April: ABC + SBS TV and Australian Commercial TV Highlights



In this post I’ll highlight April’s Australian ABC + SBS TV and commercial TV show highlights and schedule changes

SBS TV Highlights

UEFA Champions League (Some LIVE coverage)

All times are for Eastern States of Australia.

Wednesday April 2nd 2008 5:30am
Thursday April 3rd 2008 5:30am
Friday April 4th 2008 5:30am

Wednesday April 9th, 2008 6:55 am
Thursday April 10th, 2008 6:55 am
Friday April 11th, 2008 4:30 am

Wednesday April 23rd, 2008 4:30 am
Thursday April 24th, 2008 4:30 am
Friday April 25th, 2008 4:30 am

Go to the UEFA website to see which teams will be playing and results

Sunday April 6 8.30pm – Human version 2.0

It is predicted that by 2029 computer intelligence will equal the power of the human brain. Some believe this will revolutionise humanity – we will be able to download our minds to computers extending our lives indefinitely. Others fear this will lead to oblivion by giving rise to ultra intelligent machines.

In the program we hear from the scientific prophets who claim we are on the verge of creating a new type of human – a Human 2.0

Sunday 6 April + Sunday 13 April 7.30pm Lost Worlds – China’s Great Wall

Surprisingly, you won’t find China’s Great Wall among the list of the Wonders of the World. Yet it is one of mankind’s most magnificent achievements, its story reaching back beyond historical times.

China’s Great Wall is a symbol of the turbulent relationship between China and its northern neighbours, influenced the destiny of the Middle Kingdom in every era. The construction of the Wall claimed countless human lives. It extends across peaks and valleys, torrential rivers and vast steppes.

Sunday April 13th, 2008 – Good Night, And Good Luck (Movie)

During the early days of broadcast journalism in the 1950s, Edward R. Murrow and his dedicated staff, headed by his co-producer Fred Friendly and reporter Joseph Wershba in the CBS newsroom, defy corporate and sponsorship pressures and discredit the tactics used by Joseph McCarthy during his crusade to root out communist elements within the government.

Murrow first defends Milo Radulovich, who was discharged from the US Air Force because his father subscribed to a Serbian newspaper. A very public feud develops when the Senator responds by accusing the anchor of being a communist.

Directed and starring George Clooney. Also stars David Strathairn, Patricia Clarkson and Robert Downey Jr.

Friday 25 April 7.30pm Gallipoli (Anzac Day Documentary)

Narrated by Sam Neill and Jeremy Irons and told through the diaries and letters of British, New Zealand, Australian and Turkish soldiers, Gallipoli simultaneously captures the historic events from the perspective of all sides.

On April 25, 1915 an allied army made up of soldiers from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India and France landed to capture Gallipoli. Turkish soldiers aided by their German allies dug in to defend their homeland. For nine months, opposing armies attacked and counter-attacked each other in a fierce struggle that challenged not only the soldiers’ endurance but also their humanity. They battled with each other, with disease, with the harsh climate and terrain, and with the horrors of warfare. Despite their hardships, the soldiers hung on with unprecedented dignity, courage and tenacity. In the end more than 120,000 soldiers lost their lives.

The campaign affected Turkey, Australia and New Zealand profoundly. A new national consciousness began to rise on the shores of Gallipoli. For Australia and New Zealand it became their first major trial. For the Turks, it announced the emergence of Mustafa Kemal and the path to a new country and national identity.

Gallipoli is the outcome of a six year effort. Research was conducted in more than 70 archives in the UK, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Austria, New Zealand and Turkey, and more than 16 international historians were consulted to make the film as historically rich as possible. Writer and director Tolga Omek says of making the film, “Reading the diaries and letters of these soldiers was a life changing experience… The film became a tribute to them and to their courage and self-sacrifice.”

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ABC TV Highlights

Worrying News: Large-scale ABC TV Job Cuts

Unions are bracing for the announcement of significant job cuts at the ABC. The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) says it believes the public broadcaster is preparing to announce job cuts and redundancies in TV production.

While numbers are unknown, it is feared the job cuts could be the biggest since former managing director Jonathan Shier axed hundreds of ABC jobs in 2000 and 2001.

The union said the move had been coming for some time, as the ABC’s director of television, Kim Dalton, moved to outsource TV jobs, in part for tax reasons.

The union expects programs such as the science show Catalyst and Sunday night’s Compass may be completely outsourced from next year.
– source: news.com.au

41% of ABC1 programs in Mid-March Were Repeats

A spokesperson for lobby group Friends of the ABC has criticised the broadcaster for padding its programme schedule with too many repeats.

It follows an analysis by the West Australian newspaper which looked at 43 programmes on ABC1 last week and found 41% were repeats. For the same week in 1998 (41 programmes) it found only 19% were repeats.

Glenys Stradijot, campaign manager for ‘Friends’, said the level of repeats on the ABC was a disgrace and claimed the quality of content was disturbing.
– Source: West Australian Newspaper

8:30pm Tuesday, 1st Apr 2008 – The Hunt for HMAS Sydney

After 13 days a sea, the search team on board SV Geosounder found what they and the nation have waited 67 years for – HMAS Sydney II had been discovered.

Less than a day after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the expedition had successfully located the German raider Kormoran, Sydney was located 12.2 nautical miles away, at a depth of 2,468 metres.

ABC TV has the exclusive film of the search for the HMAS Sydney, discovered 2470 metres underwater off the coast of Western Australia, for a ground breaking documentary which will show the behind-the-scenes story as top shipwreck hunter, David Mearns, leads the Finding Sydney Foundation’s multi-million dollar search for the sunken ship.

No chance of ABC3 until 2009 🙁

Plans to launch ABC3 next month have been put on hold. The ABC had been hoping to launch ABC3 – a dedicated television channel for children and teenagers in early 2008

The Rudd Government has always played coy when it comes to ABC3, delaying any answers until the Federal Budget. Now Labor insiders have said pressure to keep spending under control meant only election promises would be funded in the May 13 budget.

The ABC would have to wait until the 2009 budget and argue for the children’s channel funding as part of its three-year funding review, which is due next year

ABC2 Breakfast TV?

ABC plans to launch a breakfast television program on ABC2 in 2008 as part of another push into digital media.

This new breakfast TV news and current affairs program will capitalise on the ABC’s extensive news resources. Initial plans include placing cameras in ABC radio studios to allow live ABC2 broadcasting of key interviews from the popular AM and local breakfast programs.


Commercial TV Highlights

Indian Premier League Cricket (IPL) – Channel 10

Channel 10 has signed an exclusive five-year deal to broadcast the Indian Premier League (IPL) which consists of eight teams competing in action-packed Twenty20 matches – this is great news because most cricket fans had assumed they wouldn’t be able to watch IPL matches because the rights would be bought by pay TV operator Foxtel

Ch10 will exclusively broadcast all 59 matches over 44 days from 18 April – 1 June 08. Start times will vary with numerous matches starting at 9.30pm, some at 11 or 11.30pm and some at 1.30am (I’m assuming these are Australian Eastern Standard Time). This means a match would be broadcast every night, except Monday.

The deal also includes exclusive replay rights and selected matches will be repeated on TEN-HD the next day.

More details at Channel Ten Australian TV Schedule IPL Indian Premier League Cricket

Jericho Axed After 2 Seasons – Channel 10 & CBS

The Channel 10 show Jericho has been axed by its American network CBS at the end of Season 2 – this time permanently 🙁

After getting the chop the first time, fans of Jericho were so outraged they famously bombarded CBS with peanuts. It was such a concerted campaign it was enough to win a seven episode Season 2.

But that’s it.

“The March 25th episode of Jericho will be the series finale,” CBS has now said in a statement. “Without question, there are passionate viewers watching this program; we simply wish there were more. We thank an engaged and spirited fan base for keeping the show alive this long, and an outstanding team of producers, cast and crew that went through creative hoops to deliver a compelling, high quality second season

Gordon Ramsay to film local Kitchen Series – Channel 9

Foul-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will open a signature restaurant in Melbourne – and make a reality TV series about the experience.

Channel 9 boss David Gyngell confirmed Ramsay will set up at the James Packer-controlled Crown complex by December.

The TV show will centre on the search for a chef to run the venue for Ramsay. It will be aired this year but the specific month hasn’t been decided yet.