Chaser News Alert: the Alert That Keeps You Alarmed (ABC2 TV & Broadband)

The Chaser boys are back with weekly news alerts at 7.55pm on ABC2 and at ABC Broadband (Windows Media Video & Real Player formats).


The ABC has commissioned the team behind the Logie winning comedy series CNNNN and The Chaser Decides to produce weekly 4 minute “Chaser News Alerts”, commencing on 22 September.

Chaser News ALert - Julian Morrow “I hate thinking of things to say for press releases,” said The Chaser’s Julian Morrow. “Can’t you just make something up?”. “Chaser News Alerts is an exciting new media venture that will give people a sharp, weekly dose of The Chaser’s defamatory take on current affairs,” he added.

Since it was founded as a newspaper in 1999, The Chaser has been consistently been rated Australia’s second funniest current affairs team after Today Tonight. The Chaser is now a satirical media empire which rivals Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in all fields except power, influence, popularity and profitability.

Although the team has recycled material in most media including TV, radio, online and books, this is the team’s first foray into online and mobile broadcasting

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