Craigslist Comes to Sydney

The popular American free classifieds site Craigslist has launched a site for Sydney, (Australia)

When you consider that newspaper classifieds are most at risk of losing revenue to Craigslist, it’s strange that I found out about the launch from the Sydney Morning Herald business section. You’d think they’d be the last to want to publicise it.

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  1. I read in SMH Good Weekend that there is a Brisbane ‘edition’ – how do I find that? Am interested in jobs available, book crossing, etc. etc.

    EDITOR: To see if Craiglist has a site for a particular city you just need to type :

    Into your browser. In this case what you want is

    PS If your reference to “book crossing” means you’re a member of, then you need to join the Brisbane Bookcrossing Yahoo group to see what events they have planned

  2. I was so happy when I found this post, but then I saw that it was posted in 2004 🙁

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