Hong Kong Photo Journal: Skyscrapers and Lush Greenery

My recent 4 day trip to Hong Kong was quite different to what I expected, lots of greenery and nature mixed in with a bustling big city with myriad skyscrapers. Surprises are a rare thing in today’s travelling. It’s always a nice experience to have a prefixed image in your head that doesn’t end up reflecting the real thing (in the good way, not the bad).

Hong Kong urban jungle

Hong Kong City skyline reflections viewed from Upper House Hotel

This photo set contains all the highlights of my time spent in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong 2012

Selected Hong Kong highlights are explained as a travel diary / journal below.

Prior to my flight I didn’t know about the history of Cathay Pacific, so I was surprised to find out that it had been co-founded by an Australian.

Cathay Pacific was founded in 1946 by American Roy C Farrell and Australian Sydney H De Kantzow

I landed in Hong Kong late in the evening. Immigration and customs was swift. It was dark cloudy and rainy so felt a bit like Bladerunner, except I couldn’t see any ads for off world colonies. Cathay Pacific checked me into their Upper House hotel and I immediately headed for the bathtub, it’s a great way to feel better after a long flight, which tends to make you feel dried out.

The next day the hotel concierge bought a CSL One2Free Hong Kong prepaid SIM for me from a nearby 7/11 shop. A modern travel insight is that psychologically if I’m visiting a new city/country I feel less safe until I have a local mobile SIM with data to use maps, call taxis etc.

It cost me $HKD 100 (about $AUS13) which gave me 5GB data to use within 7 days and credit for a few SMS. Interestingly CSL has NextG branding because it is majority owned by Telstra.

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