Consider ReGadget Instead of Recycling Old Gadgets or Ebay Sale

If you’re Australian and considering what to do with gadgets you don’t need anymore, consider selling them to ReGadget. Regadget buys a range of gadgets including laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, games consoles etc.


The first step is to visit the Regadget website which will offer you an instant buy price based on questions you answer such as: does it turn on, condition of the gadget, whether you have original packaging and cables.

For example at time of writing this review an Apple iPad 2 64GB 3G version that turns on, is in excellent condition with original packaging and cables was quoted a buy price of $447.05. If it turns on, is in fair condition without cables or packaging the quote was $292.48.

If the gadget you want to sell isn’t in the ReGadget catalogue or you feel the buy price quote is too low you can submit a custom quote request explaining details eg a photo link showing the gadget is in as new condition.

Note: ReGadget pricing varies all the time and a buy price quote is only locked in once you confirm the sale. Also if you say the condition is excellent but ReGadget receives the gadget and sees it has scratches, damage etc then they will pay you less than the buy price quote, which is a fair policy.

What will happen to your gadgets? Most old gadgets have some usefulness left within them. Depending on the age and condition of the gadget, the gadget will be either reused or recycled. Reusing is much more environmentally friendly than recycling, so it’s a preferred way for ReGadget to dispose of gadgets. If the gadget cannot be reused, it is recycled for the more valuable materials it has inside like gold, rare earths etc.

recycle mobile phone gold metal silver

Regadget is much easier than selling via ebay or second hand forums online. There are no fees or charges and the full buy price quote is deposited as cash in your bank account. ReGadget pays for postage from you to them. You can choose to pay a small fee for registered post insurance if you’re selling an expensive gadget and don’t want to risk it getting lost or damaged by AusPost.

Regadget recently bought the following from me: a recent model smartphone in bad condition but with original packaging and cables for $120 and a semipro Digital SLR camera in excellent condition with all its packaging etc for $540.

A return post satchel was sent to me a few days after I agreed to the buy price quote. I safely packaged the gadgets with bubblewrap and sent them as registered post. Payment arrived in my bank account a few days later and today I used that money to buy a new camera so the story ends perfectly 🙂

What was your experience of using ReGadget? Was the price offered fair? Did they pay you quickly? Please add your comments below.

My friend Buzz sold them his old smartphone and this is an excerpt from his review of Regadget:

“ReGadget may not pay back massive sums for your device, however if your phone is sitting around collecting dust this is by far one of the best ways to make some money from it. I’m glad I made $236 out of a device I got for free. I also highly recommend you request a custom quite if you feel there’s something worth noting about your device (condition or other), as you might just get offered a bit more $$$. ReGadget FTW!”

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