Ryori no tetsujin aka Iron Chef (SBS TV)

Iron Chef is a Japanese television program made by FujiTV. The original Japanese title is Ryori no tetsujin (Iron men of Cookery). The program has an eccentric flavor, even for a game show. Its host is the flamboyant Takeshi Kaga, known on the show as... Read More

Hustle: The Con Is On (ABC and BBC TV)

From the makers of Spooks, the BBC’s stylish drama series Hustle has a great cast: (Adrian Lester as Mickey Stone, Marc Warren as Danny Blue, Robert Vaughn as Albert Stroller, Jaime Murray as Stacie Monroe and Robert Glenister as Ash Morgan) and... Read More

Cracker (ABC and BBC TV)

It may be a repeat series more than 10 years old, but Cracker shows that a quality drama can defy the odds by still gripping modern day viewers: Jimmy McGovern’s award winning drama about a brilliant but abrasive clinical psychologist Eddie... Read More

My Automated TV Guide

My Automated TV Guide is an interesting feature offered by http://www.ebroadcast.com.au/tv/ and using the power of CSS I have formatted their page to fit in with the rest of my website. Lets see how closely ebroadcast.com.au can predict my TV watching... Read More

John Safran Vs God SBS-TV 2004 (Review)

In his most audacious project yet, John set off across the globe to take on religion in his series John Safran Vs God (SBS-TV 2004). He roadtests Buddhism in Japan and Voodooism in Haiti. He door knocks in Utah and tries to convert Mormons to atheism.... Read More