Sad news regarding Nigel McFarlane

The following is a quote from the Web Standards Group announce mailing list: We’ve just received news that Nigel McFarlane, a well known web standards advocate, evangelist and Web Standards Group member, has died. As well as being an active... Read More

Why This Site Doesnt use Access Keys

The topic of accesskeys regularly appears on mailing lists, forums, and other arenas. Developers ask what the concensus is, and the answer is – there isn’t one. {{large_square_google_ad}} I agree with Derek Featherstone, who states in his... Read More

Free Google Adwords Vouchers

If you live in Australia, France, Sweden, Italy, Japan, United States of America or Singapore you can get a FREE Google Adwords voucher in your currency by following the relevant link below: {{lls}} Free $50 dollar Google Adwords voucher... Read More

Wiki Feature Comparisons

A Wiki or wiki is a web application that allows users to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows anyone to edit the content. {{large_square_google_ad}} Wiki also refers to the collaborative software used to create such a website (see Wiki... Read More

PHP header(), location & refresh

Steven Clark has written a useful little article about using PHP’s header() function to redirect users after form submissions etc which I have just implemented on my Contact form Excerpt: One of the most important things to understand is the HTTP... Read More

How to Collapse Google ads

Collapsing ad units are an optional advanced feature of Google adwords ads. The collapsing ad unit code will ‘collapse’ your ad unit so that it takes up no page space if there are no targeted ads available. This allows you to minimize any... Read More

Taming Your Multiple IE Standalones

Multiple versions of Explorer for Windows on a single computer have revolutionized CSS bug testing for websites, but sadly the different IE browser windows appear identical to the eye, potentially leading to confusion and testing mistakes. Also,... Read More

Demystifying Information Architecture

A few days I came across the term Information Architecture in the context of a web development position listed on a recruitment company’s website, but had no idea what it meant so I thought i’d do a little research: {{lls}} According to... Read More