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Average unleaded petrol prices in Australia have risen by almost 80% since early 2003 from around 90c per litre to about $1.60 per litre of standard unleaded petrol in mid-2008.

Motormouth Petrol Price Comparison Service


Motormouth is a great free service that can save you time and money by making it easier to find the cheapest ULP, PULP, Diesel, LPG in your area, or register to receive free petrol price alerts by email.

MotorMouth currently reports cheap petrol prices in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth only.

To search for the cheapest petrol by regions on a map choose Motormouth’s Map Search or choose Motormouth’s Advanced Search to search by post code, street name or suburb

Buy Petrol At Low Point of Price Cycle

According to the ACCC

The cheapest and most expensive days of the week for petrol are influenced by price cycles. While price cycles usually operate in regular patterns, the cheapest and most expensive days of the week to buy petrol may change from time to time. Since historical data can only give an indication of the cheapest and most expensive days to buy petrol in the future, consumers should use this information as a guide only.

This ACCC page Cheapest day of the week for petrol in the major Australian capital cities may help you identify a local pricing pattern.

Save Money by Getting a Cheaper CTP Greenslip

While you’re trying to save money spent on petrol, you might as well try and find the cheapest New South Wales CTP greenslip or Queensland CTP certificate


If you live in Western Australia, the Fuelwatch website gives you, the motorist, the opportunity to make informed fuel purchases and potentially save hundreds of dollars a year by providing tomorrow’s fuel prices the day before.

After 2:30pm each day, by using the Fuelwatch website or phone service, you can find out what your local petrol station in Western Australia will be charging the following day, and whether the prices are going up or down. This gives you the opportunity to time your purchases for the best fuel buys.

FuelWatch is an initiative of the Western Australian Government and is administered by the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection, and covers most retailers in WA.

Save On Car Running Costs – Diesel, LPG, Hybrid or Downsize?

This is a very confusing time for car buyers.With all of the talk of ‘peak oil‘, carbon pollution reduction schemes and climate change you may be concerned that petrol will just disappear from the pumps – or worse, become so expensive that you can’t afford to even run your car.

Whilst it’s highly unlikely that petrol will disappear overnight – indeed it won’t – you can’t be so certain that the oil price won’t skyrocket tomorrow – or fall back again just a few months later.

In that light, being careful in weighing up your car-buying options makes good sense.

Crucially, it’s understanding how reliant (or not) you are on your car day-to-day, how large the loads are that you regularly carry (both people and their goods and chattels) and how far you must drive that will underpin a sound decision. Whether or not you can think coolly and logically about your vehicle options will make all the difference.

read more at Save On Car Running Costs – Diesel, LPG, Hybrid or Downsize?

Why 4WD / SUVs are Terrible Family Cars and Use Lots of Fuel As Well

“Mothers have started to swarm in tightly organised groups of 200,000 or so toward the 4WD off-road car. Really and truly it’s hard to think of a more inappropriate selection of family cars.”

“I tell you people who have off road cars [in the city] are stupid and mad. They should be driven from the roads and birched to within an inch of their lives. Off road cars are daft, anti social and idiotic and the people who drive them are fools.”

These are direct quotes from British motoring Journalist Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame who is well known for his bluntly delivered opinions.

Read more about Jeremy’s 4WD tests where he found them sub-standard in every feature a family car should have for use in the city.

27 thoughts on “Find Local Cheap Petrol Prices Fuelwatch: Unleaded, Premium ULP, Diesel, LPG”

  1. There is now a web site for the Australian “No Petrol Day” campaign

    Yes it is true that one day of protest may not accomplish too much but an ongoing campaign against individual oil companies could do much more. After the 22nd of September, 2005 we’ll look at a coordinated effort against Mobil first as suggested in other forums

  2. Instead of boycotting petrol per se, why not boycott a suppler for say, a week. It would have far more impact.

  3. No Petrol Day – Round 2

    This is an official message from the NoPetrolDay protest group.

    September 22, 2005 was a success with the oil companies running scared after a strong campaign culminating in a widely supported day of action. In a remarkable turn around week by the oil companies, they have not increased their fuel prices after the lows of Tuesday September 20. Why have the prices stayed low? Not because of high crude oil prices! Not because supplies are threatened by Hurricane Rita! Only because we participated in a widespread consumer lead protest did prices stay low.

    The oil companies admit to making large profits out of the current petrol prices and have seen a threefold (300%) increase in refining margins over the last few months. They also refused to attend the NRMA’s petrol price summit so we need to keep protesting.

    With over 90% of those surveyed at NoPetrolDay supporting further specific action we are now targeting all Mobil fuel outlets from October 1 till October 7 inclusive. With just one day’s over capacity from their refineries a worry to them we will see a significant impact from a whole week of no sales.

    Please purchase your fuel from any other supplier and NOT from the Mobil Oil company during the first week of October 2005. Mobil produce most of the petrol they sell throughout Australia from crude oil they produce from Bass Strait. This is a very cheap raw material (less than $3.00 a barrel !!!) so the high prices they charge motorists is a simple rip-off. Boycott all 1200 Australian Mobil and Quix petrol outlets for a whole week and their Altona Refinery will choke on the over capacity production.

    Since most of us fill our cars once, or at most twice a week, make your purchase a “No Petrol Day” for Mobil and Quix convenience store outlets from October 1 to 7, 2005.

    Forward this message to everyone you know.

    Let it be heard that the citizens of Australia say Enough is Enough!

  4. Please get the petrol prices back down to under a dollar because we need to live
    and people should not be so selfish about petrol prices they should care about other people first before themselves and the refinery it would mean alot to me if you get the petrol prices back down to under a dollar i mean it.

  5. Yahoo!7 have a nifty tool that shows the cheapest petrol prices across Australia Unfortunately Yahoo has shut this service down

    EDITOR: how cool is that! Thanks Aidan. FYI readers, all you have to do is enter your suburb or postcode then select your state to display a map which shows the location of the petrol stations with the lowest unleaded, premium petrol and LPG prices in and around your suburb

  6. Dear sir/Madam ..

    Planning trip from Perth to Broome. My vehicle only runs on LPG autogas. I tow a caravan.

    Checked RAC fuel outlet maps and there appears to be a shortage of LPG fuel oulets. Maps show no LPG available at Carnavon, Shark Bay, for instance. Has the Ford car dealer conned me ? And all this talk from Howard on changing to gas.

    Where can I get an accurate LPG fuel outlet list? Appreciate you help in this matter. Yours Frank. Perth WA

    EDITOR: Hi frank

    Your WA government provides a great free service called Fuelwatch. If you call them on 1300 55 08 08 or 1300 55 45 45 during business hours they will be able to tell you which petrol stations/road houses sell LPG in the areas you’re driving through.

    If you know what towns you’re going to pass through you can do it yourself at the fuelwatch website

    Have a good trip, I did that same trip 3 years ago and i loved it. make sure you stop at Karijini National Park and walk around some of the beautiful gorges

  7. Hi Neerav,

    I didn’t like how the Yahoo fuel site don’t allow queries by fuel type so I did up a small West Australian fuel prices + Google Maps site from fuelwatch data awhile back at WA Fuel Finder Still a work in progress as some regional stations are not geocoded into the system just yet, but quite useful nonetheless. After querying and panning the maps around I’d save it as my default location so it’s easily my first stop for fuel prices whenever I need to fill up the ol’ scoot 🙂


    EDITOR: nice work 🙂

  8. “NO PETROL DAY” is the stupidest idea I have every read about. It will not hurt the oil companies in the slightest. Since it is not really a boycott. You are still using fuel in your car, you are just shifting the day you buy fuel on. Even if everyone participates, servos will not sell fuel for a day. But will sell more on the day before and the day after. Net result – ZERO!

    A “real boycott” would involve an ongoing reduction in demand. Ride a bicycle, catch a bus, buy a scooter, sell your 4WD and buy a diesel car. Drive less, walk more. Of course on-one it their right mind would do such crazy things.

  9. I traded a 4WD and a new Commodore on a VW diesel Golf. The bloke at our local servo has almost forgotten my name, as we only fill up every couple of weeks.
    If everyone were to own a little Euro oiler the oil companies would go broke.
    Can anyone explain why diesel costs 15c/l more than ULP? (Other than blatant profiteering.)

  10. In Western Australia in the Kimberley on 21 May 2008 the price for diesel hit $1.98 per litre. It is only a matter of time until the rest of the country is paying these sort of prices. The price will not go down.

  11. I can try and understand the financial pain that people are feeling over this issue. However SHOULD the focus be on Governments providing long term solutions so that we don’t have to really on International corporations like BP, SHELL, EXXON, etc for our livelihoods.

    Investing in alternative sources of energy, like solar for example…

    I can truly see the day, when we are going to be paying $5 a litre.

    The government giving everyone a subsidy, by slashing their 10 cents or whatever, will only mean that needed public service some where will not get funded. And I guarantee, that within months of that 10 cents subsidy being provided, SHELL, EXXON, etc…will simply bump up the prices at the bowser.

  12. This is another nifty tool that shows the cheapest petrol prices across Australia. In fact you can enter a route (i.e. from home to work), and it return the stations petrol prices along the route. very useful. see at

  13. I am one of the poor people that work at a petrol station. And I think if you do not want to pay for the petrol WALK, CAR POOL, CATCH A BUS, do anything just stop taking you anger out on us, I think the public should grow up. there is nothing we can do about it.

  14. A price difference of 16 Cents per litre between a capital city and the south coast of NSW after the price per barrel hit a 3 month low of $119.00 smacks of profiteering. The price rises on Oil at the well and in the individual resellers tank goes up with almost immediate result. But it does not come down with the same alacrity.

    The oil companies must be separated from control of the entire supply chain from Oil Well all the way to their “Retail outlets” as they stand to benefit most from an y and all fluctuations in base price. In fact it is most likely profits are repatriated to head office without the knowledge of the Australian Government or its the “fiscal fiend” (ATO)

  15. I know this site is for petrol prices but am very angry that when I buy kerosene at my local hardware store a 4ltr container costs $20,that is $5 a ltr.Is there any watch on these products?

    Regards David.

  16. To Peter:
    That’s the problem I faced my self, the main problem of LPG is that it’s popular only in small countries and not know by the rest of the world. What I did is I’ve chosen to stay on bio diesel. It’s cheaper than petrol and it’s now getting really popular.

    Hope it help,

  17. I get my fuel from any where so if I can help with buying fuel from one place on sunshine coast I would to help others to keep prices down.
    Can one person help.

  18. it seems impossible to purchase any kerosene in larger than 4 lt quantities and the price is shocking what can I do and where can I get any from ??????

  19. Petrol prices like many other industries has been deregulated by our money hungry politicians who are collecting a massive 33% tax on the retail price of fuel, so they do not give a hoot how high it gets. Forget protests against the oil companies. Statrt flooding your local members of federal parliament with protests threatening to move your vote if something is not done about it. You will see something done then.

  20. I don’t care what Diesel is going to cost me, nor ULP, because I need to use my 4wd and other equipment being on a large rural property…..and we love to take our boat out fishing whenever we can. Whatever it takes do you hear me!,… I won’t let any greedy government [shame on Julia and predecessors for this current situation] nor fuel Cartels take away our pleasure and daily needs to live as we are …NOR make us feel like we’re losing our lifestyle we’ve worked so hard to build with our blood sweat and tears!!…If need be… I’ll fill my tanks with my own blood to retain our lives as they are.

    ….High fuel prices be damned! We’ll not wince at their greed and we’ll NEVER concede!!


  21. Why does the price of LPG have to increase with the price of other fuels?The demand for LPG is not as high as unleaded fuel, but in January,2012, the price per litre is now 0.63.9 cents; up from around 0.55 cents in December,2011.This is around a 16% price rise and means that the costs of operating a taxi cab increase significantly.Costs that cannot be offset by increasing taxi fares without regulator approval.
    There is very little discounting on this price at present so it is not possible to take advantage of changes in weekly fuel cycles.Also when unleaded fuel is discounted, the price of LGP is used to offset any discount by many service stations.

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