Formula 1 (F1) Racing ONEHD TV Channel 10 and Internet Video Stream Coverage

This is an analysis of Network 10 TV (Channel 10 / ONE HD) exclusive Australian live TV coverage of the 2006-2015 Formula One Grand Prix World Championship (Practice & Qualifying sessions, Race Day and highlights packages) on ONE HD, Channel 10 and new for 2011 free Internet Video Stream Coverage through a web browser, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

formula 1 racing at monaco

Watch ONEHD Internet Stream Coverage of F1 Live: Web browser, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

You can watch Live high quality oneHD coverage of Formula 1 F1 on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using their app or using the embedded video player on the 10 Sport site (may take some time to buffer video and starting playing, especially in Internet Explorer). Their Android ONE HD App is annoyingly only available through the Samsung App store so other Android phones have to watch through the phone’s web browser as long as it is Flash enabled to view the streaming video.

About Ten Network / ONEHD Formula 1 TV Coverage


Since 2009 all Australians had finally been able to watch more Live F1 coverage on TV than ever before with the launch of the new Network 10 “ONE” HD sports channel.

However in April 2012 Network 10 decided to shift actual race day coverage to Channel 10 in SD for all states and schedule coverage for 930pm which would mean viewers in Central and Western Australia would see the race delayed.

After a huge outcry from Australian F1 fans and support from Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo Network 10 partly changed their decision so F1 races will be shown live on ONE HD in Adelaide and Perth. However this means live coverage for east coast cities is still on Channel 10 in SD quality which has left many fans angry.

In essence Ch10 relay the feed from the host broadcaster BBC / Sky in the UK with their expert commentators for much of the race with additional commentary from Australian hosts. F1 fans are well known for complaining about interjections from the Channel 10 hosts which some people feel really ruins the telecast.

In fairness F1 coverage in Australia has improved in leaps and bounds compared to a few years ago and it must be hard for Network 10 to time breaks for ads and Australian comment because they don’t control which drivers the cameras cover and have to cut to ads to pay for the cost of buying F1 coverage rights.

Lord Mayor of Melbourne Says F1 Grand Prix no longer offered value for money and had outlived its welcome.

The City of Melbourne signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with the Australian Grand Prix just days before Lord Mayor Robert Doyle called for the event to be scrapped. The ink had barely dried on the contract, formalised on January 17 2011 when Mr Doyle criticised the cost of the event to taxpayers, saying it no longer offered value for money and had outlived its welcome.

Concerns about the cost saw the State Government yesterday refuse to guarantee the future of Melbourne’s Formula One event after the current contract expired in 2015. Premier Ted Baillieu admitted the GP might have to go, unless costs could be cut substantially.

If the event were to have a long-term future at Albert Park, Mr Baillieu said the $50 million bill picked up by taxpayers for last year’s event — more than double the losses incurred in 2006 — would have to be reduced.

Over the past three years, the event has run up losses of about $130 million with attendances hitting a low of 287,000 spectators in 2009.

Herald Sun

Technical Aspects: Widescreen, High Definition & Internet Streaming

In 2008 LIVE High Definition coverage was available on Channel 10 HD 🙂 However ONE HD was not be able to provide F1 coverage in high definition for the 2009 and 2010 seasons because they rely on Formula 1 Management (FOM) for all of it’s video/audio and FOM decided not to film F1 in HD until 2011 at the earliest 🙁

ONE HD has confirmed the Formula 1 will be broadcast for the first time live in Australia at full 1080P high definition quality for the 2011 season.

In previous years: 2007 Channel Ten finally decided to broadcast qualifying sessions for every round which was a key request that fans had made for years and F1 finally moved to widescreen digital TV coverage as well which was much appreciated.

Coverage Overseas and on the Internet

  1. Visit Australian Formula 1 driver Mark Webber’s official website to find out more about him and read his latest race report or join his supporter’s club
  2. To view live F1 driver lap times and rankings as races are in progress visit or more detailed live stats at the Official F1 site (which requires registration)
  3. Australian F1 fans should be quite jealous of their British counterparts who will be able to customise their viewing experience through the BBC’s multi-platform offering with options such as: split-screen action; a live leaderboard; in-car cameras; choice of commentary; live online streaming; live text; video highlights from classic F1 races in the past; extensive post-race video highlights; video race reviews by Murray Walker; interactive circuit guides; several blogs, including a diary-type F1 mole; columns; and comprehensive results and statistics.interactive forums; circuit guides; and blogs.

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75 thoughts on “Formula 1 (F1) Racing ONEHD TV Channel 10 and Internet Video Stream Coverage”

  1. You mention that it’s possible to get a live stream of the F1. Please explain how and where. I would really like to watch it without the mindless garbage that the Channel 10 commentators discuss over the sensible comments of the ITV crew. Please print instructions!

    EDITOR: Google for sopcast, tvuplayer, tvants etc. All offer free illegal relay streams of different TV channels and one of them is bound to have the race on one of their channels

  2. Monza on at 2am 4 hours late, disgracefull Channel ten! does anyone know a petition website to get F1 off channel ten and onto foxtel?
    How fantastic is the motogp on foxtel? Formula 1 seserves the same respect it’s the pinnacle of auto racing.

  3. Fox Sports has just reported that leading Formula One team McLaren Mercedes has been kicked out of the 2007 constructors’ title race and fined $US100 million ($119 million), as a result of the spying controversy involving Ferrari information.

    The world governing body of motor sports, FIA, ruled, however, that team drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso would keep their points to keep the drivers’ championship alive.
    -excerpt from “McLaren loses spy game”, Fox Sports

  4. I love F1 myself but unfortunately we do not get much coverage down here in the USA.

    Once a week I go down to my sisters house and watch as much as I can get on the speed channel.

  5. While Martin Brundle makes the ITV F1 commentary worth switching on with his insights, straight talking and inside knowledge, James Allen makes it worth switching off. I can’t stand the guy. It’s like he tries to be ‘one of the boys’, name dropping, making horrendous judegements and generally just annoying the living hell out of me. Pistonheads ran a ’stop the c*ck’ campaign, I really wish they’d complete it 🙂

  6. If channel 10 can’t show the F1 races and qualifying live, why not let foxtel have it? showing the Malaysian at 01:40 in the morning is crazy. Local time for the race here in perth is 16:00 !!!!! Not everybody wants to watch football all the time.

    Thanks Channel 10!!!!!!!

  7. we have just moved here from the UK and without this website would not have known what channel F1 is broadcast on! do channel 10 even advertise their programme? cant believe that after taking the broadcast from the UK, they dont even run it live!!!

    think we will take the advice shown and look for it on the net, better than getting up at “stupid o’clock” to watch a poorly commentated / produced “rip-off”!!!!
    thanks for warning us in advance and we will start looking elsewhere now!

    EDITOR: not having all the races live on TV in Aus must be a shock to you 🙁 after getting used to ITV’s excellent F1 broadcasts

  8. Very good video. Yes am also outraged about Channel 10 delaying the F1. They now put that strupid ‘Flight of the Concords’ on before it and Rove and Big Brother to more bad shows always go overtime with complete garbage when we could no should be watching racing at its finest. You see Channel 7 they put the V8 Supercars (which are pathetic in compariosn to Formula One) on primetime why can’t Channel Ten (apart form time zones i know but stil show them live not delayed). I do believe however that the coverage itself isn’t that bad i’m just glad that it is IV that commentate the race not Speed TV from America.

  9. (EDITOR: LINK DOESNT WORK ANYMORE) and enjoy live coverage of qualifying and the race ITV style..

    not sure we should expect anything but c$%p from channel ten (at the best of times) but shame on them for thinking delayed limited coverage is worth showing… give the rights to SBS.. or someone who might actually understand that there is a thinking audience still left in this country !!!

    EDITOR: WOW. I just tried that link and its streaming high quality coverage of the British Grand Prix!

    Has that site been around long? Surprised its working with smooth audio and video and hasn’t been swamped by lots of F1 fans

  10. What a revelation finding this site. Im also an ex pat from the uk who also thinks Channel 10 is CRAP!!!and im a girl!!Im sick of having my intelligence insulted at 1 in the morning by the droning tones of Dum and Dummer!!!Give us a break. Where can i find live ITV COVERAGE IM DESPERATE. Pity i didnt find this site sooner as i tuned in half way through the British Grand Prix waiting up for another bleary eyed Sun night,god i hate we live in Country Q.L.D AND DONT GET fOXTEL so no hope there.
    Any help wuold be appreciated

    EDITOR: Do you have Digital TV where you live and can you get a signal for Ten HD because it looks like most/all of the rest of this seasons F1 races will be live on Ten HD and delayed on normal Ch10

  11. Thank you soooo much for your F1 covering from ITV today (24/08/08). We live in Spain and the government has just pulled the plug on the re-broadcasting of British TV here so we thought we were going to miss F1 this weekend. Quality was excellent. Thanks once more!

    EDITOR: Glad to hear you liked it 🙂

  12. Yeah only live now if you are on the east cost. Still in WA we do not get it until its all over GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  13. We couldn’t see your streaming of the race last Sunday, but the qualifing was going out fine on the Saturday. Was there a problem on Sunday, or was it just at our end?

    EDITOR: Hi

    Its a test only and I cannot guarantee that it will work forever. Enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

    It may work again for the Italian grand prix or not, I cant guess ahead of time

  14. I cannot believe that there is not a more informative review on the Formula One races. I lived in the U.K. for many years in the era of Nikki Lauder and my ex-husband was a Formula One driver and there is definitely not enough information transmitted to the Australian TV about what is happening in Formula One. I must admit that most Ozzies do not know one end to the other of a Formual 1 car, but in the late 1970’s I used to race a Formula Ford at Brands Hatch – and I am a female. I am just so in awe of the F1’s that I tape or stay up and watch every detail and plan of these drivers. I am sick of this sport not emanulating at a more upgraded and intelliculate race than the old Ozzie Sedans racing around Oran Park etc. The F1’s are a race and intelligently planned pit-stop strategy which is the most exciting and strategically plotted race. I suppose the F1 in Singapore will be televised at an abnormal hour on Australian tv even though it is only 2 hours behind us.
    So disappointed. Ex female Formula Ford Driver in the U.k.

  15. Well looks like live streaming of the F1 races are no longer covered by this site.I’ve downloaded some sites said above with no luck finding any live F1.I live in country QLD and we don’t get Channel 10 so no TEN HD.Please help life without F1 is s**t.

    Big thanks for the F1 coverage,maybe it come back sometime.


  16. Yet again I stay up in the hope of seeing some F1 qualifying action as advertised on channel 10. Advertised on TV, in TV guides and even on channel 10 website!

    And yet again, there is no coverage what so ever, just an hour of proactive ads!!

    I have rang channel 10 once before about this and all I got was “I don’t know, sorry.”.

    I can’t remember our coverage of F1 being worse, ever! Shame on channel ten!!

    If they can’t or won’t show the coverage that they have paid for then please give the coverage to a channel who will show the fans what they want to see.

    I really reeeaaalllly hope that channel ten doesn’t disapoint me again tommorrow morning but I am sure that they will……

  17. If you google for “F1 torrent”, you’ll find you can download reasonable quality ITV coverage using file share networks. It’s not live coverage but it does mean you don’t have to stay up half the night to watch it on channel 10.

  18. Channel Ten don’t even broadcast to outback Australia! How can they say that they have the best F1 show that is to be seen in Australia when what they really mean is ‘best F1 show that is to be seen in Metro and highly populated areas of Australia only’!

    In remote and rural Australia why can’t Ten let a regional broadcaster transmit the F1?
    We live in Mitchell, QLD and have no HD transmissions and no Channel Ten so we miss out on it all. Have tried ITV.COM but a window says that broadcast is restricted.

    EDITOR: The BBC has F1 broadcast rights this year – lets see if that makes any difference starting with the Melbourne Grand Prix on March 27th

  19. I have lived in Oz for 13 years – the F1 coverage in Australian is APPALLING…

    Delayed / Talks over UK commentary / no 1 hr preview / no after race action / no nothing!! / Channel 10 should be thoroughly asahamed of themselves.

    They are not even showing the qualifyinbg on the Free to Air channel and boy we are lucky we even get it live at the Melbourne Race

    Let’s hope someone like SBS picks it up after 2010

    Thank goodness for

  20. what I hate most about channel 10 coverage is they play F1 coverage very late at night even for races that already happened in the day.

    We F1 fans also have to work come monday mornings so if the race happens in the day then they should put it on earlier time slot.

    EDITOR: this year many more races should be live or with very little delay because of Network 10’s new Sports channel “ONE’

    Lets see if Ch10 lives up to their promises

  21. We have just moved over to OZ from Zim where we recieved live coverage of all F1 races via the DSTV network. My wife and I live for F1 and are most unimpressed that we are not going to be able to get live coverage.

  22. Gary I know what you mean, I am used to the coverage in the UK, which is amazing compared to what we get here in Australia. I am totally gutted and all ready looking at ways to grad the live feeds from satellite.

  23. is Jenson Button (Brawn GP) cheating by not having the (required) heavy KERS hybrid system on their car this year ?

  24. jeloz,

    “Channel 10 still crap!” – I wouldn’t say that! At least they broadcast the F1 racing. I wonder where would you watch it in the other case.

  25. So hard to get good F1 coverage over here in the US. DOn’t know why anyone watches NASCAR. F1 is so much more interesting.

  26. I’ve been using a high-speed VPN to watch this season’s action on BBC iPlayer – it’s actually really impressive and the commentary quality with Jonathan Legard and Martin Brundle is really high. Martin’s pre-race pitwalks are sometimes legendary!

  27. Hi I watch f1 on 10 HD yes the adds are annoying the commentators are not up to speed with F1 they should stick to the V8’s. Even for this they should take a note from the BBC get out of the studio and get to the circuits. If 10 got rid of there commentators for the F1 the money they save could mean we could see it without adds. I down load the coverage a couple of days after the race to get BBC red button discussion and see the interviews we dont get at the end of the race. Maybe if foxtel got the rights we could have the red button forum also.

  28. We were watching the GP where Massa was injured ‘live’ in Australia, only to find out we were in reality some time behind the actuall BBC coverage. In fact they were saying on BBC1 that Massa was OK while the ‘live’ feed on 10 HD was still talking about if he would be OK or not.

    Yes coverage is better than before, but its still pretty bad not showing things at the right time… live qualifying 3 hours after the event… wonderful.

  29. YES, absolutely agree with that. The 2 commentators on Channel 10 are jokes. What they are talking is what we can see on the screen. Most of the time they just read out some useless junk such as: this is incredible, what a fantastic race, blar blar in first, second is blar blar. They obviously have no idea what they are talking about.

    PLEASE, Bring us LIVE Race & Qualifying + Official Commentators. Thank You

  30. After being in the UK recently I hadn’t quite realised just how bad channel ten and one HDs F1 coverage was. Ignorant studio input and no in-depth anything. Just get the full BBC coverage – everything about their coverage is excellent and demonstrates just how utterly abysmal and amateur Australia’s efforts are. It is pathetic.

  31. Foxtel Please please please can you show formula 1 coverage and take over from the appalling channel 10. How come even in New Zealand you can get uninterrupted (no adverts) LIVE coverage of all practice, qualifying and race sessions – not to mention the UK.

    I don’t have Foxtel at the moment but would sign up instantly if there was coverage, any coverage would be better then channel 10’s offering! This season is shaping up to be one of the best ever with brilliant driver parings, the return of Schumacher, more cars on the grid etc. – viewing figures are bound to crack the already monumental 600 million worldwide..come on it!!

  32. Hi My Name is Terry Bainton

    I have just watched the first race in Australia for 2010 at the Bahrain gp. I have anxiously anticipated the start to this season but I have got to say that the new rules have made formula one a bore.

    I am a very hardened very long time formula one fan, & I think that from what I have seen the rule makers have turned formula one into a precetion. It seemed as though I was watching at best a gp2 race rather than the pinnacle of motor sport.

    The strategy that re-fueling allowed, really priced up the field & induced interesting racing. Their are now to many rules in the sport that makes it hard for even a hardened follower like me to work out whats going on.

    Also our coverage here on Ten one – was represented by two new commentaters in craig beard & Daryl Beatty.

    Daryl Beatty is right out of his depth commentating in formula one. I don’t believe that bike racing fans are the same people as formula one fans. A few times he got his facts wrong for example stating that ( Mike Gascoyne was an ex mclaren designer, he never was) .

    The rule makers have succeeded in killing f1 for me.

  33. If Channel 10 and One have sole rights to F1 broadcasting until 2015 where are you guys showing it?

    I can’t find practise 1, 2, 3 or quali anywhere on either channel on a weekend where the time difference is slight (Maylasia) and it could be watched real time.

    Honestly its pathetic that I have to turn to computer tech to get info when I could be watching it on my tv. This not only applies to the Australian F1 GP but to Malaysia, China, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

  34. Its great to watch when this hopelessly unreliable digital tv actually works….
    And this is the future???

  35. Its Fantatic to see the F1 live on HD….but the only thing that spoils it is the ad breaks and the back chat from the presenters in Australia! They are slow talkers…boring stat chats, and always seem to talk over the action after an ad break….Channel 10 please sack them all and just show the race and leave the Commentary to the brits please. We need fast talkers that know what they are talking about and your team reresent The Three Stooges!!!

  36. Please, when you are talking about Mark Webber’s Le Mans crash, stop showing the video of the car flying into the trees. This was NOT Mark Webber’s crash, but Peter Dumbreck in the sister car. Mark’s car flipped in qualifying, and again in warmup, however it stayed on the track. The warmup crash was in fact captured in still photos. It may look good, but it is not correct.

  37. I would like to see Mark Webber world champ in 2010& 2011 he deserved to be.
    He’s a good man.

  38. At the risk of appearing ignorant – well the certainty really – I have a question about downforce on modern F1 cars. When I learnt to drive Indy cars then F1 cars (on my PC of course), there was a clear tradeoff between top speed and downforce. Add some wing, increase downforce, reduce top speed. So why can’t MacLaren sacrifice its top speed advantage to improve downforce relative to the Red Bulls?

  39. Hi.. people complaining since 2008 and not much has changed, still have Rusty and the other two on there talking slow like they just smoked a huge reefer, just regurgitating what’s been broadcast by BBC..

    WHY? WHY? WHY? What a WASTED effort that looks soo expensive.. WHY pay these guys and then have to chop up the race with SO MANY AD-BREAKS?? WHY make such a big deal about having it on at all when they DON’T EVEN PLAY QUALLI LIVE? Have none of them heard of LIVE TIMING???

    You hardly see anything on the TV footage, it effectively compliments the live timing.. if they don’t play it live, what’s the point? AND they don’t play the practices AT ALL.. The AU GP loses tens of millions in tax payer funds every year, when it could be huge here.. but it’s not.. the coverage is crap and the Melbourne race is a rip-off that no-one goes to.. I bet if the FIA knew of the sorry state of affairs they wouldn’t be happy with the deal! Who needs AFL on two channels at once when there’s an Aussie doing REALLY WELL in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS?? COME ON F1 – PLEASE – Give it to SBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I also like F1 but unfortunately we don’t have it covered in my country so I use Live satellite TV software to watch it…

  41. How about this for a possible F1 2010 drivers championship

    Abu Dhabi: Vettel wins, Webber 2nd, and Alonso finishes 5th

    all are then on a 256 point tie (sounds like the “piston cup” – Disney Pixar “Cars”! – but alas no raceoff) just think – The King -Alonso, Chuck Hicks – Vettel and Lightning McWebber. But no we go to a race results countback (boring)

    Where the following happens:
    1st places Webber-4, Vettel-5, Alonso-5
    Webber out :o( but now it gets interesting
    2nd places Vettel-2, Alonso-2
    3rd places Vettel-3, Alonso-3
    4th places Vettel-3, Alonso-2 argh crap Seb “Chuck Hicks” Vettel wins but thats not how the movie goes – how about a shootout with the the 3 of them at WA Barbagello’s Festival of speed or better yet 20 lap dash around Bathurst in their F1’s- now theres a movie and one hell-of-a championship to remember!

    Next time Seb move over and be a “team” player and Marks got the champsionship in the bag.
    You can then go drown your sorro’s and (hot head) in some beers with Massa, he knows what it’s like ;o)

    EDITOR: clearly red bull racing arent giving mark the support he deserves. Mark would have been only 1 point behind if vettel let him through in the 2nd last race of the season

  42. FYI big news:

    You can watch Live high quality oneHD coverage of Formula 1 F1 on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using their app or using the embedded video player on this page 🙂

    (may take some time to buffer video and starting playing, especially in Internet Explorer)

  43. Found your site looking for a cheaper but better working VPN than I used last F1 season and have found a couple of links to ones I might try.
    I was amazed though, to discover earlier today a live feed of oneHD right here on your site! It isn’t working now though (9.00pm EST Friday 25th March). Will it be up and running during qualifying and the race ? The rest of the season !!??

    EDITOR: The live feed of oneHD F1 coverage on my site works during race time for the rest of the season. It’s there with the permission of Channel 10 but I suspect because of that it will only play for people viewing with an Australian internet connection

  44. I would like to get a simple list of times when events are on or are being telecast by 10 / One but after 40 minutes looking under Chanel 10 or on the various F1 sites, I have been unable to find this. It looks like I won’t be watching your coverage as I don’t have all day available to watch in the hope that what I am interested in will be shown.
    Yours very disappointed

  45. Just wish that “Melon Head” commentator could be cautioned – has a real bias for the USA drivers – how about recognising our Aussie team drivers as well – example Moto GP

  46. I was totally disgusted by Daryl Beattie’s repeated comments suggesting that the bulk of the V8 prizemoney be given to Jason Richards. It is a nice thought, but should have been kept behind the scenes. I would be interested to know if Beattie donated the bulk of his weekend’s salary to Richards.

  47. Thx for the coverage, unfortunately the stream didn’t work. Kind of a boring race yesterday, Vettel continues dominating. I hope there will be more competition next time..

    EDITOR: thats because the live stream only works from an Australian IP address

  48. How is the DR System controlled? Can’t be by the driver, cause there would be too much controversy about use. And if not, it being car specific, it sounds like a lot of work checking distance to the leading car etc. Also what stops the driver getting a nasty surprise when the considerable change in drag occurs without his instigation?

  49. Does it mean we have to watch this constant ad interruptions till 2015 when the deal would hopefully be given to someone better? In the Malaysian GP, the ad breaks happened every 7 laps up until lap 35, lasted for 3-4 laps every time. So effectively we saw 50% of the race in the first 35 laps and that excludes the cr*p we had to listen to from die Aussie “experts”. To the Aussie “experts” – driving an F1 car is vastly different from a V8, so shut it and leave it to DC and MB who between them drove over 400 GPs.

  50. The C10/1HD hosts who are only a journalist a former motorbike rider and a porche cup contender dont say anything of any interest or look the part. What we want is the BBC audio and visual in its entirety.

    And V8 racing is better than a sleeping tablet as its only a Falcon 500 V’s a Commodore SLX. Which one is going to win… go back to how it was… interesting with multiple makes

  51. So everyone, including Brundle, Coulthard, Rusty and co at Chanel 10 thinks the new format is exiting! Well if they had to endure the ad breaks like us mortals here in Australia they wouldn’t think it so exciting. Two minutes in every ten are given over to monotonous adverts that destroy any continuity of the sport and after supporting Formula 1 for over fourty years I, like many of my friends have already done, will bid it goodbye. It was bad enough over the past years but to suffer the onslaught of adverts like this year wrecks any pleasure that could be gained by the new rules.

  52. Formula One beats Nascar hands down, any day of the week…especially weekends LOL.

  53. Does anyone know why ten and oneHD insist on both showing the same AFL game in some states and delaying qualifying by an hour? Is there some sort of non compete clause with AFL coverage? Doesnt oneHD and ten have a non compete clause with itself??

  54. I hope someone can help with a silly question
    I know that broadfcast of the Monaco qualifying round stared at 10pm AET on 28 May, but I need to know what time the broadcast ended as I understand the rounds were delayed by around 40 minutes.

    If anyone can help it would be appreciated

  55. I have small business that sells some Formula 1 product and it’s great to see that the industry has grown over the years. The interest in racing was not always this large. I should know because I’ve been an F1 fan nearly 25 years now. Great article Neerav!

  56. So, I’m going to start a petition for getting SBS to host Formula1 in Australia… or at least get Channel10 to provide us the full BBC broadcast. Also, why can’t Channel 10 just run ads in the corner of the screen? Like they have done in the cricket coverage? We could then keep watching the race, and the ads at the same time… plus we wouldn’t have to listen to the ever so dulcet tones or Daryl Beattie… with all due respect to the CH10 guys, DC and Martin are fantastic – the bring recent and extensive first-hand experience of the sport and their insights and banter are great.

    EDITOR: good luck but SBS doesn’t have the money and anyway the 10 Network has rights for many years.

  57. great idea with ads in the corner. just watched the silverstone grand prix and about the only things channel 10 didn’t miss with ads was start and end of the race

  58. Yeah, although I was surprised they actually managed to hold off on the ad break for one of them, when the team radio came on… but as usual they always put ads in at the most crucial times.

    I reckon if enough people kick up a stink about it, SBS might be interested… they got the world cup football, and even had cricket on a few times… i realise F1 costs more than those, but still… it would be so awesome having F1 on SBS… although they have ads too know…

    how do we start our own TV channel?

  59. I+think the answer is to flood Twitter sites because i don’t think anyone on 19 reads this, and then the advertisers sites! I will not buy off Harvey Norman purely because I am sick of his adverts. I will also consider taking my insurance off Shannon;s and blacklist all the other advertisers, they have the power to put pressure on Channel 10 and we the viewing public should make our feelings known in the strongest way. We are being treated worse than any other sport viewer on TV!!

  60. I can’t seem to download this from my itunes 🙁 (country Malaysia not permitted)

    Can anyone help and share it out to me please ?

    EDITOR: it’s only for Australians

  61. Anti-Chnl10.. From Sydney. if anyone needs a livestream site just message me & ill Message you back With the site’s Links. Hurry Cos (FOM is on the Case.) ..its free & no ads. It Would Be Nice If Only Aussies Ask Tho. I’m Only Doing This So Other Aussies Ain’t Missing out on Anything. I Cant Put The Links Up Because It Will Be Taking Down So. Have A Good One.


  63. Could you please have a replay of F 1 on during the day, instead of late night replays, I’m getting to old to stay awake till midnight.. Thanks.

  64. FFS, if Channel 10 can’t even start their F1 coverage when scheduled then give it away. Two races running it has been broadcast 15 mins late. What is the point of a dedicated channel (One HD) if you’re not going to use it? Utterly pointless.

    Ian, get a Tivo.

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