Consumer Electronics Use Too Many !@#$ing Wires

I predict a peoples revolution will take place soon in the Western world, caused by madness from all the !@#$ing wires used by electronic devices.

And no wonder, there’s so much entanglement behind every computer, TV, sound system, home theatre etc it’s enough to drive the most stable person insane

Consumer Electronics Use Too Many !@#$ing Wires: Is wireless power the solution?

The photos above taken by friends (Michael Momsen and Tony Hollingsworth) when they heard I was writing this story illustrate my point all too well.

The “rats nest” of wiring behind most computers and home theatre units can be a fire hazard especially if wires are looped around several times, piled on top of each other which causes them to act as insulation or bent excessively.

Too many electrical cables is also a big problem for business executives who have to carry chargers for their laptop computer, mobile phone, mp3 player and other gadgets for business trips or risk carrying around a device that’s run out of power and can’t be used until they take the return trip home.

Possible salvation lies in the research being done into wireless power systems including magnetic induction and radio waves.

Product Review – Powermat Wireless PowerWireless Resonant Energy Link: Efficient Wireless Power – Research@Intel Day

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  1. Yes consumer electronics use alot of wires now adays but atleast they dont weight a ton like they used to before…I remember back in 92-93 a Nintendo would weigh as much as a god damn coffee table!

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