Convert Quicktime to Avi Divx for Free

Learn how to convert QuickTime video files from your digital camera to AVI/DIVX for free…


If your digital camera only saves video in Quicktime format like mine than you want to be able to save the videos in smaller files which you can view on a DVD/DIVX player connected to your TV. This seems to be the big issue that no one knows how to do easily so I’ve found easy to follow instructions that use free software to do the conversion.

Everyone who has ever asked this on newsgroups or internet forums will either get the age old sarcastic remark: “just buy Quicktime” or “Premiere does a great job” and this is usually from people who pretend they actually bought the products but really just downloaded cracked versions via Bittorrent or binary newsgroups!

Who wants to waste money and buy Quicktime just to convert from its crappy uneditable format?

To do it for free instead you’ll need to download and install the free RAD Video Tools and one of the MPEG4 codecs (XVID, DIVX etc) to be able to output a compressed AVI file.

Read on to learn how to Convert QuickTime MOV Files for free at

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