Dilbert TV Series by Scott Adams (DVD Review)

Freeze frames from Dilbert TV series on dvd

At long last, all 30 episodes which make up the entire animated Dilbert TV series collection are available on DVD in one handy box set.

Initially shown in Australia on Network 10 several years ago, the Dilbert animated TV series was initially shown in the US on the very minor cable channel UPN from 1999-2000 and was later sold to Comedy Central.

Dilbert, the bespectacled potato-shaped engineer with the upwardly mobile tie, is the poster boy for the disenfranchised worker.

Slaving away day after day in his cubicle at the soul-sucking “Path-E-Tech” corporation and never recognized for his contributions, the muted frustration of his constant run-ins with his clueless boss and complacent co-workers are surpassed only by the schemes that his super-intelligent dog, Dogbert, continually involves him in.

Developed and produced by Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Larry Charles, the series follows Dilbert as he copes with daily life and his job as an engineer with episodes covering topics familiar to many workers including: naming products, the security guard, mergers, off-site meetings, takeovers and the lack of corporate ethics.

You can buy the Dilbert DVD Boxset from Amazon.com including the DVD only behind the scenes special showing Scott Adams explaining how the series was animated and the 4 featurettes: Dogbert Speaks, You’re Not the Boss of Me, Marketing or Felonious Activity? and Catbert: Feline or Pure Evil?

Fans can also purchase any of the many Dilbert Books from Amazon.com

Daniel Stern stars as the voice of Dilbert, while Chris Elliott voices his evil housemate Dogbert, who views the entire world as existing for his personal entertainment but still finds time in his schedule of world domination to regularly rescue Dilbert from the trouble he gets into with his well-meaning schemes to “make the world a better place”.

Joining Dilbert in the office are his fellow engineers the no-nonsense, caffeinated Alice (Kathy Griffin) selfish, slothful Wally (Gordon Hunt), Catbert the Evil Head of Human Resources (Jason Alexander) and the idiot pointy-haired boss (Larry Miller).

Dilbert’s creator Scott Adam’s had a lot of input into the plot lines and how the series was animated and this shows as it faithfully depicts his cynical, cubicle eye-view of corporate culture. In the first episode, for example, we can see the devastation wreaked by an “all-natural” anthrax lozenge, and an interoffice riot sparked by budget cuts.

You don’t have to have a refrigerator, cubicle wall, or computer festooned with yellowed Dilbert strips to appreciate the series. It will strike a beleaguered chord in fans of the cult movie classic “Office Space” or anyone toiling for a company that loves misery.

Audio:              Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Aspect Ratio:       1.33 : 1 Fullscreen
Transfer Format:    4:3
Region:	            4
Rating:	            PG
Language:           English
Subtitles:          None
Total Running Time: 374 mins

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