Catchup With Weeks Political Events with Insiders (ABC TV)

Every Sunday morning at 9am I turn the TV on and eat breakfast while catching up with the weeks political events by watching Insiders on ABC1 TV

Since mid-2001 Insiders has provided a forum for “Insiders” in the Australian media to discuss political events and policies currently being debated by parliament. This is accompanied by pre-taped “Your shout” segment and a live cross between Insiders host Barrie Cassidy and Paul Kelly (Editor-at-Large of The Australian newspaper).

Talking Pictures with Michael Bowers

My favourite part of the show is the amusing weekly segment “Talking Pictures with Michael Bowers” where Michael highlights the best political cartoons and photos in the media with a guest (usually a politician or Australian political cartoonist)

In the example below which aired on 21st June 2009, Michael chatted with former federal treasurer Peter Costello about his departure from federal politics and how the photo-media and political cartoonists had portrayed him during his political career.

Behind the Scenes of ABC TV Insiders

A few weeks ago Michael Bowers took some behind the scenes photos of the Insiders studio and kindly gave me permission to use them in this blog post so fans of Insiders could see the photos altogether in a slideshow.

Archives of all past Insiders shows including transcripts are available on the ABC website. Videos of segments on the show are available from early 2007 onwards.

You can chat with Michael Bowers and regular Insiders panelist Annabel Crabb on Twitter. To the best of my knowledge none of the other regular guests or panelists are active on Twitter.

Insiders is followed at 10am by “Inside Business”, hosted by respected financial journalist Alan Kohler

4 Replies to “Catchup With Weeks Political Events with Insiders (ABC TV)”

  1. Reading about our war hero Mark Donaldson in the Australia Day honours reminded me of a
    controversial article in The Courier Mail about this time last year…MP Tony Abbott sparked outrage by suggesting John Howard’s US Presidential Medal Of Freedom is superior to war hero
    Trooper Mark Donaldson’s Victoria Cross….His comments were made in a speech written for the Young Liberals Annual Convention in Canberra.
    He believed ” Moral Courage was a higher and rarer virtue than Physical Courage ”
    It would be interesting to know if he still shares that view .
    Maybe you could ask him on The next Insiders.

  2. Bring on the time warp again. Loved it.

    Would like to know if Windsor sold his property to the coal industry. Does he support the carbon tax or not. Would be hipocritical of him if he it is true he sold out to the coal industry especially if it is an area where mining isnt really wanted.

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