Freelance Journalist Work for January 2010 #1

freelance journalist/press

I often have good ideas for articles that don’t fit the audience of my blogs or deserve a bigger audience so I’ve decided to pitch those ideas to various other publications. So far I’ve had articles accepted by APCMAG, ABC Unleashed and iTnews.

These articles will mostly be categorised as Reviews, Product Launches & Events or Public Interest/Consumer protection. Please contact me by email if you have a good idea for an article I could write in 1 of those categories.

This is a list of articles I’ve written as a freelance journalist during the period November 2009-January 2010. I intend to continue writing freelance articles in the future and will link to them in lists every now and then.

Public Interest/Consumer Protection

Product Launches & Events


Rambling Thoughts Blog in Google News

Also in late 2009 my main Rambling Thoughts Blog was accepted as a news source by Google News. This means new articles I publish at Rambling Thoughts Blog will be indexed by Google News within a few minutes.

included in Google News as a trusted source of accurate and breaking news

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