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Whether you’re a business owner, share trader or general investor, make sure you watch Inside Business at 10am each Sunday on ABC TV for a wrap of the weeks business and financial markets news.

The host of Inside Business is well respected financial journalist Alan Kohler.

Previously a columnist at the Australian Financial Review (AFR), Alan has also served as Editor of The Age and AFR.

For the past few years he’s been dividing his time between television, on ABC TV’s Inside Business and Nightly News and his own websites Eureka Report and Business Spectator which aim to give ordinary people the business/market news, tools and knowledge to become independent and reclaim the control – and the money! – that is rightfully theirs.


Inside Business features:

  • A mixture of news, opinion, insight and analysis from the host Alan Kohler,
  • Interviews with movers and shakers in the business world including CEO’s, fund managers and senior financial analysts
  • A wrap up of the weeks market movements and analysis by people like Stockbroker Marcus Padley and Tom Elliott from MM&E Capital
  • A 1st person segment where owners of small/medium sized businesses around Australia talk about their experience, success stories as well as the times that things went wrong, what makes their business unique and the key to their success

Transcripts of interviews are available from the Inside Business Archive including links to streaming video in Realplayer & Windows Media Player formats at the bottom of each individual transcript.

You can watch a video example of Inside Business below where Chief Investment Strategist at HFA Asset Management Jonathan Plain talks to Alan Kohler about the trend of unsustainable lending practices.

Inside Business is preceded from 9am-10am on ABC1 TV by “Insiders”, a show which discusses the weeks political news and events, hosted by respected political journalist Barrie Cassidy

5 Replies to “Catchup on Business News with Inside Business (ABC TV)”

  1. FYI Sunday 9th December was the last episode of Inside Business for 2007, Alan Kohler and the team should be back early next year

  2. A bit off-topic, but personally, I detest Lou Dobbs’ constant negativity towards every topic he discusses on CNN. I prefer to get my business news elsewhere.

  3. Hi

    When they say “our government is going into debt” who are they going into debt too, these banks must be bigger than countries ? is this healthy. Should not inflation be the only worry when a government is injecting extra funds into a declining economy ?

    Did not George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson & Abraham Lincoln all say “I will not have New York bankers telling me how much money I can print.” Did not George Washington & Andrew Jackson abolish the acts that gave rise to the fed, and did not Abraham Lincoln print greenbacks against the orders of the New York bankers.

    100 trillion left the public sector and entered the private sector in 2008, are we now borrowing back this money which was taken off the stock market in 2008 by New the York Hedge Funds (short sell), food for thought.


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