Australia TV Coverage ICC Twenty/20 Cricket World Championships 2007

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A lot of people have asked me where they can watch overseas matches played by the Australian cricket team and are they all shown on Channel 9?

The answer is that these days the only overseas matches Channel 9 tends to broadcast are in the One Day and 20/20 World Cup tournaments.

The Ashes are still on Free to air TV whether they’re here or in the UK, in the last few years coverage has switched between 9, 7 and SBS depending on scheduling clashes. All other cricket matches played by Australia are on Fox Sports including the ICC Knock-out tournament, tours of the West Indies, sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh), South Africa etc.

Note: ABC radio sometimes covers cricket matches played by Australia overseas but this is on an irregular basis outside of the Ashes and World Cups.

Channel 9 have exclusive free-to-air TV broadcast rights to matches of the ICC Twenty/20 World Championship to be held in South Africa from 10-24 Sept 2007. They will show 7 matches incl. 1 semi and the final. NOTE: Looks like they’ll start some games 20min to 45min into the match, check your local TV guide.


Foxtel has all 20/20 matches live on Pay TV, they told me most matches will be on Fox Sports 2 but some on other Fox Sports channels. ABC Radio does not look like it is covering any matches (my guess is that they’ll cover the final if Aus. is playing).

Channel 9 Host commentators are Mark Taylor and Simon O’Donnell with actual commentary coming from South Africa with the usual suspects Ian Chappell, Nasser Hussein, Michael Slater, Graham Gooch etc.

The first match on Ch 9 started before the scheduled 0200 and finished after 0500 so if you’re recording matches at night to watch during the day add at least 1/2 hr before and after to your VCR/PVR timer. Australian Cricket fans should check back here for regular updates.

In total, each venue will host a sum of nine games and the 12 participating nations (the 10 ICC Member Counties and two the Associate Countries) will be split into four groups comprising three teams to play in a round-robin format.

Once the round-robin stage is complete, the Championship will head into the Super Eight phase, with the top four positioned teams proceeding to the semi-finals which will culminate in the final. The final will be played on Heritage Day in Johannesburg on Monday 24.

Match Schedule

When Steve Elworthy, the Tournament Director for the ICC Twenty/20 World Championship 2007, announced the Match Schedule he announced that:

The fixtures programme has also been designed in a way that; even though there is going to be more than one game being played on each day, none of those games have been scheduled at the same time and it, therefore, becomes possible for viewers and spectators to watch all the games as the start times do not clash.”

Sept 2007 Time (EST) Broadcast Network/s Match
Wed 12
(Day Night Match)
0200 FOXTEL #1 Group A – South Africa (2/208) WON with 2.2 overs spare chasing West Indies (6/205)

Wed 12 1800 FOXTEL #2 Group C – New Zealand (1/74) WON with 12.2 overs spare chasing Kenya (73)

Wed 12 2200 FOXTEL #3 Group D – Pakistan (171) WON by 51 runs over Scotland (120)

Thurs 13
(Day Night Match)
0200 FOXTEL + CH9 #4 Group B – Zimbabwe (5/139) WON with 1 ball spare chasing Australia (9/138)

Thu 13 1800 FOXTEL #5 Group A – Bangladesh (4/165) WON with 2 overs spare chasing West Indies (8/164) who are now knocked ut

Thu 13 2200 FOXTEL #6 Group B – England (9/188) WON by 50 runs over Zimbabwe (7/138)

Fri 14
(Day Night Match)
0200 FOXTEL #7 Group D – WASHED OUT Points shared between India and Scotland

Fri 14 1800 FOXTEL #8 Group C – Sri Lanka (6/260) WON by 172 runs over Kenya (88)

Fri 14 2200 FOXTEL + Ch9 #9 Group B – Australia (2/136) WON with 5.1 overs spare over England (135)

Sat 15
(Day Night Match)
0200 FOXTEL #10 Group D – India (9/141) WON Bowlout 3-0 against Pakistan (7/141) as the match was tied
Kingsmead, Durban
Sat 15 2200 FOXTEL #11 Group C – Sri Lanka (3/168) WON with 1.1 overs spare chasing New Zealand (7/164)
Sun 16
(Day Night Match)
0200 FOXTEL #12 Group A – South Africa (3/146) WON with 1.1 overs spare chasing Bangladesh (144)

EST = Australian Eastern Standard Time

Channel 9 will cover these matches after the qualifying round:

  • 16 Sept – #14 – Australia (1/124) WON with 6.1 overs spare chasing Bangladesh (8/123)
  • 18 Sept – #18 – Pakistan (4/165) WON with 5 balls spare chasing Australia (7/164)
  • 20 Sept – #22 – Australia (0/102) WON with 9.4 overs spare chasing Sri Lanka (101)
  • 22 Sept – Semi-Final #1 – Pakistan (147/4) WON with 1.1 overs spare chasing New Zealand (143/8)
  • 23 Sept – Semi-Final #2 – India (188) WON by 15 runs over Australia (7/173)
  • 24 Sept – Final – India (5/157) WON by 5 runs over Pakistan (152)

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83 thoughts on “Australia TV Coverage ICC Twenty/20 Cricket World Championships 2007”

  1. I really wish this was going to be in October since I would have a better opportunity in attending. This will be a great time for those who go. I would love to see it and maybe I will before I get too old. I can only hope.


  2. Are they gonna broadcast it in india too? Anyway thanks for the info m8.

    EDITOR: You have to be kidding! As if the ICC would run a cricket tournament and not show it in India where hundreds of millions of people are fans of the game.

  3. Thanks channel 9 for getting the tv rights to this. Please don’t give up any games to foxtel because there are a lot of people who don’t have foxtel due to its cost and several people would miss out on this great event if foxtel wins the rights to get any games.

  4. hi im just wondering what time will the games be on channel 9 for 1 day & day night games for new south wales time?

    EDITOR: I’ve added broadcast times for all matches in Eastern Standard Time.

  5. Hey do u know what games channel 9 are showing yet?

    EDITOR: I just checked with them again and they can’t tell me until the 2nd week of August

  6. Hello its the second week of august now. Have channel 9 revealed which games they are going to show yet?

    EDITOR: I just asked them again and for some reason they don’t want to tell me which specific games will be covered, only that “we have the rights, but not sure if all or just some games will be broadcast on free to air”. Guess we’ll have to wait for TV guides or leaks closer to the opening match πŸ™

  7. c’mon channel nine wat games u gonna telecast.. plz broadcast all the games . coz we must of the cricket fans dont have foxtel.. thats why plz listen 2 our voice……………

  8. To Sir Eddie Maguire & Channel 9 sports Director – This is humble request to you from all Aussi Cricket Fans –
    Dear Sir, please facilitate live coverage of all Cricket matches of this firstever 20/20 World Cup.. We all are sure that this event would be the most exciting & enjoyable programme for all kind of viewers in Australia. So your TRP rate would certainly be going up & up ..

    We all will be greatful to You & Channel 9 for the same.

    3 cheers in advance for one more Win for Great Aussi Team !

  9. Yea it would be really sad to see if channel 9 decide to ‘choose’ to broadcast which games they want. We saw how pathetic their coverage was at the ODI world cup.

  10. Thanks a lot for getting this information to us. What I’m really curious about, though, is why on earth both Channel 9 and Fox Sports would have the rights to show matches, but not mention it. Fox Sports, in particular, would almost always make a big deal about getting the rights to a major tournament.

    Just another thing, out of curiosity – how (and where) are you getting your information? Not that this site isn’t extremely useful, but it would certainly help if there was somewhere online where the TV channels made these announcements…

    EDITOR: I can tell you that I don’t find the information online. It extract it directly from people at Ch9 and Foxtel if and when they’re willing to speak to me

    Regarding why they don’t publicise it, you should have learnt by now not to expect logical decisions from large media companies πŸ˜‰

    PS Shaun Tait has not fully recovered from his elbow operation and will miss the Twenty20 World Championship

  11. Sir Editor,

    Any update on 20/20 live matches on channel 9? Also any information on live telecast of coming tours of SL & India to down under?

  12. the SL/India you will get all games, as they are playin in Australia!
    to the editor it is interesting why channel 9 have decided to get the rights, as they only televise major tournaments like the world cup! the major reason why they might want to, is because channel ten is telecasting the rugby world cup around the same time! It is likely that they would play only Australia games, and since they only televised the important games for the world cup, it may be the same sequence for the 20/20!
    Well done to channel 9!

  13. Do u know when and what times network 9 will show the matches of the twenty20 world cup because im desperate!

  14. Great stuff talking about television right’s, who is going to be telecasting what event and all. However, I wish more people would spend time writing email’s, letter’s or whatever else they can throw at the ICC after dismall ODI world cup ending and especially after Adam Gilchrist let Australia down by his squash ball revelation. Frankly speaking it is disgusting that he can be allowed to get away with such antics and clearly makes watching cricket pointless, especially when cheating is involved. I don’t know how Australians can hold their head up high with this sort of nonsense.

  15. hey the fixtures for the 20/20 cup are different on baggygreen. who is right?

    EDITOR: I’m right because I’ve converted the times from South African Time to Australian Eastern Standard time

    Also it looks like Channel 9 is going to starting coverage of some games between 20min and 45min late, check your local guides for details.

  16. What this is ridclous. Why are channel 9 covering so few games. And why are they starting most games late. The start is very imporntant. This is very low budgeet coverage
    might as well not even show it all. MUST BE BETTER Channel 9

  17. Channel 9 are truley pathetic. Thir inane ability to show FULL tournaments is getting abysmal.

    Us Open Tennis, Wimbledon has been suffering the same fate, It’s a common trait these days for channel 9 to have the rights and then SELL THEM OFF or not just show it full stop.

    I utterly cannot wait until the day channel 9 finishes it’s contract with the ICC as the national rights holder.

    The fact is SBS should have the rights as they are willing to show FULL tournaments, even if it clashes with their scheduling.
    Soccer world cup, IAAF, Tour De France anyone?

    They are miles ahead of channel 9, it was apparent in thier coverage of Ashes 2005.

    This cannot go on reigning unchecked, someone needs to take action NOW, Period.

  18. Hi every one i saw everyone comment everyone like to watch all the 20/20 world cup match please channel 9 cover all the games you know they are short games everyone love channel 9

  19. Any idea is Ind-Aus games will be telecasted on FOX? The first game is not being shown at least on the 29th Sept. I wanted to know if the other 6 in Oct will be shown or not?

  20. Channel 9 can you please please make sure that you broadcast pakistan Vs India(twenty20 world cup) match, I on behalf of all cricket fans appreciate your effort for the good of cricket and we(cricket fans)would be more greatful to you if you broadcast this special match because no one wants to miss this match.

  21. Sir Editor, is it possible to you to collate all these comments about Cricket Live telecasting & send to Channel Nine CEO, sports director…. Thanks a TON for your kind efforts.

  22. This is shame for the Cricket fans being in Australia to be not able to watch India V Pakistan match. This is not good.

  23. hey the tv guide saids that cricket on wednesday night is on channel 9. This game is between aus vs zim not rsa vs wi. u might want to get sure to check that.

  24. hey cricket fans!
    i found out the first game will be on thursday mornin(13/09/07) 2-5! australia vs zimbabwe! drink lots of coffee!

  25. Who cares about watching India play Pakistan, who wants to watch such minnows play when you can see the world greats Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and South Africa play.

    In fact, the competition would be much healthier if the minnows were left at home to play cricket in the dirt. I definately will not waste my time watching such a pitiful attempt at playing a great game, the lack of skill from these games brings the game into disrepute

  26. Hi Editor,

    How many super eight matches will be played? Channel nine only showing 3 right, as indicated above?

    EDITOR: You’re correct

  27. This is so stupid, channel 9 are only showing 2 matches and they are all Australian, this is ridiculous and its at 2 in the morning. The morons don’t even show repeats or highlights of the show. Who the HELL is going to watch at such a late time.

    EDITOR: To be fair Channel 9 are showing matches live as they’re being played in South Africa

    I don’t think many people will watch it live, like me they’ll likely record it on their PVR set top box or VCR to watch when they wake up

  28. I think I will be up at those times to watch. My wife just had a baby so sleepless nights here I come.
    You mentioned that Ch.9 are showing 3 Super Eight games, the group B winners playing 3 teams from the other pools. Now while we presume Australia will top Group B, what happens if they dont? Will Ch.9 change their schedule? And the other thing that comes from this is, in the super eights, you only play 3 games, not the full six. Weird.

    EDITOR: From their past record with other cricket coverage from overseas Ch 9 has been known to change the schedule at the last minute if they think one match will rate more than another eg: if Australia isn’t top of Group B


    Australia lost last night. If Australia makes the next stage then will channel 9 cover there games instead of who ever is on top form Group B. Also if Australia dont make the next stage will channel 9 still cover the matches they said they would. thanks

  30. Its nice to hear that 20-20 World Cup has started but I was shocked on hearing that South Africa leave his star player Jack Kallis and same is the condition for India.I think the competition sould be very very be competitive and I hope the game will not be like that of World Cup Final and its very very sad to listen that Australia loss its match against so called weak Zimbawae.

  31. hi editor,
    given the result of australia v zimbabwe.. what will be channel nines policy if England beat Australia (hence Australia do not qualify and Zimbabwe do in their place) … will channel nine devote their matches to the zim matches based on pre commitments and selling certain matches? or will they quickly reschedule and follow one of the more popular teams such as England or South Africa?

    EDITOR: The AUS vs ENG match is now key. England and Zimbabwe top Group B with two points, Australia are yet to get off the mark. They must beat England tomorrow to have any hope of progressing to the second round of the ICC World Twenty20 tournament.

    Nine will do whatever they feel will get better ratings and not clash with other programs if Australia gets knocked out – it’s anyone’s guess

  32. Ok, can someone tell me who that female commentator was during the tv coverage of the Australia / England game?
    She is absolutley bloody shocking…

    EDITOR: Her name is Donna Symonds and she’s commentated for several organisations over the last few years including BBC, Sky Sports and Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation

  33. How does the super 8 games work out, do they play each other or just a selected few?

    EDITOR: There are two groups of 4 teams each (8 in total)

    1. All the teams in each group play each other once (but not any teams in the other group)

    2. The top 2 teams from each group go through to the semis

    3. The winners of each semi go through to the finals

  34. Why has Australia’s Tuesday match changed to Pakistan?
    I thought it was B1 VS D1???

    EDITOR: I don’t know either. I was expecting the match to be Aus (B1) vs India (D1) but the ICC schedule says otherwise

  35. It is because
    The Pak vs Ind match was declared a tie,
    Therefore India didn’t get the win, but got the points.
    Therfore Pakistan is considered to be D1 as they have a win.

    Weird really, but at least they don’t have to face Australia now!

    EDITOR: Thanks. That makes sense now. I still don’t see why they needed a “result” by using a pathetic bowl out. They should have split the points like in the washed out India v Scotland match

  36. I don’t think India can win the twenty 20 world cup and they don’t have a chance to win , the likes of Tedulkar, Dravid are not playing.They played really badly against NZ. Opening stand was OK but india gave the match away to NZ. India has a tough group. IT has SA, England and NZ while the AUS has Bangledesh,PAK, and SRI Lanka

  37. I have no austar but realy appreate the coverage of the 20/20 for Australia on your Network. Please keep covering the cricket for those who don’t have pay TV. It really makes my summer. You have always been the cricket station. I remember when I fis=rst seen Lilly on your channel and I have been hooked ever since. Have been to many games. Love your coverage. Please keep it up. My grandchildren now follow my lead.

    Best wishes for the future


  38. G o Pakistan make your country people prowd by smashing Australia we know you can smash them. you just have to use your skills. Pakistan Zindabad Long live Pakistan.

  39. Go South Africa, clean the black caps up, and its smooth sailing!! Australia has proved to be out played in 20/20… i mean really …drilled by Zimbabwe *snigger*

  40. *Gulp* thats me swallowing my words, after not losing a single game, one loss and they out!! sorry SA maybe a lil’ luck will come your way in about 10 years or so. Howzat!! Your out!

  41. i belive pakistan s going to win…based on their performance….theyve already beaten australia and there was a very tough match with india…i believe theyre going to win te finals

  42. Will channel 9 still show the final even though australia isnt playiing in it. they better

    EDITOR: sure they will. obviously all the India and Pakistan fans will watch as well as any other keen cricket fans

  43. Is channel 9 showing today’s match IndVsPAK in Live or delayed??.

    Cricinfo shows that match will start 14:00 hrs (which is 8PM in Perth)…Where as Channel 9 TV guide says it will broadcast at 8:30PM.

    Is it 30min delayed???

  44. Who Cares about Australia, they are not even in top 2 of the 20/20 format of the game. Pathetic Australia, thought you were the best team in the world. But no longer is that the case, especially not after this disgraceful performance. India are the best, india are the best, ha, ha, ha, he, he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Hey, All Indians you should thank Mohmd Hafeez, for gifting Six while dropping Rohit Sharma..& they lost by 5 runs !! Hard Luck Pak & better Luck next time !!

  46. If indians have to thank Mohmd Hafeez and all such things, then first we have to thank ICC for having such a nicely arranged successful tournament, No matter India won but Tournament was a success and cricket reborn !

  47. Hi, all Friends

    Cricket has shed its image as a dull, unattractive and lengthy sport after the

    spectacular success of the inaugural Twenty20 World Championship.

    The event, which ended on Monday with India beating Pakistan by five runs in a

    rousing finale, created such a stir that Twenty20 is now being hailed as a revolution

    that will change the leisurely sport forever.

    There were more thrills and excitement packed into two weeks of non-stop action

    than in the entire six weeks of the 50-over World Cup in the Caribbean earlier this


    Crowds thronged the three venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as sixes,

    boundaries and heart-stopping finishes provided a cricketing spectacle unmatched in

    recent times.

    West Indian Chris Gayle slammed the first ever T20 century in the September 11

    opener, Zimbabwe stunned Australia, Bangladesh ousted the West Indies, Aussie

    Brett Lee took a hat trick and India’s Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in an over.

    This is Relly Great Victory.

  48. Can you please answer all Aussie fans question?

    Will the australia tour of india after the Twenty20 world cup be broadcast on Channel 9?

    EDITOR: The answer is No.

    Ch 9 only broadcasts World Cup cricket matches Australia plays overseas & The Ashes are on Free to air TV whether they’re here or in the UK. All other cricket matches played by Australia are on Fox Sports

    Note: ABC radio sometimes covers cricket matches played by Australia overseas but this is on an irregular basis outside of the Ashes and World Cups.

  49. To all you guys bitching about channel 9 coverage of the cricket. Us poor fans in the central regions of Australia get stuck with Imparja which is a composite of channels nine and ten (which for some unknown reason still can’t operate 24 hours a day), so we’re lucky if we get any free-to-air coverage of sport, live or otherwise. And most people renting apartments have no hope of getting permission to have pay-tv installed

    EDITOR: Haggeri is right, during my Adelaide to Darwin Backpacking Road Trip I was surprised to be told that rural and regional people consider city folks lucky to get ABC, SBS, 7, 9 and 10!

  50. what about the sri lanka tour of australia test series…. can we can watch in channel nine.. there is any possoibility of live coverage in channel nine…

    EDITOR: Of course all the local Test Matches played in Australia will be shown on Ch9

  51. what about the ODI series which is played in australia. does channel nine will broadcast the live of ODI…

    EDITOR: Yes

  52. ….hey if you were at the 20-20 cricket the other night in Sydney and you were on a date – then you might be on a story about singles picking up at the cricket…on …it’s pretty funny

  53. could you tell me if at any time in our cricket history have we had two brothers who have bowled for Autralia in any match

    EDITOR: Im not sure but theres a decent chance that Mark and Steve Waugh could be one possibility

  54. What are the T20 world cup matches that are telecasted on Ch9 and wt tym r dy telecasted??? thnx

  55. Free to air wise, it looks like Channel Nine will be showing all the Australian matches at least and possibly the semi-finals and the final.

    Fox Sports also holds the rights as well.

  56. Channel Nine’s broadcast kicks off on Saturday night (06/06/09) at 10.55pm Melbourne time with the Aussies take on the West Indies.

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