Bigpond Movies Online DVD Rental site review

I recently used the Bigpond Movies 1 month trial, the following is a review of their service:

Claimed DVD library size: over 18,000 titles to choose from, and many different genres – sport, music, documentaries, TV series, and movies. From my surfing through the various categories in the library this claim seems justified.


Free Trial : The current free trial conditions are 1 month, 3 DVD’s at a time if you supply your credit card number. If you can get an invitation from an existing member than you can get a trial of 1 month, 4 DVD’s at a time. Note that trial time includes disc return so make sure you return all the DVD’s 3-4 days before the end of the trial and call their 1800 number to cancel the account otherwise you might be charged fees.

Returns policy: Select the “Returned” box in “With Me Now” to speed up the dispatch of your next DVD. If you tick this box before midnight, they’ll try and send you another DVD the next working day. This claim was correct about 90% of the time. DVD’s are sent and received by Australia Post in a sturdy cardboard envelope with a once-only use seal which is pretty wasteful.

Priority selection: There are 3 levels: High, Medium and Low. In my experience it worked fine as I received all my high priority DVD’s and then almost all my medium priority DVD’s before the trial finished

Damaged Disks: Out of the 21 DVD’s received in the month, 2 were so scratched so much they were unplayable and 1 froze and I had to manually skip forward to start playing the DVD again. If you report a DVD as damaged they credit a few $ to next months payment.

Pricing: Is cheaper if you sign up for a 12 month contract, and cheaper still if you’re a Bigpond internet service member. However remember that if you cancel a 12 month contract than early termination charges apply and the discount for being a Bigpond Internet customer isnt worth it because their service is poor and their pricing is far more expensive than other quality Internet providers like Internode.View the the full Bigpond Movies pricing list.

Overall I can’t comment on the payments system as I didn’t pay anything 😉 but the overall renting and returns system is quite good and even if you don’t intend to sign up as a paying customer the 1 month Bigpond Movies free trial is a perfect scheme to keep you and your family occupied for a whole month during the holiday season for no cost whatsoever

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  1. “Good News Everyone” [ as the professor says in Futurama 🙂 ] … I just found a promotional code for Bigpond Movies DVD Rental that gives you a 2 Month 3 Movies at a time Free Trial. The code to use is telegraph

  2. It seems they do not have all the titles claimed as they constantly send titles “they think we would like” they say based upon what we have viewed in the past. Baloney. the titles they send are nothing like previously viewed dvd ‘s. I have been waiting for some time for a response to my complaint. I will resign from this contract as they are not delivering the goods as originally stated.

  3. Thanks Neerav, code ‘telegraph’ still works as of 2/2/2007 😀

    EDITOR: thanks for confirming

  4. it all works great when your using the free trial but once they have got you signed up it all changes.just stick with the free trial and cancel well before it expires

  5. Tonight I was unable to get a login page. Up to now I have been recieving bigpond movies for over a year and I believe that I am getting value for money and have never had a problem with the site or the staff.

  6. For those of you considering signing up for home delivered DVD Rental here is my experience so far.

    I was with Bigpond for about a year then some of my friends signed up for Quickflix and said the service and selection etc was even better. So thought I would give it a go! They have a free trial also, so wasn’t out of pocket if it turned out to be disappointing.

    I signed up for their 14 day trial and I was actually pleasantly surprised. To put it simply things just seemed to work so much better with Quickflix. Their website is a lot more user friendly and seems to have quite a few more features than Bigpond. They have a unique ‘Queue filler’ that you can use which selects movies for you according to your tastes and preferences. Also, it’s got more of a community feel to it, lots of people share their reviews and thoughts about movies. So overall I was quite pleased with my 14 day adventure enough to say that I took my friends advice and I’ve now signed up.

    After doing a little bit of research I found out that Quickflix is a company whose sole interests lie with DVD rental. So I think its safe to say they’ll just keep adding new and improved features to their already impressive offerings. JT

  7. I have been with them for two weeks now. I alway end up contacting India whenever I call customer service. However I live in Tamworth and it seems to take 2 weeks from the time I ship the movies from the time I receive them and actually watch them. I am going to check out quickflix

  8. If you’re interested in more classic cinema movies – or the kind of films that BP and QF don’t have – then have a look at They’ve got a free trial (which is what got me hooked) and now I’m loving it. No more trips to the video shop to negotiate late fees. Yay!

  9. If you are in the UK you want either Lovefilm or Blockbuster. Lovefilm send you new free trials every so often and they don’t check if you are already registered so you can on forever lol.

  10. I was with Big Pond for about a year and intermittently had problems with them.. I am not very demanding.. just expect the service I pay for to happen it did not.
    Also I have just recently tried Quickflix, They were even worse, I especially asked them what their policies were with turn around times and the lady assured me that they are usually shipped after you marked them as being returned… after only maybe 2 months with them I have had problems, today I called and was told that is and never has been their policy, they used to “SAY” on the phone what I was told because they never enforced the terms, but ow they do…deceitful.. yes… oh so wrong on so many points!
    Apparently, so I was told today, they have a 48 hour wait time from after you mark the DVD’s as being returned, unless they receive the DVD back prior to this time…

    So I am on the hunt AGAIN for a service.. they both are bad, but if you ONLY had the both to choose from.. that would be Big pond.. personally I would rather buy DVD’s than go back to either.. it is just a waste on money.

    Tips to people.. it is ok to say you can get “unlimited” or “10” movies per month, but unless you have the big bucks to have more than 4 allowed at a time.. you will not reach this quota, no matter how fast you send them back..I am NOT suggesting that this may be their marketing ploy to have you sign up for more DVD’s out at once and a higher per month fee… that would be up to you to decide.. I would never think that a company would do such dastardly deeds just to impress the shareholders at the end of each quarter….

  11. I have been using Quickflix for over a year now – and it was great early on. But just before Christmas they revamped their “return” policy – DVD’s used to be sent out right when you marked them as “returned”. I was on an unlimited plan, so this was great! But now they are waiting 48 hours (as you indicated “Almost given up”. It’s ridiculous. I’ve cancelled my subscription. I am now trying Web Flicks They are based in SA (I think), so I am expecting DVD’s to take slightly longer to arrive – but they too have a “returned” feature, so I’m sure it’s better than the riculous 48 hour wait that QuickFlix have. They are offering a 1-month free trial… worth checking out too.

    PS. I read an article recently that QuickFlix plans to double it’s subscriber base in the next 12 months. Double! That means that existing “loyal” members are competing for new release DVD rentals with double the current member base. It was already taking months before I had access to a new release rental. Expect the waits to be longer!

  12. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the last 2 comments about the change in service from Quickflix. I thought it was taking longer to receive DVD’s (I too was on an unlimited plan) lately and it is now confirmed. Policy or not, Quickflix did use to send out the new DVD’s once you marked them as ‘return’ and now there is a delay in sending them. I have been with Quickflix for over 18 months and so am confident in saying that there has been a change in their service recently, whether they admit it or not. Will be cancelling my subscription once I decide on who else to try!

  13. I have been with Quickflix for over 2 years and had an unlimited plan. I just got an email that they are changing my contract to a 16 limit at a cost of $36.95 per month and said that it was great value … I DON’T THINK SO!

    How can they change a contract, especially when you are not a casual user?!!! Toodle-loo Quickflix!!!!

  14. I have had for a two years a unlimited (2 at a time) plan with Quickflix for $26 a month and averaged around 11 DVD’s a month. Yet under the new policy I’m lucky to get 8 a month which is the same as the new $20 plan (2 at a time up to 8) i.e. return a DVD on a Thursday and you’ll usually receive a new on Wednesday instead of Monday. A one week turnaround on a unlimited plan and the pleasure of paying an extra $6 for it. I think Quickflix will lose a few subscribers on this one. I’m certainly changing to Bigpond.

  15. I’ve been with bigpond movies for over 6 months now and I honestly think it’s the best thing ever. A friend referred me to them a while ago and for ages I pondered over signing up. When I came across their no obligation 1 month free trial I couldn’t say no.

    So after trying Bigpond Movies for one month I was hooked. The convinience over going to the movies or video store is just great. And what suprised me the most is how cheap it actually was after I finished my free one month trial.

    The best thing about Bigpond Movies over Quickflix is the service. With Bigpond you don’t have to wait ages for your DVD’s to arrive. They nearly always turn up at my house the next day!

    Anyway thats just my 2 cents.

  16. I cannot enter the movie rental website as it will not acept my new password [2fcphhbb] and I have requested this new password to work for me as it was given to me 3 days ago so please help

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