Australia: Send 30 Free SMS-TXT Daily With Intazaar


{{lls}} As I said many times, the Intazaar free SMS service was just not sustainable in the long term because they were spending more than they were earning from ads so it’s no wonder they have disappeared. Luckily there are still other websites which let you send free sms to Australian mobile phones.

If you send a lot of SMS/TXT messages while you’re near a computer than you should sign upto Intazaar which lets you send 30 FREE SMS/TXT messages to Australian mobile phones every day (upto 158 characters per message).

Intazaar also shows your number as the sender when you send the SMS so any replies will go to your mobile phone. At the end of the message it just as a .Z rather than an ad or other promotional message. So far when i’ve used it the messages have been delivered pretty fast (between a few seconds and 2-3 minutes from when you send them).

Be smart and send FREE SMS with Intazaar It is 100% catch free (I havent received any spam or marketing from them)

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  1. The Intazaar site has been down for around 2 days now. Just thought you’d like to know.

    EDITOR: Perhaps the problem is intermittent because I used it yesterday to send 2 sms’s in the evening and both arrived after a few minutes. Also I just sent an sms this morning and although the intazaar site was a bit slow it still worked fine

  2. You should also check out . This has a very slick GUI, has click and drag group functionality, allows you to store your own contact list and will shortly be offering similar functionality on your mobile phone.

    EDITOR: i’ve collected some background information for anyone interested in gofreesms

    freeSMS is an application created to send an SMS from either an Internet Browser or a mobile phone to most world destinations.

    It’s free, because each message you send is appended with an ‘ad tag’ from gofreesms sponsors.

    Interestingly you can also use it to send free SMS’s from a compatible mobile phone which has “Macromedia Flash Lite” installed

    The service is currently in BETA testing. Check their coverage network list to see if it covers the phone network you’re using

  3. will i get free txt every day and not have to pay a cent

    EDITOR: Yes, 30 free txt/sms per day and its completely free. I’ve personally sent dozens of free sms using the intazaar service

  4. PS the Intazaar service is really popular they have over 170,000 members who have sent over 1.56 million free txt/sms messages! as of early July 2006

  5. is their any chance that either I or the people i send messages to will receive any charges for this service? Can the people receiving my msgs reply back through the message and do you do anything with their numbers or are they private. I would be concerned that their number was no longer private. Thanks Donna


    1.No charges its completely free.
    2. The people receiving my msgs reply directly to your mobile phone number
    3. regarding privacy, you have to realise that this is a free public service so as long as you dont SMS any information thats important like a bank account number etc you should be fine

  6. can i use the intazaar to send messages to any number in the world?

    EDITOR: Intazaar can only send free sms/txt to Australian mobile phones

  7. that’s very good and very important for us. free messages will help us for everything

  8. I have just joined intazaar, and i am concerned that by me sending a sms (which is free for me to send) the receiver will be charged in some way by intazaar or by there service provider. Can you please clarify this for me please.


    EDITOR: You wont be charged anything and neither will the person receiving the SMS. Frankly I have no idea how intazaar can be making a profit from their site even with the ads on it so take advantage of it while you can

  9. Hi I have been on intazaar before and i have tried to send a free message and i cant manage to find how to do that and my phone number has already been registed.

    EDITOR: go to

    Type in your mobile number and press ‘Request Password’.

    Your password will be sent to your mobile number by itself in an SMS message.

  10. I stay in india and i wanna send sms to australian mobile phones. is that possible?

    EDITOR: You can send paid SMS from India to Australia by putting +61 in front of your australian friend’s mobile phone number

    EG: if their number is 0423132597, then you need to send the SMS to +61423132597

  11. I read on Whirlpool forums that intazaar is launching a new website or version 2…or is it 3 now? Anyway they have over 250,000! users now and sent 3 million SMS!! I sent an email to their support and the response what

    Me: Hey cool site! I heard a new one is on the way. Will there still be free sms and whats new about the new site.

    Intazaar Support:
    Hi Peter,

    Yes Intazaar is in the middle of developing Intazaar Generation 2. Intazaar Gen 2 will have a alot more functionality and will STILL have Free SMS. We can’t tell you about all the new features but some include Email (Zaarmail), MMS, IM (With one of the major IM providers). These a more the minior updates, you will just have to trust me when we say Intazaar Gen two will make you very happy. Alot more Free communications stuff. Also our profiles and social networking platform will have some of the most inovative features on the web. So if you can imagine..Free communications to your friends, and the oppourtunity to make new friends and talk to them VIA the web. mobile or phone!

    Thanks for your email.
    Anthony Smith
    Intazaar Support


    Pete here again! Im excited, i just wish they said when they are going to make this online! and lets hope they dont take intazaar down again to put the new one online hehe.

  12. does the sms get sent from my computer or my mobile phone? sounds too good, surely there must be a catch????

    EDITOR: it gets sent from your computer, but to the recipient it looks like its coming from your phone so they can reply to it and the reply will arrive in your phone’s SMS inbox

    Regarding the “catch”, i’ve mentioned before that I can’t see one so take advantage of it while it lasts.

  13. Hey guys, There seems to be many skeptics and i just thought i would help out a bit. I am super skeptical about a lot of the crap on the internet, but i have been using intazaar for the past 7 months or so, and as of yet no consequences. I get 30 free msgs per day, so my $30 recharge on my phone is lasting me 3-4 months, coz i msg eveyone from the computer.

    They make their money from the advertising on the site, as well as other companies paying for links on their site. The only time they ever send anything other than your message is the first time you ever send anything, it sends the receipient an extra message saying “this is a once-only message from”. Thats it! It is such a sweet site, no strings, no hidden costs, i got all my mates onto it and we chat all the time for nothing! Enjoy

  14. I’ve tried twice to register on intazar and both times got an error

    EDITOR: you can contact intazaar support through a form on their website

  15. I seriously doubt anyone who gives out anything “free” on the internet. From the sign up process, it is pretty obvious that they collect all your personal information and later sell them to prospective buyers, who later sell you their wares by sending you TXTs or calling you at odd hours.

    I heard of another Web SMS/TXT site, (and recently signed up). Since they charge for sending SMS, and no Google/Yahoo Ads on their site whatsoever, can safely assume (hope?) that my number (as well as that of all my contacts stored at their site) is safe from being sold.

    Anyone used their service before?

    EDITOR: I’ve never head of smszilla, just because you have to pay them doesnt make them any better than a free service

    On the other hand several 100,000 people use Intazaar and it is well known for providing a reliable free service. For the record I’ve never received any spam sms or telemarketing on my mobile phone number even after using Intazaar for several months

  16. Hi everyone! Just doing some casual searching on Intazaar, and it seems everyone is really enjoying the service that we are offering. Remember that if you have problems, contact support – they are more than happy to help.

    As for all the skeptics, we can not stress enough that this service is catch free – and if you are in doubt, you should refer to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (located on the bottom of each page of the website).

    As for on-selling details, that’s a heap of baloney. Need I say more?

    Lee Taylor
    Intazaar IT Manager

  17. how do u sign up to get free sms this sucks it needs to be more clear

    EDITOR: i can’t see how it could be any clearer. CLick on either of the Intazaar links, fill in the details in the registarion form and off you go.

  18. Intrazaar have a UK version now, rebranded under the name Freebie SMS I checked the WHOIS, and it’s the same company. There’s no mention of a 30 day limit, so I guess they’re going for unlimited texts. Cool!

  19. you cant sign up for intazaar anymore and i dont like the other sites

    EDITOR: actually they’re about to launch a new website so new people can’t register for a while. People like me who are already registered can still use it while the site is being redesigned πŸ™‚

  20. NO terms NO costs required ???
    my bill wont shock me because this site will ever cost me money??
    will it cost me money between now and after 30 text messages??

    EDITOR: as stated previously the cost = $0 = nothing = nada = zip = zilch

  21. this sms thing is mad… its only the people who dont use it are crazyy i love it….. its freeeeeeeeee.. lmao

  22. I registered my number but every time i try to login it says login unsuccessful. i know i have the right password and number… and i tried to re-register but i cant because i’m already registered… how do i fix this???

    EDITOR: it seems that they aren’t answering their customer service emails until the new version is released. I guess you’ll have to wait until then to find out why your registration didn’t work

  23. Signed up as a new user today. Was able to use! What a buzz, free sms!

    EDITOR: Glad to hear it πŸ™‚

  24. The site was down for a few days while they upgraded but members could still send SMS OK. Now they’re back they send promotional SMS messages to recipients instead of the Z that used to appear at the end of text. This annoys my recipients and I won’t use Intazaar again while they do this. I’ve emailed them but there’s noone there till 2 January. It’s a pity as it used to be such a good service.

  25. Some better questions would be.

    Does Intazaar monitor messages? Do they data mine that data? Do they onsell the information they gatherl?

    Anyone that thinks that they just make $ from advertising whilst sending off millions of sms messages (they say over 5 million so far) is kididng themselves!


  26. What happens when you go over the free 30 per day allotted to you?

    EDITOR: Once you’ve sent 30 in 1 day, It won’t let you send any more free sms until the next day.

  27. Just wondering if anybody has tried this from an international source? Wanting to text my wife in Australia, but it’s pricey any other way =( Cheers from Austin, TX, USA- denton

    EDITOR: Denton to use it you need to do this:

    1. Get your wife to register with the site with her mobile number.

    2. They will send a verification code by sms to your wife’s mobile number and she has to enter the code into their registration page to confirm she owns that phone.

    3. Once the account is setup she needs to tell you what the Intazaar username and password is

    4. You can login to Intazaar from the USA and exploit a flaw in their system which allows Intazaar members to send sms’s to the mobile number that they registered with

    enjoy πŸ™‚

  28. I have signed up to intazaar.. but how do i send free sms? im on the home page but it dosent say anything about it !! HELP!!

    EDITOR: click on the “Login” button, enter your mobile number and password and login, click on the SMS button (at left), a window will pop up where you can type your sms

  29. i was wondering, since they have our number as well as the number of the person who you send it to, do they use this to spam us ? would i get unwanted SMS’s if i use this to send SMS’s?

    EDITOR: I’ve been using it for months and so far my answer is No and No

  30. I have been trying to send SMS for the last two days, they are not being received by the recipient

    EDITOR: Either you’re doing something wrong or there’s a problem with your recipients phone network is because I just sent a sms using intazaar to 2 different optus phones and they arrived a few seconds later

  31. i just was looking up some help guidelines and the same here as number 34 i also have been trying to send sms but no one has received them ,they have received previous ones that i have sent but it has just more or less happened in the last few days and each one is on a different network so it isnt singling one particular network can this be rectified,as it has been a wonderful service until now

    EDITOR: any issues should be emailed to

  32. Hi – can I send an email to your system to trigger the SMS, or does one have to use the website?


    EDITOR: you have to open an account with Intazaar, login on their site and then you can test the system. PS They currently have a free Picture messaging trial as well as 30 free sms per day

  33. hi well ive been using intazaar for about six months and wanting to change my password as evry1 knows it is there any way to do this?

    EDITOR: as far as i can see there’s no way to change your password. I suggest emailing and asking them to add a “change password” feature

  34. Thanks Neerav for a great blog, which I found via Google searching Free SMS Australia.

    I signed up and it was great, very quick and smooth…..except that my first login failed and again and again, deleted use…tried another computer altogether and …not able to login πŸ™

    So… I clicked on the ‘forgot password link’ and quickly receieved an SMS from Intazaar…oh stupid stupid me..I had typed my password in all uppercase, must have had capslock on…

    Once I put my password in uppercase, login was quick and smooth..just like everything else has been since.

    So far have sent to Australian mobiles on Optus, Telstra, Vodaphone and Virgin networks with VERY fast delivery and no failures or bugs. Much better than using my icq client.

    Love the way this is completely web based, now I can send from any Internet connected PC or Mac, or any device capable of browsing to

    Like it very much and once again, thanks indeed to you Neerav.

    cheers, Mike

  35. About two/three weeks ago intazaar displayed a message saying they were down for housekeeping and would be back shortly. I now see that their site is totally down, with such a long period offline, is it known when or if they will be back?

    EDITOR: they’ve gone offline for a few days before, but never this long so they may be out of business. I always wondered how they could make a profit and pay all their employees.

    In the meanwhile I’m monitoring some other free sms sites to see if they’re reliable and will report back here with the results

  36. yeah intazaar has been down for ages. anyone know of any other sites, with no spamming , no taglines at the end of your sms and shows its sent from your phone?

    i dont mind about limit, or clicking on adds.

    EDITOR: I havent been able to find any that satisfy all your requirements yet

  37. With great interest I read all about Intazaar. At the moment I am setting up a new website where you will be able to send free SMS initially and get cheap SMS for life. ( The service will go live in early June.

    I just wonder what your thoughts are: Would you be willing to pay a reasonable price to send SMS from the web if you where getting a great user experience and additional service like ringtones video download? The idea is to offer SMS for just 1.60 cent without any hidden costs or marketing offers.

    Any comments are welcome

    EDITOR: how could you make a profit charging so little? Also how would people be expected to pay, I guess they’d have to buy credits in $5/$10/$20 amounts?

  38. i havent been able 2 access the intazaar page now 4 over a month, please get intazaar back up and running

    EDITOR: Intazaar is gone, follow my link in the first paragraph of this article to find out about other free SMS services.

  39. yeah..i loved it

    no spam n promo stuff…easy and fast

    its shame theyve disappeared…im looking for a new one now…

    EDITOR: follow the link in the article and you’ll find a new free SMS site I’ve reviewed πŸ™‚

  40. Noodle Invitations ( is a new Aussie web service for sending free SMS using a credit based system. The site is designed as a social networking and event management tool, where you can send multiple recipient SMS “invitations” and receive the replies on the site.

    It also supports 160 character single text messages tagged with your own phone number (so no-one will know your message originated online)

  41. What about free sms worldwide

    EDITOR: Go ahead and try it if you want. But note their terms include “In return for our service, You agree to provide a valid email address and agree to receive email promotions once a week from us.”

  42. Ya letxt, you get 5 free sms each day.

    in the faq it says the email promotions are to help you earn Gold credits which are used to send sms with custom sender id. so thats pretty cool

  43. SMS free every day;
    * Direct 20 free SMScity credits;
    * Your own mobile number as a sender;
    * Also SMS abroad;

    Free SMS every day;
    * Directly 20 free SMS credits;
    * Your own number as sender;
    * Follow status report of your SMS;
    * Earn free SMS free and simple 50 credits for every friend sing up!
    * Phonebook & SMS History;
    * Group SMS and Plan your SMS’s;
    * SMS anonymously;
    * And many more!

    I truly hope you are going to use

    EDITOR: I don’t know if this service is any good. if you try it please report back here to say how reliable it was, did the messages get sent properly, what kinds of ads they send you etc

  44. Hey guys.

    Ive been looking around for free txting sites in Australia for about a month now and ive found only a few. When i read about heart jumped, I thought my search was over so soon, it sounded great.

    After going to the site it was down and yeah, wasn’t happy 😐

    It sounded like the best of the best. After that I tried youtext, only to realise the same thing. I couldnt register, most likely same thing that happened with intazaar.

    The only real ones worth considering are, abd

    Heres some stuff about them that I found:
    *Small tag saying “Free Sms by” or something similar.
    *Character limit of 136
    *No charges what so ever
    *Address Book
    *Sender ID (So that people can reply directly to your phone number.)
    *Txt’s earned by clicking on sponser links that you recieve in emails — Its just one click, wait for the page to load, and then close. (However, some require you to fill out a survey, in which you recieve more than 1 txt for completion).
    *5 Free txt’s a day to the one number (Or just 5 max, i cant remember for sure)
    *No charges
    *I think there may be a tag at the end, some-one else should follow that up for me πŸ˜€
    *Sender ID
    *Address Book
    *Sender ID
    *Again, im not sure about the tag at the end.
    *No Charges
    *5 Free txt’s a day, however, i *think* it may have been raised to 10.
    *To recieve more credits, you need to either signup your friends, or do its optional promotional advertising. (Usually signing up for some wierd site, just use fake info and a backup email that you dont use lol)
    *Character limit of 130

    Yeah, not too sure on all of that info though. If anyone has any other 100% free sites please tell me because i need sites that offer a certain free amount of txt’s per day, rather than clicking on ads.

    I have people to text! hurry please πŸ˜€ lol.


  45. hi, been following this post while we’ve been developing our offering. we’ve just beta launched a new online portal for sending sms ( its got the usual credit based websms but also has a clever way to easily create premium sms services such as sms voting, chat, wap push, etc.

  46. My Girlfriend is in Australia. I work in india. Could you please tell me a way 2 send free sms 2 her mobile phone.

    Would she be charged for it?

    Thanks in advance.


  47. If you all are interested, there is this site: that does free SMS as well. A couple of other sites have reviewed it and it seems theres global coverage for it.
    From what I can tell, its free…and I have not been charged for anything.

  48. Brad, loved your summary of the free SMS sites, cheers mate, very helpful!

    You should check out a brand new service that just opened up called GetUpGo, at, it’s pretty cool. A friend got me onto it, they are only in their beta phase apparently, so it’s still early days, but so far it’s a sweet setup. It’s a social network that rewards you with free SMS for just being active on the site. You can quite easily spend 10 minutes on the site and earn enough free SMS for a whole week, it’s awesome! The site itself isn’t just for free SMS, so they don’t have any advance features like an address book, well not yet, like I said they are still in their beta phase so there’s probably more stuff to come soon.

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