Convert Quicktime to Avi Divx for Free

Learn how to convert QuickTime video files from your digital camera to AVI/DIVX for free… {{lls}} If your digital camera only saves video in Quicktime format like mine than you want to be able to save the videos in smaller files which you can... Read More

Sennheiser HD 202 headphones review

I needed some good quality closed headphones to listen to music and audio books on the train because I tried bud earphones and they let in too much of the surrounding noise of other passengers, wind, passing trains etc forcing me to turn up the volume... Read More

The Password Is Fayleyure

The global silliness of the password mentality was beautifully highlighted in a survey conducted last year that found 70 percent of those asked said they would reveal their computer passwords for a bar of chocolate. Sweet. A third of those surveyed... Read More

Philips DVP642K DVD and DIVX player

Without doubt the best budget DVD & DIVX player on the market now is the Philips DVP642K, available for less than $AUS 140 at good retailers. It has the ability to play practically any disc format and media: Compression formats : Divx 3.11, Divx... Read More

How to set Static IP on Sipura 2000

The following instructions allow you to set a static IP address for your Sipura 2000 VOIP ATA. Notes: The pound key is # DHCP must be �Disabled� otherwise you will hear, �Invalid Option,� if you try to set other values I found that the Sipura... Read More

Craigslist Comes to Sydney

The popular American free classifieds site Craigslist has launched a site for Sydney, (Australia) When you consider that newspaper classifieds are most at risk of losing revenue to Craigslist, it’s strange that I found out about the launch from... Read More

Restoring Palm after Hard Reset

Recently my Palm Zire 21 crashed and reset itself to factory standard mode so It didnt show my personal contacts, datebook, and 3rd party applications. I wasn’t worried because I knew I’d recently Hotsync’ed with my PC so I could... Read More