Bookcrossing resources

Bookcrossing is a great way to meet people in your area who all have one common characteristic … they love books and sharing them with other people!

The following are some useful links for Bookcrossing members:

Bookcrossing FAQ – In one place TexasWren offers “Everything I can think of that you might want to know about BookCrossing, but were afraid to ask!”

Bookcrossing Australia (BCAUS) Yahoo – discussions group, to keep in touch with fellow Bookcrosser’s across Australia. – add your bookcrossing membername to the end of the link (after the =) eg:, and the page will display your entire book shelf in 1 page rather than split into several pages like

Book Relay – “The idea of Book Relay is that there are lists of books that people want to send to new homes and interested readers. Each list has its own theme or restrictions, and only the book at the top of the list is available for trade (unless noted otherwise).

If you see something you like in the relay index, click on the relay name to see the full list for that particular relay. Then pick a book on your Bookcrossing bookshelf that you’d like to offer in trade. You can then accept the offered book, and your offer goes to the top of the list. This way there’s always something at the top of the relay’s list that needs a new home”.