Dakar Rally Coverage on SBS TV and Website

SBS TV will broadcast daily highlights of one of the toughest races in the world, the Dakar Rally at 6pm from Sunday 3rd January to Monday 18th January 2010 as it returns to Argentina and Chile in what should be an even more challenging and exciting rally than last year.

Dakar Rally coverage on Australian SBS TV

Dakar Rally - Australian motorcycle entrant, Christophe Barriere-Varju
Dakar Rally Australian motorcycle entrant
Christophe Barriere-Varju

The race originated in 1978, a year after racer Thierry Sabine got lost in the desert and decided that it would be a good location for a regular rally. Originally, the rally was from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal, interrupted by a transfer across the Mediterranean.

However, due to politics and other factors, the course, including origin and destination, has varied over the years as is the case for 2009 and 2010 when the Dakar Rally has moved to South America due to political instability in Africa.

Fans of the Dakar and TV shows Long Way Round/Long Way Down can buy DVD’s of “Race To Dakar” – a documentary series about motorcyclist Charley Boorman’s entry into the 2006 Lisbon-Dakar Rally.

Argentina and Chile will play host to more than 362 Teams from all corners of the globe including 4 Australians: Garry Connell, Christophe Barriere Varju, Rob Pollard and Bruce Garland.

These men and women will compete in the race with 176 motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, 134 cars, and 52 trucks through roughly 9000 kilometres of merciless terrain.

View Video About Australian Dakar Racer Christophe Barriere Varju

Beginning in Buenos Aires, Argentina the mix of amateur and professional drivers will navigate the spectacular Argentinean and Chilean countryside during the 14-stage (7 each in Argentina & Chile) on and off-road endurance event.

In the ultimate test of stamina and strength, the participants will find themselves experiencing South America at its most diverse and challenging.

From crossing the Andes mountain range to negotiating the searing Atacama Desert, the Dakar offers competitors nature at its stunning, and often most punishing, best.

In the past the magic of the Sahara desert & the appeal of the unknown have attracted many entrants to the rally. In this years Dakar the competitors and the caravan will discover the Atacama Desert, the most arid of all deserts on the planet, tough as well due to its altitude, offering incomparable landscapes.

Dakar Rally coverage on Australian SBS TV 2

To coincide with the on-air coverage, SBS will publish the official Australian Dakar website including race results and standings, stage profiles and maps, video highlights and latest news available online 24/7.

Dakar Rally TV & News Coverage Around the World

In North America there are twice daily half hour Dakar highlights TV shows in USA on the “Verses” TV network and in Canada on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN)

For information about Dakar Rally TV coverage in Europe, Asia / Oceania, Africa / Middle East, South America etc visit the official Dakar website


5 Replies to “Dakar Rally Coverage on SBS TV and Website”

  1. It’s too bad that they are moving the Dakkar race to South America. I will be traveling to Senegal next month, so I fully understand the security concerns. I have been all over Africa and it seems that large groups of people present an easily identifiable target of opportunity. Too bad, because there is so much that one could see on that continent.

  2. It’s hard to say what is worst about this race:  The monumental waste of resources in a near or beyond peak oil planet; the complete ignoring of global warming by the sort of driving and the whole caravan of people, equipment and other parephernalia involved in the race; the hideously dangerous driving practiced, necessarily, to do ‘well’ in the race; the carelessness for the countryside over which the vehicles scramble; the contrast between the conspicuous and wasteful consumption of competitors and the poverty of many of the people through whose land the fiasco proceeds; the fact that SBS considers it worthy of inclusion in their programming – not once, but night after night.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more with Boris. The Dakar is an amazing test of man and machine. Some of the teams have made an effort to use alternative fuels. The positive impact on the local communities is immense. When the Dakar was run in africa it provided incredible benefits for the locals.

    I think the fact that SBS is willing to cover it is a great decision, especially considering that North America has very little coverage if any. The spirit of competition and cooperation is the basis of the Dakar and there definitely is something positive that can be taken from Dakar. Im not downplaying the enviromental impact, but i think it is a silly argument, there are much worse things to be worried about then the Carbon footprint of the Dakar

  4. Well Boris if you don’t like it then you don’t have to watch it, there are other chanels available to you. It would seem there are wowsers at every turn these days.

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