How to Connect MP3 Player to Sound System or Computer Speakers

I plan to connect my mp3 player through the headphone jack to my sound system or set of computer speakers … how can I do this? – anonymous question from the internet

Firstly you need a home stereo system with an auxiliary (aux) RCA input (usually white/black on the left & red on the right) that isnt used and an MP3 player like the ipod, iriver, Creative Zen etc …

then follow my instructions to connect your MP3 Player to your Sound System or Computer Speakers

2 thoughts on “How to Connect MP3 Player to Sound System or Computer Speakers”

  1. Nice tip, I was wondering about this myself a while ago, sorted it there and then but it’s still useful to let others know. Good job.

  2. I tried this several times, took the piece back to radio shack before I realized my mp3 player is not working 🙁 I guess the connection is not solderded or something cause the sound was coming out of only one side. Will return and try again! thanks.

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