Blast from the Past: Interview with Scorched Earth creator

We come in peace – Shoot to kill!

Scorched Earth made it’s first public appearance back in 1991, with version 1.0. Written in Borland C++ and compiled using Turbo Assembler, the game landed in my [Ars Technica writer Ken Fisher] floppy drive at a time when such things seemed almost magical. And, to be honest, playing it was kind of magical in a sense. It’s one of the first games that I spent hours and hours playing on a “Pee Cee,” and I found myself digging it again just in the past couple of weeks working on this interview. Many, if not most, geeks of a certain generation look at this game with admiration and respect, and today I am pleased to have the chance to discuss a few things with the creator and developer of Scorched Earth, Wendell T. Hicken.

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