Best Price Search Engines for Computer Parts, Electronics & General Shopping Items

By using price search engines that compare prices from many different retailers you can find the cheapest retailer to purchase computer hardware from across Australia, saving you a lot of money.


Some price comparision search engines compare an extensive range of computer hardware and gadgets such as the list below, while others concentrate on items that are sold in greater volumes such as RAM, CPU’s, Graphics cards etc.

  • Computer Hardware
    • CD ROM / Burners
    • Computer Cases and Case Modding
    • Cordless Keyboards and Mice
    • CRT Monitors and LCDs
    • DVD ROM / Burners
    • CPUs, Motherboards and RAM
    • Fans and Cooling
    • Graphics Cards
    • Hard Disks and Enclosures
    • Modems
    • Networking and Wireless Networking
    • Notebooks
    • Power Supplies
    • Printers, Scanners and Multi-functional Devices
    • Sound Cards and Speakers
    • Web Cameras
  • Computer Software
  • Gadgets
    • Digital Cameras
    • Digital Video Cameras
    • Flash Storage
    • Mobile Phones
    • MP3 Players
    • PDAs
    • Projectors

In my experience the best price comparision search engine for computer parts and gadgets is The others in no particular order are:


Other generalist price comparison sites with searchable Product categories include: Home, Computers, Electronics, Food & Wine, Gifts & Flowers, Health & Beauty, Jewellery etc

  • – Computing products, Electronics, Home & Garden, Sports & Travel, Clothing & Jewellery, Health & Beauty, Gifts & Wine, Books & DVD
  • – Baby & Kids, Gifts, Computer parts, Health & Beauty, DVDs, Games, DVDs, Music, Video Games, Home & Garden, Electronics, Sports & Outdoors, Fashion
  • – Home, Computers, Electronics, Food & Wine, Gifts & Flowers, Health & Beauty, Jewellery etc
  • – part of a multinational shopping comparison network with shops from US, UK, Germany, France and Australia. Product categories include: Computers, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home and GardenToys, Games, and Sports etc…

23 Replies to “Best Price Search Engines for Computer Parts, Electronics & General Shopping Items”

  1. I use staticICE a lot and would have to agree that it is the best for the kind of things I tend to buy (peripherals and gadgets as opposed to computer hardware).

  2. is a new price comparison site that helps shoppers compare digital cameras and find the right camera, for the cheapest price from top-rated Australian online retailers. CameraStores features over 90 cameras from all the top manufacturers, including Canon, Casio, Fuji, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh, and Sony

  3. PS

    1. whatsinaname offers a price comparison for domain registration/renewals by all the .auDA Accredited Registrars with both RETAIL and RESELLER prices.

    Whichever domain registrar you choose make sure it isnt Melbourne IT because they are by far the most expensive and their service and products have huge profit margins.

    Personally I use and recommend it to my IT services clients.

    2. If you live in NSW and own a car than make sure you read the information in my blog post cheapest nsw ctp greenslip

  4. Hi Neerav,

    I just wanted to let you know about a new research feature ShopFerret just launched which allows you to quickly and easily find tech reviews from an index of 170 different review sites. You can check it out here:

    Drop me a line if you like
    Cheers mate,

  5. I just stumbled onto an awesome site that rotates so many shopping deals I am constantly checking it out for the newest specials. Unheard of prices like $199 for a 51cm Pure Flat Screen TV. $59 Digital Cameras. $29 Mp3 player with lcd screen and FM radio. Apparently stock is updating all the time as it is Overstock merchandise. I am in shock at how cheap everything is offered at. If you havenโ€™t been to this website it is definitely a must to check out if you are into saving cash. Heck who isnโ€™t? Online Bargains for sure. Oops the blog didn’t include the website he he: Overstock Outlet

  6. I visit this blog all the time but have not yet commented.
    Charmaine, I went to the site you refered and bought that 51cm flat screen TV/DVD combo for my unit in Coogee. I bought it on Sunday night and received it yesterday afternoon. My boyfriend loves it. Thanks for the heads up, and will refer this site to my friends.

    EDITOR: glad to hear from a regular visitor ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please note we now have an RSS feed which you can subscribe to (see bottom or top of this page)

  7. Okay everyone, I did alot of research into buying parts for my new computer, I view maybe 20 or so websites, including the commont cworld, pc world etc. (link removed) ROASTS these. u people should pay a vist to (link removed), cheapest prices, best selection, best customer service ETC. But yeh most of all crazy prices. Theyre having a clearance sale atm. Check it out!

    EDITOR: Please note that this guy owns the store he was trying to pretend he’s a customer of. Anyone who does this will be reported as a spammer.

  8. I shop quite often online and have found (name removed) to be quite cheap but the service is excellent.
    I like getting the best possible price on any technology that I buy but one thing I hate is bad service, I would rather pay $5 more and get the item on time and have customer service if something goes wrong.

    At least these people know how to combine the two (link removed) also if you are after computer parts try (link removed)

    EDITOR: Personally I don’t think either of your suggestions deserve to be linked to from my website. Their service may well be good but their pricing and range is inferior to my current favourite PC Hardware & Gadgets Shop -> Skycomp Computers located in Sydney’s Chinatown

    Not only do Skycomp have great prices, but they ship all over australia, allow in store pickup of items, have a large product range, a great “Live Help” service through which they answer your questions via text chat until quite late at night most days of the week and their prices are very competitive too ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thanks for that, I have not heard of them before, but the range is huge, thanks for the link mate.

    Not sure what you meant about deserve about being linked form your site (Maybe you think I was trying to push these site) Anyway thank again for the link to Skycomp ๐Ÿ™‚

    EDITOR: Glad I could help, i’m always happy to recommend quality organisations.

    I wasn’t knocking your suggestions, it’s just that there are so many computer stores out there and I know it’s hard to find out which ones give you a reasonable price and good service. Usually the best approach is to use Static Ice and some other price search engines to see what the lowest prices are and then find out what price the stores which actually have some decent customer service like Skycomp are selling whatever you want for.

    By “deserve being linked to” I mean my site gets a lot of comments and I censor them heavily to try and make sure that only reputable stores get linked to. You’d be surprised how many fake comments are made by staff/owners of computer stores pretending to be customers who love their store.

  10. Australiaโ€™s first mobile price comparison service launches

    Getprice, in partnership with Gravity, today announced the launch of their mobile price comparison service on Optus Zoo. The first of its kind in Australia, the service provides consumers with a powerful price comparison tool.

    Consumers can now enter any store in Australia armed with their mobile phone to challenge the store with a lower price. With pricing information from approximately 250 online stores, prices can be checked for electronics and white goods in less time than it takes to send an SMS

  11. Hey all I used the price comparison service on the Optus Zoo mobile network and it’s great … walked into bing lee, showed them via my mobile that I can get the Digital Camera for $80 lower then their price and they matched the price … thanks Getprice ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi all,

    I just came across a neat site for comparing computer game prices… saved me about $20 on warcraft
    Fairly quick and easy to use. I was a little confused with the way prices were ordered. At least they aren’t trying to sell stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

    EDITOR: nice one, looks like a useful site

  13. Nice one Andy, Game Cafe had huge range of stores selling BioShock and forza, the price differences for some of the games i searched was amazing… I always thought EBGames or JB were the best places to buy games, but depending on the title there are massive price differences..

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. getonce also do price comparing. They do cds, dvds, games, computers and some others stuff. I prefer staticice though…

  15. I use shopbot rather than static ice but have realized that sometimes it is a false economy as the companies that are listed there are sometimes a bit dodgy as they are more interested in moving product than providing customer service.

  16. I’ve always used for computer parts & media and found no other store able to get near their price, but in saying that, I just ordered something from skycomp (first time customer) as MSY didn’t appear to have it in their daily-updated pricelist… (That’s not to say they might not have had it in their store).

    MSY has two stores in Sydney – one in Auburn and one in Ultimo, and other stores interstate…

    I’ve also used shopbot for electronic gadgets and found it great.

    EDITOR: I’ve bought from MSY. They’re very cheap but offer poor customer service and there are often long queues at their stores

  17. Customer A: Complain about Poor Customer Service because they can’t advice u something because long queue
    Customer B: Complain about long queue because seller have to give advice to customer and cause long queue

    I just wondering what kind of perfect customer service anyone expect?

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