Australian TV Radio Online Coverage 2008 Beijing Olympics – Channel 7 SBS ABC

The 2008 Beijing Olympics in China will be broadcast on Australian TV by the Seven Network and SBS between August 8-28 2008.

ABC Radio will broadcast their coverage of the Beijing Olympics across Australia including Regional NSW but not in Sydney where the Macquarie Radio Network (owners of AM stations 2GB and 2CH) has bought exclusive radio coverage rights.

beijing 2008 olympic games
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games credit: http2007

Olympics Coverage on Australian TV & Radio

The entire Beijing Olympics coverage will be telecast in 16:9 wide-screen High Definition for the first time in Australia. Pay-TV provider Foxtel will not be showing any Olympics coverage apart from its rebroadcasts of Channel 7 and SBS TV.

Ch7 isn’t going to have a fixed schedule, they’ll switch between a series of sports in each several hour block of coverage depending on whether dramatic is happening or any Aussies are winning

In comparison SBS will show all events with specific start/finish times from start to finish with no interruptions

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Channel 7 TV Olympics Coverage

The Opening Ceremony was shown on Friday August 8 by CH7 at 9:50pm AEST & repeated on Saturday morning 6am – 7.50am as a highlights package.

Johanna Griggs, Matthew White and Sandy Roberts will anchor the Channel 7 Olympics coverage and manage changing between events from their studio in the International Broadcast Centre.

Seven’s daily coverage will begin with an Olympic-flavoured Sunrise, followed by Kylie Gillies and Andrew Daddo with the Beijing-presented Yum Cha.

Live Olympics will continue to 6pm when News and Today Tonight intervene. The evening session starts at 7pm and continues to 2am.

Included in Seven’s commentary team are Raelene Boyle, Bruce McAvaney, Steve Moneghetti, Andrew Gaze, Duncan Armstrong, Daniel Kowalski and Peter Donegan.

Commentary for the Opening Ceremony will also include the very experienced Ric Birch and Sonia Kruger. Interestingly, Rebecca Wilson is also on the team.

Events at the Games will start at 9am local in Beijing time (11am AEST), which means most events, with the notable exception of swimming, will be seen live in Australian TV prime time.

Channel 7 Network director Ryan Stokes has admitted that they protested against the new 10am (midday AEST) start time for the swimming finals, which were done to suit US network NBC’s wishes to air swimming events in their prime time, because this will mean our boys and girls will be swimming to victory while it’s lunchtime in Australia.

Joining Bruce at the pool is Olympic gold medallist and accomplished swimming commentator Duncan Armstrong, while at the pool deck another former gold medallist, Daniel Kowalski, joins Seven for his first Olympic commentary role. Daniel will be the first person to greet the swimmers as they leave the pool following their events.

The Bird’s Nest, officially called the National Stadium is the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies and the track and field competition.

Bruce will also host there with a commentary team of Olympic silver medallist Raelene Boyle, Olympic gold medallist Steve Ovett, World Championship medallist Steve Moneghetti and Olympic finalist David Culbert bringing their years of athletic and broadcasting experience to the microphone.

Go to the Ch7 website to see their Olympics TV Schedule and read more information about their coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

SBS TV Olympics Coverage

Seven is also responsible for producing the complementary Olympic coverage on SBS TV which has paid a reported $4 million to show up to 20 additional hours of long-form sports such as road cycling, soccer, indoor volleyball and table tennis as well as the sports it had originally purchased broadcast rights for.

SBS TV Olympics coverage will air each day beginning at 11am and conclude at 2am the following morning, again only interrupted by SBS World News bulletins.

SBS will cover Cycling Road Races, Football, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Water Polo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Boxing, Hockey and Baseball.

And the best part is that SBS will stay with each event from start to finish, with expert analysis from SBS’s team of presenters including Les Murray, David Basheer, Craig Foster and Michael Tomalaris.

“SBS will feature a diverse range of high quality events from the Beijing Olympics including our signature sports, Football and Cycling,” said SBS Head of Sport, Ken Shipp.

“Over 15 hours of Olympic action will be broadcast on SBS daily, with approximately 75 percent of the action shown LIVE, showcasing great sporting events in their full form and presented by the talented and expert SBS Sports team,” he said.

You can Catch breaking Olympic news from China, latest results and current medal tally, video blogs and photo galleries on SBS World News Australia as well as the from the SBS website where you can see the full SBS Olympics television broadcast schedule.

FREE 39 Page Olympics TV Guide to Printout

An extensive 39 page TV schedule for SBS and Ch7 schedule is available for download. Please note this schedule is for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane viewers AEST. Check local guides closer to the date. Subject to change.

ABC Radio

ABC Radio will broadcast their coverage of the Beijing Olympics across Australia including Regional NSW but not in Sydney where the Macquarie Radio Network (owners of AM stations 2GB and 2CH) has bought exclusive radio coverage rights.

View the ABC Olympics News and Radio Coverage website

Olympics Coverage On the Internet

Knowing that Australians will want Olympic event results and see the Australian Medal Tally while they’re working in the office, Seven has announced its online partner Yahoo will stream live video of Beijing Olympics coverage during the daytime.

However with so many simultaneous sports, there is no indication yet which events will actually stream live.

Yahoo says it will provide the biggest Australian online Olympics coverage ever, boasting more than 100 hours of footage though it doesn’t indicate if all 100 hours are actually live. Its dedicated website will also provide 7 packages, streaming of the YumCha morning programme, along with loads of results, medal tallies, editorial and blogs.

Olympics Coverage on American TV

In the USA broadcast giant NBC will broadcast more than 3,600 hours of Olympics coverage across its television and cable networks and for the first time live streaming broadband video on the Internet.

The 3,600 hours of coverage promised is more than the combined total of every previous Summer Games televised in the US, and will be aired on the NBC, USA Network, MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo networks, as well as

Olympics LIVE Medal Tally – Gold, Silver, Bronze for Top 10 Countries

Beijing 2008 Olympics: Medal Count by Country
Credit: Sean Carmody

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58 thoughts on “Australian TV Radio Online Coverage 2008 Beijing Olympics – Channel 7 SBS ABC”

  1. A sad Olympics 2008 for Foxtel Sports viewers then, once a gain a huge let down and symptomatic of a sad and sorry network. Just plain WOFTAM, waste of ***** time and money.

  2. Yeah I agree with you Yagu. us mob have tweo foxtel sets here and we’re just as peeved off as you. No we are all gonna sit watching blimming adds most of the time

  3. I’m excited to watch the Olympics this year. I watched several events during the U.S. Olympic Trials, and it will be interesting to see how well some of my favorite athletes perform. It’s very cool that live events can be viewed on the Internet!

  4. Channel 7 will probably only show the same old crap as past telecasts , i.e. swimming, walking, rowing, hockey and ofcourse its endless replays of these sports when they should be showing (unselfishly) other athletes, sports and countries!

    Hope SBS can help out here…they did in Athens.

  5. Spot on Historikos, its all about tailoring for society’s interests ($$$) and hot shot ‘athletes’ in Australia like that druggo jana pittman / rawlinson and ian thorpe who are not in these games because they couldn’t find a way of avoiding the drug tests. If viewers want to appreciate what the olympic spirit they must see athletes in “pure” sports like distance running, boxing, the “real” wrestling, gymnastics etc – sports where a degree of complexity exists and technology/wealth aren’t the only factors. I am against MOST team/prof. sports in the olympics which take up the publicity over more dedicated athletes…

  6. p.s. what the **** are ‘sports’ like bmx riding, equestrian etc. doing in the olympics? – i feel as though i`m watching childplay here, and don’t tell me union, cricket and ****’ng golf is in their too – because channel seven will really show some bullshit in august!!!!!!

  7. Historikos said “that druggo jana pittman / rawlinson and ian thorpe who are not in these games because they couldn’t find a way of avoiding the drug tests”. Care to substantiate your claims? Show me one single shred of evidence to support your view/statement Historikos! Until such time as you can substantiate and/or provide links you will remain one of the view dickheads that aboslutely nothing will please and who’se main aim in life is to wreck and/or discredit anybody who has even remotely tasted success. So get off your fat grubby ass and give me some evidence.
    Yagu Mike

  8. I absolutely LOATHE free-to-air olympics coverage. The have the attention span of a gnat, only cover (often hopeless) Australian athletes, and completely ignore many sports because there are few or no Australians in them. And as for the ads…. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    In this day-and-age there should be 20 channels showing each individual sport uncut and uninterrupted.

    What total crap…

  9. Also, housespider81 Equestrian has been a sport for longer than almost anything else (so get it right) in the Olympics – not that 7 will show any of it 🙁

  10. The channel 7 olympic coverage is ordinary. They have so many add breaks but to make it worse before each add break they go to the hosts in the studio who tell us some crap then we see the adds and then instead of going straight back to the live coverage we first go back to the stidio hosts who crap on a little more. Its a ahame foxtell hasnt got extra coverage like during the 2000 games

  11. Hi, would anyone know what time the Olympics opening ceremony will begin (Beijing time) & what time will Channel 7 begin their broadcast?

    Thank you

  12. Does anyone know which broadcaster, if any, is covering sailing?

    EDITOR: As far as I can tell SBS isn’t showing any Sailing and it’s unlikely that Ch7 will show it unless they have spare time and Australia is about to win a medal

    Olympic sailing news can be found at

  13. What about the Equestrian events?? I can’t find where they’re going to be on anywhere. All I see is swimming swimming swimming. How boring. Show us some other sports.

    EDITOR: An extensive 39 page TV schedule for SBS and Ch7 schedule is available for download

    I suggest you download it and search for the name of your favourite sport eg: Equestrian to see what days/times it might be broadcast

    Please note this schedule is for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane viewers AEST. Check local guides closer to the date. Subject to change.

  14. Don’t complain about the ads and biased coverage – I was in Cleveland for the Atlanta Olympics (same time zone) and guess what – Kieren Perkins did not win the 1500metres – why? ‘cos the US TV cut the coverage because there wasn’t a Yank in the finals! The only thing I’m hoping is that Mel and Koshi don’t commentate – god knows how sad that would be!

  15. 7 is so biased.

    They focus too much on us Aussies leaving out other great athletes/sports from around the world. I agree with some comments above about drug use by some of our athletes in the past and now. It’s use is not only limited to countries outside of Australia. As a sport physiologist i`ll be very surprised if some of our athletes haven’t used PAD’s in the past and going into these Games. The power/sprinting sports are definite events where PAD’s are used. Without them – no medal. Other more technical sports (where less profited athletes participate) wouldn’t require their use for success (unless beta-blockers for anxiety).

    It is a pity how most users get away with it whilst the some don’t. The USA athletes are an example of this. Look at Athens04 where the 2 Greek sprinters got caught. By the way it was a US Drug official who chose these 2 athletes to have an immediate test done at the right time where the drug shows in the system. The US track team gets away with it again! Just like in Sydney with Marion Jones. Their sprinters didn’t get tested full stop $ in Athens. Or the some that did it was done at the right time.


  16. Hope no syncronize with Ch.9’s coverage of last Commonwealth games – focus on Aussie swimming – repeats of replay/crap from studio hosts and too many ads.
    Please set new standard of OLYMPIC COVERAGE – we’d like to see most sportspeople in most events FROM OTHER COUNTRIES even tho no Aussies competing – keeps viewing worthwhile and interesting while being fully informed of all results and especially medal ceremony.
    and higher rating…..



  18. I can only hope that there will be some coverage of Gymnastics. I agree that it seems that the Sports that Australians do the best in have complete coverage, while sports where other countries lead the world have little attention given to them. We also just got TiVo just in time for the Olympics and are having a hard time requesting for Gymnastics Events to be recorded. Does anyone know where to find the timetable for coverage?

    Thank You

  19. Is it just me … or do others find the talking-heads hosting the C7 opening ceremony keep dropping stupid, sexist, and derogatory remarks …. pathetic hosts if you ask me.

    Chris A

  20. Is there anyplace that shows exactly what 7 will be showing when? Hooray for SBS who say “Women’s Basketball 12:15 – 2:00 Russia vs Latvia” — but I don’t see anything for 7’s coverage except MAYBE parts of sports that MIGHT be shown in some 5 hour stretch. I’d like to watch the Aussie women’s basketball and the TV schedule says 7 might cover it — but when?

    EDITOR: Ch7 isn’t going to have a fixed schedule, they’ll switch between a series of sports in each several hour block of coverage depending on whether dramatic is happening or any Aussies are winning

    In comparison SBS will show all events with specific start/finish times from start to finish with no interruptions

  21. It’s 11.30 am Saturday, and I hear my 20 year old daughter groaning in the other room as she desperately strives to find ANY footage of ANY Equestrian events. She is an extraodinarily good rider, and knows of dozens of other riders up here in the Blue Mountains who are equally as scathing of Channel 7’s pitiful coverage. Apparently, SBS are not covering Equestrian AT ALL, either because they don’t have a team in Hong Kong, or (as Emma says), they don’t/couldn’t afford the rights to broadcast equestrian events. Does anyone have any inside info as to when any equestrian activity might be shown???

    Incidentally, I watched the puerile efforts of Channel 7 in their coverage of the football (soccer?!) game the other day. As reported in, their commentators weren’t even at the game site (they were broadcasting from Beijing!), and even worse, they didn’t seem to know anything about football either!! Channel 7’s coverage is a shameful, abysmal effort, and this standard of display should never be allowed to be repeated.


  22. Yeah, i hope they show the more colorful and fascinating sports in these games i.e gymnastics, wrestling, weightlifting etc… alot of the team events give me the blues. I know they’ll show athletics and swimming 🙂 but too much of anything gets boring.

    EDITOR: SBS will have some of the niche interesting sports

  23. Equestrian is a … joke! It’s on now and i can’t believe the bull*t the commentator is saying: “a slight wag of the horses tail there… will lose some pt there”. Unbelievable.

  24. If you seriously expect any channel 7 commentator to have anything worthwhile to say, or to even know what the sport they are commentating on IS, you are sorely deluded!

    If you want to name a ‘joke’ sport I reckon it is either tennis or soccer…..

  25. Ok… Bob… “Equestrian is a…joke!” you ever ridden a horse before BOB? anyone who has knows how challenging a sport it is and would appreciate it being covered. Why do people have to make stupid simplistic remarks!? i dont particularly get much out of swimming but i dont go saying that its a joke…

  26. Bloody road race has been on both channels now for 6hrs – unbelievable.

    Tennis and soccer aren’t the only joke sports, equestrian is the biggest joke i reckon. Right now this road race is pizzing meoff. A waste of coverage time!

    Why us boycott their games, all countries should have boycotted ours!

  27. Actually, no, THE joke sport has GOT to be beach volleyball!

    Leaving out the ‘soft porn’ angle can anyone justify how this rubbish ever got accepted at any level above drunken ‘frolicking’?

  28. Bob’s only sporting skill is probably popping the top on a tinnie while sitting in front of the telly!

    If it wasn’t potentially cruel to my horse I’d like to put him atop my 18hh Clydie at a canter… 😛

  29. Thanks Sarah & Digitus…your comments are firmly in the saddle! Beach Volleyball, Tennis and Soccer really have to be eliminated: they’re not exactly “joke” sports (well, the first probably is!), but they definitively should be sent to the same resting paddock to which synchronised swimming (& diving?) was sent previously. I reserve my opinion about probably deserves the “profile opportunity”.

  30. hullo?????? W H E R E is the FENCING coverage?????? why isn’t Fencing being shown on telly? or is it? if anyone knows i would greatly appreciate knowing which channel, SBS or Ch 7 and what days and times (but so far i can’t find it anywhere). Many thanks

  31. I have just spent an hour on the net trying to find out when the equestrian is going to be on channel 7,I cant find any info anywhere, I cant sit in front of the tv constantly waiting till channel 7 decides to put the equestrian on, it does not look like SBS is even going to show the equestrian damm frustating. I like swimming but not hours of it what about the other sporst why does channel 7 get to choose what we are going to watch.

  32. Oh my this converage by channel 7 is a joke isn’t it!
    It started with the opening ceremony – the presenters were complete idiots, they made rude comments about athletes and countries, and didn’t know what they were talking about.

    To reiterate others from here.. stupid presenters ALL the time and too many ads, not to mention the biased coverage.

    But my biggest grouch about 7’s coverage of the olympics is that it SUCKS not knowing when the sports are going to be on? This “switch between to see the action” is utter b*llshit.. I don’t think anyone enjoys all the sports played, and while I appreciate that all sports are skilled, I don’t especially want to sit through equestrian, archery, shooting or badmington?? Not my idea of a good time..
    Whoever said that they should have multiple channels showing multiple sports at once is a genius.. why couldn’t they do that?? Or at least stick to some sort of timed program?
    I want a gymnastics channel!!! 🙂

    For the people on here who have said that some sports are a joke.. c’mon guys you couldn’t do it to save your life?? I mean you might not like to watch certain sports, but you have to accept that they are skilled!

    For those on here that have said tennis and soccer are joke sports.. well you must be deluded? They just happen to be two of the most popular sports on the planet?? I don’t especially enjoy them but I know when I’m outvoted.. maybe you should accept that too?

    I am probably going to stick to SBS as they are more varied. Truthfully their coverage isn’t that great either, but when there’s no other choice but 7?? hahaha

  33. I can only hope that there will be some coverage of Gymnastics. I agree that it seems that the Sports that Australians do the best in have complete coverage, while sports where other countries lead the world have little attention given to them. We also just got TiVo just in time for the Olympics and are having a hard time requesting for Gymnastics Events to be recorded.

  34. It (7) showed equestrian in the afternoon.

    I`m looking forward to the fencing too.

    Judo and wrestling also. The sports where sweat, guts and skill in the face of ADVERSITY aren’t shown which is a pity for people to really see the olympic spirit.

    There is a BIG difference between athletes in combat sports and games like soccer, hockey etc. Gymnastics is courageous too and was shown alot in previous olympics.

    By the way, individual sports (not: equestrian, bmx, tennis, badminton etc.) should be the focus of tv coverage. Just look at the pride of the combatants in sports like judo, boxing, wrestling, fencing, gymnastics, running etc. when they get a medal. It just isn’t the same when you look at the face of a winner in these sports compared to a team player.

  35. Yeah i totally-olly agree Constance.

    I think everyone would appreciate these kind of sports. But since no Aussies are in – or are in – but with no chance of Gold it would be unlikely 7 will show anything – even sbs has been crap and biased. Judo has been going on now for couple of days…and no coverage at all.

    Equestrian isn’t too bad – but it just isn’t at the same level as a combat sport or gymnastics. The physicality, changing conditions, fatigue, creativity and skill of these athletes can’t be compared to team players – who by the way get/are loaded with $$$, which is truly sad. Alot of combat athletes have jobs in respected professions as ‘back up’ to their careers – juggling work and sport – obtaining lessons from hard work on the other side of their sport.

    This is what people should see!

  36. I hear a rumour, although I find it hard to believe, that there are some events happening where an Australian is not actually taking part. I was under the impression that the IOC only sanctioned events where an Australian will come in the top three or will have a good sympathy story to explain not going home with a medal.

  37. As a dressage fan and overall equestrian enthusiast, I am so frustrated that our expert commentary is coming from Simon Marshall – a race jockey. It’s the same as getting myself who used to ride a BMX as a kid to commentate on the road cycling or whatever happens in the velodrome, just because I have also ridden a bike! Channel 7 could have done us a favour and looked further abroad and employed the services of someone with some proven knowledge around the Olympic equestrian disciplines as oppposed to someone already on the payroll who knows head from the tail!

  38. can’t wait for the marbles gold medal match on Ch7, am so excited, just as excited as watching volleball on Ch7 AND SBS at he same time. Oh the equestrian was so interesting. Please, more more more

  39. Come on people, it is the Olympics, have a quick look at the official schedule , click on the blue boxes and you can see all the information that the media get. Its not that hard. When it comes time for channel 7 to decide what to show, they want to impress their sponsors first it will always be about the $$. With so much going on at once they aren’t doing such a bad job.

    Fortunately 10% of Australia’s population can tune into ABC local radio and hear a very professional performance by some of the nations most experienced commentators. Would you believe they even interviewed one of the sailing crew members from the 49ers last night, Australia is leading this event, but with 3 days (3 races each day) sailing to go who knows if we’ll make it to the last days sailing, but I digress.

    To cover the entire games is a big ask, but i think we should keep the pressure on channel 7 to limit the ads, stay away from the broadcast desk as much as possible, and provide an all round games experience.

    How long do you think it will be until someone actually uses the digital channels to full effect, or go with picture in picture technology? Roy and HG Nelson have a regular spot in Triple J from 4.30 to 5pm for their slant on the games, won’t suit everyone, but is very entertaining for the most part.

  40. If Channel 7 would just list a schedule of events, then everyone would be able to watch what they like and poor Bob would not have to sit through any equestrian events! As for me, I’m having a hard time finding any Equestrian events being aired! Bring on the Dressage!!!!!!!! Heath rides tonight at 20.09 HK time… I wander what time this will be aired if at all?

  41. ok, i live at mount mee in brisbane QLD. I have been waiting for days and days on end to see any equestrian. when it came on i was so excited, went and got a quick drink to settle in and watch it all, to my amazement by the time i came back from the fridge ( 2 mins) it had been and gone! what the hell is going on?? the riders in the equestrian work just as hard as anyone else, if not harder cuz their sport of choice has an un controllable element in it, the horse. The horse has its own mind etc. it is not fair for sports like gymnastics, fencing and equestrian, this is the only time they get any tv coverage and well, the coverage is CRAP! As a horse riding instructor, can you imagine all the kids i get saying theres no equestrian on the olympics. not exactly inspiring isit. For those who think its a crap sport etc, you get on a horse and try doing a quarter of what those guys do and then see how confident youare. I have had many students ( mostly men) come through as a dare from someone, say their girl friends/ sisters etc ride horses and they say oh its not hard anyone can do it. do you know how many grown men i have seen cry because they are that scared once they actually have to face it???

  42. I am just venting my frustrations at the 7 coverage of the 2008 olympics. They simply just repeat the same old swimming finals & our ausie wins over and over again, with hardly any live coverage of much else. With the adds, commentary and coverage it is all monotonous and seems unprofessional. Shameful to win the rights to cover such an awesome event that only happens every four years, then not to add professionals to cover it and screen it for our best viewing. Shame on you channel 7

  43. oh hear, hear Louise!!!!!

    it is honestly APALLING coverage by Channel 7. Today i acutally heard one of the commentators call an athelete from India, an Indonesian! i mean COME ON!!! why do we have to put up with this unprofessional sub-standard coverage by an event that celebrates people who are top in their field.

    why can’t the journos/commentators etc tv people who are covering this wonderful event be TOP OF THEIR FIELD


    and then, to make matters worse, whoever was commentating the swimming this morning was actually gunning for Soni (The American) and not our own Leisel Jones. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

    i think it is by far the worst ever coverage of an Olympics Games i have ever seen, and as you say, it’s only every 4 years we get to see this, so a great shame indeed.

  44. P.S commentators – shame on you AGAIN for not being sportsmanlike and congratulating the atheletes properly when they win silver or bronze. it’s as if Gold is the ONLY medal actually worth winning.

    every single athtlete that competes in an Olympic games has worked damn hard to get there and even to just be there and not win any medal is a brilliant achievement.

    SHAME again!

  45. For all those aghast at the inept standard of Ch. 7’s coverage/commentary, especially all of the equestrian fans (count me in!!), here’s a lighter tone to cool down with….

    King Potato and Queen Potato had a daughter called Sweet Potato. She wanted to marry a Channel 7 announcer, but her parents put their feet down and said “NO….he’s only a commentator”.

    And if anyone doesn’t quite get this, get someone else to read to out to you!!!


  46. LOL I cannot believe anyone is surprised or disappointed or upset at the complete and utter trash that Channel 7 have served up for the Olympics !! This is/was entirely predictable and is typical of this or any commercial TV Channel (it would be the same or even worse on CH9 or CH10). These classless commercial free to air channels serve up utter rubbish 24/7, not just at Olympic time. Anyone who would watch these channels regularly deserves to get shafted for being so stupid as to buy in to the endless trash and commercials they serve up. All of you idiots need to just calm down and head off to Mcdonalds in your V8 UTE and there you can stuff your spotty fat face with cancer causing crap and be McHappy because you support them every time you watch them. You have only yourselves to blame !! SO SUFFER ON MORONS

    BTW end is in sight for these dinosaurs who will get swallowed up by super fast Internet TV. It cannot come soon enough !! and Sandy Roberts has to get the gold medal for being the biggest F(*&*WIT on the planet !! …. worst commentator EVER..!!

  47. Unequivocally, the Australian CH 7 broadcast of the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 will go fown in History as the most amateurish ( despite all the new technology available) with the worst choice of live programmes and the most repeats EVER with, finally, the World’s Worst Commentators including the incredibly STUPID Sonya Kruger.
    Whilst no great fan of the ABC, their Radio Broadcasts were excellent, informative, up to date and spoken by people who actually knew something about the sport they were commenting on.

    Last but not least, Australian have every reason to be utterly pissed off by all the &()_&%&$&)(*^&}+ advertising SHAME ON YOU CH7 you took stupidy and profiteering to a whole new level!

  48. I am extremely disappointed with 7’s coverage of the olympics.This is the worst that I can remember if people want to blabber on please get ones who know what they are talking about. I watched the race of Grant today but the rest will be by other means. So I think channel seven you need to have a better look at your program for the future. Regards Noddy

  49. Channel 7 telecast is crap, crap, CRAP!!! I gave them a week to see how it was going to go and now spend most of my damn time trying to work out when events are going to be on or at all and miss most of it because of stupid timings. Pathetic Channel 7.

  50. I *CANNOT* believe that I can’t watch the women’s football bronze medal match tonight. UNBELIEVABLE!

    I actually want to see how Germany and Japan play off against each other but the best I can hope for is the last 15 minutes on SBS, or occassional updates on the web. (Apparently nil all at half time).

    I can’t blame SBS – fair enough – they can only show one thing at a time, but why on Earth can’t we get live streaming feeds off the web? Why can’t other channels broadcast other sports?

    Ok – so you say because one station won the rights over another – well that’s just crap. There are plenty of people who play plenty of sports in this country, and we’re being reduced to a maximum of two at a time during one of the world’s most celebrated international sporting events.

    What a load of frustrating garbage. Shame on all.

  51. What time does the Equestian come on channel seven tonight, got told 9.15 South Australian time has not been on yet.

  52. Singaporean here. Was in Australia for holidays on 9th August. Although I missed the opening ceremony, I was able to get good coverage of many sports on Yahoo7. Good Job!

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