Australian Google Adsense EFT Payments to Bank Account

Google has just announced that they will make EFT (direct bank deposit) payments to Australian and New Zealand Adsense account holders in local currency, thus saving Aussie and Kiwi Adsense account holders from having to wait 2-3 weeks for a cheque to arrive from Google and then several more days to wait for the cheque to clear into their bank account 🙂


However this change isn’t automatic, you must:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click add a bank account under the the Payment Details heading
  4. Choose a Nickname for your Bank Account and add your BSB and Account number
  5. Google will attempt to deposit a small amount into your bank account within the next 10 days, you will need to find out what the amount is eg: $0.86 through your net banking statement or by calling your bank and getting them to tell you
  6. Sign in to your account at
  7. Click My Account
  8. Click Verify this account, and enter the amount of the test deposit you received.
  9. Now that’s done, make sure you’ve chosen Electronic Funds Transfer as your default Form of Payment

Now your Adsense payments will simply appear in your nominated bank account 🙂

10 thoughts on “Australian Google Adsense EFT Payments to Bank Account”

  1. The first Google Adsense EFT Payments to Australian bank accounts have begun because I just checked my bank balance and a deposit had arrived today:

    1. The rate was 1.328 Australian Dollars for each US Dollar earnt
    2. The payer was “DIRECT CREDIT BFS Finance Limi Google AdSe”

  2. What about if you don’t live in one of those countries listed. How to open a bank account in one of those EFT countries?

    EDITOR: That would be difficult (if possible at all for small amounts of money) and probably quite expensive too. I’m afraid you’ll have to accept your Google money in cheques until they offer EFT payments for your country

  3. I went to the Ad:tech Sydney exhibition at the Sydney Hilton Hotel on Wednesday because Google was running free AdSense Optimisation sessions there.

    I got to speak to Michael Gutner from the US Google Adsense team for about 20 minutes and I learnt some interesting stuff:

    1. At my level of CTR I can’t do much to optimise the site further because I’ve done all the experimentation with different ad formats, sizes, colours, positions etc

    2. Until you get to 10,000 impressions per day you don’t get any special treatment from Google even if you have a high CTR.

    3. Once you pass 10,000 impressions per day Michael hinted that special customisations are available such as being able to change the font styling of the Google ads to match your own site, (eg: if you use Times New Roman than the ads could as well) and being able to target certain advertisers to specific pages

    4. For turning up to the AdSense Optimisation session even though I had car troubles earlier in the day and arrived at 4:30pm Michael agreed to raise my URL channel limit from the default 200 which is great 🙂

    I was hoping to stay back and chat with other bloggers who attended the conference and exhibition like Darren Rowse, but I had to leave at 6pm to get to another event.

  4. i love getting my adsense sent via eft. but there is also something i miss about getting the check in the mail.

    EDITOR: I don’t miss the adsense cheques at all. EFT is much easier and i get the money 1-2 weeks earlier than before.

  5. I read your post about using googles EFT option. Does this incur a fee, or lessen the amount of your payment through deductions ? I cant seem to find a straight answer anywhere which is why im contacting you.
    Im also located in Australia.


    1. It’s free

    2. Same amount of payment

    3. Get paid faster than cheque 🙂

  6. As a genuine thought to support Google’s AdSense & AdWord programs it could be useful that when a new client signs up,there is a Google Font downloaded to the clients computer which would have it’s own embedded client number. This way Google’s Anyalitic Team could be freed from their daily tasks and tracking would be much simpler.
    For existing users, a simple email reminder could be sent towards their online information and a requester would specify( ‘Google Recommends’ existing users to download this Font Here) link. Collectively over time, if everyone has this Font on their computers it will assist Google and Law Enforcement Agencies to better help crack-down on Corporate and online theft.
    It just means, that every click or link that a user goes to will have this Font (trailing their every move). If the client is accused of an online crime of whatsoever nature and denies it, the Font has to have some form of recognition factor embedded into it which makes a daily report back to Google’s database on that persons online presence.
    It actually becomes a Blueprint for each users DNA.
    I hope this helps combat the massive problems and costs associated to online theft.

  7. Hi, I am new to Google Adsense and should be getting paid soon. I was just wondering whether you could tell me whether the earnings from my site is in USD? If you don’t know, could you tell me how by emailing me / contacting me through my site. Thanks.

  8. hi, i’ve got a google account and i’m trying to sign up adsence but it’s almost a week now that i didn’t go through my application is not accepted because of the site navigation is too difficult. and i kept trying my best to fix it and resubmit it but still not accepted. what would i have to do?could you please help me to get this through,please reply me through email.thanks.

  9. I have tried to add an account but it asks for account number, which I can supply but then it asks for a branch number and only has 3 positions where my branch number has 6, and it asks for a bank code, I have been in contact with Commonwealth and they tell me there is no bank code and the branch has to have 6 numbers, do I need to open a special account? I would prefer the cheques as this is just a hobby to me and the speed on the cheque delivery is not a problem. Please help as I will dis able the ads if I am not earning anything from them.

  10. I’m having the same problem as brett!! also Commonwealth bank states I need to Provide their Swift code, which is an invalid format!!

    Do I need to change banks or something to match Googles criteria??

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