on “Contact Us by phone”

    4. The phone number and fax number for International callers are listed at the bottom of the page.

  24. Can I submit an e-tax for 2005/6 if I do not have a 2000/2005 NOA. My last assessment was in 1999 and e-tax will not accept the date 1999…….what can i do?


    If you haven’t lodged your 2006 tax return, it’s important to lodge as soon as possible.

    A failure to lodge on time (FTL) penalty can apply when returns are not lodged by the due date. You can minimise the amount of any FTL penalty imposed by lodging your return sooner rather than later.

    I’m not sure if you want to lodge 1 years return or several years.

    If you owe the ATO a fair bit of tax and you havent lodged for several years then it might be worth talking to an accountant, however if the ATO owe you money call them on 13 28 61 and ask how you can use Etax.

    Note to everyone, e-tax can be used to lodge your LATE return 2005-2006 until 28 February 2007.

  25. I worked in australia on a work permit, which means i had medicare levy exemption, instead had private insurance (MBP). Can i claim 20% of medical expenses i had to pay (they exceed 1500). MBP often only pays about 80% of the total amount?
    Can I also claim the 30% child benefit (I paid all childcare fees from my pocket because did not qualify for child benefits, as I was on a business class visa).
    thank you

    EDITOR: Please call the ATO Personal tax enquiries hotline on 13 28 61

  26. My husband and I came to Australia in June 2005 and he is on a international student visa.

    The funds we had, we put into an investment account with a leading bank and have made withdrawals from it.

    He has finished his studies now and we will go back soon.

    There is a net gain of less than $10000 from the investment account (including withdrawals). Do we need to pay tax? If so, how will it be calculated? He had opened a student account.


    1. For starters Yes any interest or income he earns will be taxed and assuming he’s not an Australian resident or citizen the 2005-06 ATO Tax rate for taxable income between $0 – $21,600 was 29c for each $1 and the 2006-2007 rate is 29c for each $1 for taxable income between $0 – $25,000.

    2. Call the ATO Personal tax enquiries hotline on 13 28 61 for more details

  27. Hello, this might seem a silly question, but do you need to have your superannuation statements included when doing your tax return? I’m having to lodge several in one go and the only paperwork i don’t have are all my annual statements from various super funds. I plan to roll them all into one once my returns are all done for any future returns but need help with this question now. Thank you.

    EDITOR: As far as I know your superannuation statements are irrelevant to your tax return unless you’ve made personal out of pocket contributions that could effect your tax rebates/refund/co-contribution scheme eligibility

    Ask an accountant or the ATO hotline to make sure.

  28. Hi..My wife will be working for the first time from Dec 06, full time and earn around $20,000 up to 30 June 07. Her tax deducted will be around $3400 as at 30 June 07.
    Will she get more tax back as she is a first time employee? and if so, is it possible to wait until the following Tax Year 07/08 to then lodge a return..How does it work for first time income earners and Tax liability?.. Thanks

    EDITOR: By law everyone who earnt taxable income upto end of June is required to lodge a tax return by not later than 31 October of that year. Failure to lodge your tax return by this time means you may be subject to a failure to lodge penalty. It doesn’t make any difference if they’re a first time income earner or not.

    Ask the ATO Personal tax enquiries hotline – 13 28 61 for a more detailed answer

  29. Not lodging a tax return is breaking the law but it’s always been thought the Tax Office goes easy on those owed a refund. Not any more. Now there’s no excuses.

    If you are filling in your own tax return it must be lodged through either Tax Pack or e-tax (on the web) by October 31 each year.

    If your tax return is lodged through an accountant or tax agent then there is an extension … Many have until the end of the following March.

    Excerpt from Sun Herald article “Big brother is watching … closely”

    If you don’t lodge by then late fines apply, plus possible interest charges and a criminal conviction.

  30. What I was asking is, Will she get more tax back as she is a first time employee?
    Years ago, I got most of my tax back after my first job, that is what I was really asking. We will definitely lodge a return for the first year after June 07.

    EDITOR: It would be pure guesswork for me to give you a $ figure because each person has different deductions and expenses they can claim off their tax bill. Also couples who both work can have have different rules applied than singles.

  31. I am not a permanent resident and i have a kid who goes to approved child care full time.
    I received child care benefit from April 2006 to Nov 2006 as it was on special ground.After that i have been paying full fees for the child care. Do i get the child care tax rebate from the period of DEC 2006 till June 2007 through my tax return ? I mean can i clain rebate through the tax return for that period?

    EDITOR: please contact the ATO or your accountant with your question

  32. if this is a free service why do you charge $39.00. Last year l did not pay anything and every thing is the same

    EDITOR: No idea what you’re talking about. The ATO’s etax program is 100% free of charge to use.

  33. This may be a stupid question as I have not lodged a tax return before.. I am a University Student, and work part time, over the summer I worked full time for 3 months my income was 12,158 and Tax paid was 1,640. On the ATO’s website it says I was supposed to pay only $375 as it is worked out over the whole year, however after using the ATO program my estimate is $895. So my question where does that extra 400 – 500 dollars go??


    1. There is no such thing as a stupid question! The stupid thing to do would be to not ask any questions

    2. If you find Etax isn’t use friendly enough for you go to your local accountant and get them to do your return for you to make sure you don’t accidentally pay too much tax

    I suggest going to a specialist accountant small business in your area rather than one of those tax agent places and make sure you ask for a student discount, chances are they’ll do your tax return for $50-$70 in the hope you’ll return next year. Also the tax return fee will be claimable on next years tax 🙂

  34. I lodged my etax 2006 online and I need to make some changes to it. I need a copy of the etax 2006 software as I didnt print out a copy of the tax details then. Can someone tell me how to get hold of a copy of etax 2006 software?

  35. For anyone looking for a simple to use system to keep your tax documents, check out Taxstar at your local newsagent or goto You will never loose a receipt again.

    Taxstar comes with a physical folder and complimentary software package for only $49.95. Also, the system is totally tax deductible.

  36. is there any benefit or reason in giving your accountant your everyday bank account statements or savings account statement for tax returns, if so, why?

    EDITOR: All they really need regarding bank accounts for a personal tax return is a piece of paper like this example:

    Bank Interest July 2006 – June 2007

    Westpac : $307.32
    Commonwealth Bank: $2.63

    Listing each bank account/term deposit you have.

  37. is it possible to do last years tax return on line?

    EDITOR: No, you have to go to a tax agent, and do it soon because you’re less likely to get into trouble if you do it voluntarily than if the ATO contact you about it and make you do the return with penalties.

  38. Hi, I started working since this April which means that i should lodge my tax return for 2006-2007. However, i also had some interests from bank before this accounting period,so will those interest that i received before be included in 2006-2007.

    EDITOR: any bank interest from june 2006 or before isn’t included in your 2006-2007 tax return

  39. Hey,

    I am using etax and I dont have an NOA because I was overseas last year. How can I get around this and still use etax?



    EDITOR: according to the ATO you should be able to use an NOA from a return lodged in the last few years.

  40. I work only between 1 december 2005 to 22 february 2006,my gross income was $13.997.51,which place I worked for they cut gst and other expenses from my gross income(gst;$1280.89+expenses;$1280.89=total 2567.78).I am still not sure do I have to pay tax on that amount to money and if I do will i get anything return? And if I do not have to pay any tax may I still get back that money which is I payed for GST and expenses for the place I worked?
    Kind regards

    EDITOR: I’m pretty sure you will owe tax on that.

    I recommend you visit your local accountant and tell them your story, they will be able to advise you in detail

  41. Hi , I didnt lodge my tax assessment last year 05 – 06 and the tax dept has sent me a letter asking me to do it…. I work two part time jobs and have misplaced one jobs group certificate.. which is why i kept putting off doing it…. The company then merged (its a library) and is now run by a different group… How on earth can i get a replacement group certificate?… and should i do both years together now?.. ( im late with this one now too aren’t i?) … feels like its all getting away from me…

    EDITOR: I would strongly advise you to ask your friends and relatives which local Accountant they recommend, then go to them and explain your situation

    The longer you leave it, the more you could potentially be penalised

  42. i started my first job on december 7th 2007 until present date and i plan to go over seas in a month or so for about 2 year. Am i still required to lodge a tax return and if so how would i do it if i have no family here?

    EDITOR: Whether you owe any tax or whether you’re due for a refund depends how much you earnt from december 7th 2007 until now.

    I suggest you visit a local accountant and ask them for advice.

  43. Hello, I’ve just completed my tax return using etax, but i am no living back in the UK. However at the end of the lodgement it didn’t say how i would be receiving my refund. Last year i had it transferred straight into my Westpac account, but as i’m no longer in oz that account has been shut down. I’m guessing they’re going to send me a cheque in the post to my uk address, but there is nowhere on the ato website that confirms this, do you know if this is correct? I don’t think there was an option to have the money transferred to an overseas account.

    Also, i had a small problem completeing the lodgement as i didn’t have my Notice Of Assessment. Good news is i called the international tax line (0061 2 6216 1111) and they put me straight through to someone who, after answering some security questions, gave me all the info i needed to finish my return. They even offered to call me back so i wasn’t being charged for the expensive international call – i was very impressed!

    EDITOR: Suggest you call the ATO again, explain your situation and ask for a cheque to be sent to the UK

  44. Hi,

    I want to lodge in my e-tax return 2008, but I lost my last year’s Notice of Assessment (NOA). I read that i could have used last few years’s NOA, but I only lodged tax return once (last year’s, the one i lost).

    What do i do now?, Can anyone please help?

    Thank you

    EDITOR: The comment before yours answers your question

  45. hi editor i just have a question

    after using etax 2008 and after making my lodgement do i need to post off my group certificate to ato like you would when lodging a paper tax return? or once you lodge it online that’s it you do not need to send them over your group cert?


    EDITOR: Just keep your group certificate in your records. You don’t need to post the ATO anything

  46. hi guys.. im doing a return on e-tax for my gf.. shes convinced that she should be getting all her taxes back this year because this is the first year she has ever lodged a tax return? is it true that first time lodgers get all their taxes back?? she only earnt 12000 and paid around 1600.. etax only offers about 670.. any help would be appreciated!!

    EDITOR: It is definitely not true that first time lodgers get all their taxes back 🙂

    I can’t comment on the refund amount, you’d have to contact the ATO to figure out whether she entered all the right info into etax

  47. Hi everyone, I’m unsure how to finish my e-tax as i need a NOA, but i didn’t do a tax return last year because i got all messed up with the different systems, and they only took $100 as i didn’t earn much. what should i do? I’m on hold with the ATO…

  48. Hi there, I am doing my tax returns for 1st time this year – 2008. I dont have a NOA as I did not lodge a return last year. What do I do other than having to ring the tax office. Is there any other way?

    Please advise, thanks.

  49. I am an international student for more than 6 months and I didn’t know I am treated as resident for taxation purposes so I chose NO when etax asked me if I am a resident of Australia, now can I lodge another file or what should I do ???

  50. I’m experiencing trouble at lodgement, I keep getting the message, “Your confirmed name does not match your name as shown on the Notice of Assessment …”. I have my NOA in front of me and what I’ve typed is identical. To try and fix the problem I’ve copied over the name from the first line which gives the name as it should be typed. I’ve created a new file. I’ve restarted the computer. I’ve uninstalled the program, downloaded and installed a new program from the e-tax site and nothing is working.

  51. Bee – easiest and quickest way to do your tax return is via Etax

    Kiran – You can use details from a NOA from the last 5 years 2003 to 2007 (you should be keeping these records for 5 years for tax purposes anyway). You can call the ATO 132861, go through proof of identity to get NOA details given/sent to you.

    Duc Pham – Once you have lodged on Etax and received confirmation of lodgement you cannot change your tax return using Etax. You may request an Amendment. Paper amendments can take up to 56 days to process after received by ATO (28 days via a tax agent). Go to and type “qc2255” in the search box for details on making amendments.

    Lipsense – Ensure you have your name typed in EXACTLY as on NOA including your TITLE (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss etc). Call 132861 for assistance.

  52. P.S. Kiran – scrap that. For first year ever lodging a return – you can just enter your TFN and name as on your Tax File Number Notice and should work for you.

  53. hi i just lodged my etax any idea onn how long it will take befor my refund goes into my bank account?

    EDITOR: It should take less than 14 days

  54. Hi

    I am now living in London and have not lodged my 2006-07 tax return (though I am expecting not to pay tax for that year as my taxable income would be less than $6k for the year).

    What options are available to me to lodge this return so I can complete my 2007-08 return? I won’t be back in Australia until November this year. Is my only option to go to a registered tax agent when I am back? Is it best i notify the ATO about my situation (voluntary disclosure) before they send me a letter?

    EDITOR: If you have family in Australia ask them to get in touch with an Accountant and get professional advice about what you should do

  55. My wife and I came to UK in June 2005 and she is on a international student visa.

    The funds we had, we put into an investment account with a leading bank and have made withdrawals from it.

    She has finished her studies now and we will go back soon.

    There is a net gain of less than $10000 from the investment account (including withdrawals). Do we need to pay tax?

  56. i need to get a hold of some old group certificates…dont want to talk to my old employer due to personality problems…cant i get another copy anywhere else?

  57. It’s my first time lodging a tax return ever (I’m 18), and as such don’t have a Notice of Assessment from a prior year. What should i do in etax at the screen where it requires me to input this NOA information to proceed?

  58. sorry about the last comment. the screen was specifically for prior lodgers, though i redid my whole lodgment and couldn’t find where it had asked whether i was a prior lodger or a first time lodger.. any ideas?

  59. I’m having the same trouble as Mike… tonight’s the last night to lodge without penalty so I won’t be able to get it done on time, but it’d be useful to know what I’m doing wrong.

  60. How do you go about lodging your first tax return with etax? If you need an NOA to do one, and the only way to get one is to lodge a tax return, where do you start?


  61. To answer Jeff’s question – If you do not have a NOA then contact the tax office (13 28 70) and they can arrange the proper coding that allows e-tax to work. When in doubt – call them up, they can be pretty helpful at times….

  62. hey, well, this is my first time lodging a tax return and i have lost my group certificate. i have left this very late and know i have until the end of June. is there any way i can either get a replacement group certificate, or do it some other way?

    please help

  63. I have not done my tax for 6 years & I need to know how to obtain my group certificates for these years. Can I get them from the tax office or do I have get them from the employers I previously worked with?

  64. I found etax easy to use. Users should be aware that with so much information stored on their PC and the etax system its important to protect against virus attacks and PC crashes. You need to backup your PC and your etax otherwise you might be sorry. There are several online backup solutions that they can access eg Carbonite

  65. Am I alone in receiving $550 late lodgement fees for 2007 -2008 tax lodged 29 May 2009 in response to blanket advertising to receive the Stimulus plan Tax bonus payment. I have a real problem with the system in place when they “encourage” us to lodge online before 30 May, and there is NO reference to fines , fees or penalties in radio , TV or press advertising. If you have lodged on line and NOT received a fine I would very much like to know as I feel i have been selected to cop a fine when i know others ( my wife) has not.
    regardless I have written to the Dep Com Tax requesting the fine be waived.

    PS just receive my Rudd handout $600 which means the fine of $550 offsets the cost and I net $50; cant see how that will stimulate the economy ????

  66. hello, I have two questions want to ask:
    when I lodge my tax return, do I need to have last year’s notice of assessment with me?
    second question is Do I have to wait for my group certificate to lodge a tax return? If i haven’t got group certificate, what else documents I need to lodge tax return?
    thanks very much. I am looking forward to have your answer.

  67. seems good, except right at the end of filling it all in and going through all the steps its asks me to enter figures from the 07-08 financial year which i dont have the answers to. i guess is cant use etax unless i go to centrelink and every employer from last financial year and get the figures 🙁 how sad considering i don’t need to do last years

  68. Do you know if the 14 days is working days or 14 days from lodgement. What should I do if I haven’t received my refund yet? Its been 17 days now.

  69. hey, what would i put in the shared information table in lodgement? Because it won’t let me fill in the 08-09 section and i wasn’t working in 07-08 also i didn’t have a bank account.

  70. HI,

    I am paying tax since 2006, For my travel/ Visa purpose I need to show proof that am paying tax. I think photocopy of NOA is best thing to submit. Unfortunately, I am missing year 2008 NOA. Is it possible to get that…if yes, how ?


  71. hellow!
    I m Bibek Sharma.I am here in Australia in spouse visa.My wife is studying here.I didn’t get any taxable income in this financial year, but my wife got some taxable income by her employer,in this case can I get some tax refund by the condition of my not getting taxable income for this passed one year 2009? If there is some conditions to apply for tax refund in my case type, could you please inform me the procedure.if u kindly consideration on my matters then I will be much obligised.Thank you very much

  72. I’m trying to use e-Tax for a long time but it says it could not find my details. What should I do now?

  73. Hi.
    Can I fill in our partnership return online? If so would I use ETax or CSI or what.
    I tried looking up on ATO website but it is just a mire of confusion. Redirects and links that go around in circles..
    Sheesh what a mess!

  74. g’day everybody!! just an enquiry…I did my tax return…but i have noticed to made a mistake…I am an Australian resident for tax purpouses..because this is my second Tax return…so i have to ask an amendment…
    In the form I’ve downloded there are few things that I’m confuse about…In the section where it says amendment 1 (example..) it ask the question number but in my case isn’t applicable (??) because is about personal details..then it says claim type code letter…(refer to code letters in taxpack index for more information…) what is this…?
    Im wondering if you could you plz help me!!
    bye and have a good day!!!

  75. i have misplaced my noa from last yr, is it possible for me to still do my tax via etax or will i have to go to an accountant??

  76. I agree, E-tax is a fast and easy way to launch tax. But have to be proper knowledge on what type of information need to be filled on each page

  77. Its easy to get tax return online,but sometimes when you stuck on any qns it became headache. My friend has applied online herserlf, she got her tax return, but after some days she received letter saying that the tax summary she got and record in tax department systemas is different. They will do the amendments and my friend might be penalised for this.

  78. Can anyone tell me what ‘Alpha label on tax return’ means?? i filled out my original form incorrectly and am now lodging an amendment form – however don’t know what they mean…

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