Cheapest Price for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The following prices for pre-ordering Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince were collected on 30th June 2005 and are grouped by country. Hopefully you can save some money off the recommended retail price by purchasing from one of the stores linked to below. NOTE; Australian price updated 17th May 2006


  • Online stores will post the book out to you once the sales embargo is lifted on July 16th
  • Normal bookshops will be able to start selling copies at particular times during the day on 16th July eg: 9:01am Eastern Standard Time in Australia, 12:01am Pacific Daylight Time in the US etc.
Australia – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Seekbooks AUS$17.96 – AUS$22.50 +shipping
United States of America – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  1. US$16.59 + shipping
  2. US$17.99 + shipping
Europe – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  1. Tesco UK 8.96 +shipping
  2. Amazon UK 8.99 +shipping
  3. Amazon Germany EUR15,80 +shipping
  4. Amazon France EUR15,99 +shipping

5 Replies to “Cheapest Price for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”

  1. Last time, Woolworths (Australia) sold the books at $23 but didn’t advertise the price before the day. They also had sufficiant stock that they didn’t sell out.

  2. What was the recommended retail price though? – edited by Neerav: the RRP is $AUS 45

  3. In 2003, Order of the Phoenix sold for $28 at Kmart at 9am, by noon, the price had been lowered to $22.

  4. According to The Times Online:

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has started a huge price war as shops sacrifice profit for market share … Supermarkets have the added bonus that readers are also likely to spend money on other products and will associate the shop with their favourite book … Supermarkets believe this so strongly that they are prepared to sacrifice millions in profits

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