Casanova Movie & DVD Review

I watched Casanova in early March 2006. At the time the other feature films showing at the movie theatres were either too serious with themes of war and violence eg: Syriana and Lord of War or too boring like Capote Casanova was the only one showing... Read More

Nerds FC (SBS TV 2006)

What happens when you give 14 self-confessed nerds three months of intensive training and then have them play a leading national league team? Nerds FC is a heart-warming, inspirational and often humorous journey of self-discovery and an uplifting... Read More

Foreign Correspondent (ABC TV) Review

In 2008 Foreign Correspondent has had ten minutes (25%) trimmed from its programme :-( Also with the dropping of The Bill on Tuesday evenings, the current affairs series moves to a new starting time of 9:30pm, ten minutes later than usual. This 10min... Read More

Ryori no tetsujin aka Iron Chef (SBS TV)

Iron Chef is a Japanese television program made by FujiTV. The original Japanese title is Ryori no tetsujin (Iron men of Cookery). The program has an eccentric flavor, even for a game show. Its host is the flamboyant Takeshi Kaga, known on the show as... Read More