AMD Athlon 64 Cool n Quiet: Lower Power bill, Heat and Noise

In the past, increased processor performance has often meant increased power consumption and increased noise levels. AMD Cool n Quiet™ technology is an innovative solution available on AMD AthlonTM 64 processor-based systems that can effectively lower the power consumption and enable a quieter-running system while delivering performance on demand, for the ultimate computing experience.

The premise behind AMD Cool ‘n’ Quiet technology is a very simple one. Some applications require less processing power than others. Word processing, for example, consumes relatively few processor cycles, but if you run games, video editing or other multimedia applications on the same system, more processor cycles will be required for responsive performance.


AMD Cool n Quiet™ technology controls your system’s level of processor performance automatically, dynamically adjusting the operating frequency and voltage up to 30 times per second, according to the task at hand. When an application does not require full performance, significant amounts of power can be saved. However, the processor can respond to increased workloads, allowing the system to deliver a responsive and rewarding computing experience. The only difference the user will observe with most applications is that the system will run cooler and quieter. Performance is designed to still be responsive, with maximum processor performance being delivered when required, and automatic power savings when possible.

AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet technology received special ENERGY STAR® recognition in 2005 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the advancement of energy-efficient computer technology

The Key Benefits of Cool n Quiet™ Technology are the same for both Retail and Commercial computer users:

  • Reduced heat output from your computer (Cooler working area)
  • Quieter computers as fans dont need to run as fast (Less noise)
  • Reduced compter power consumption (Lower electricity bills)

First you need to download special driver software from AMD to enable Cool n Quiet on your computer’s operating system (Windows ME/2000/XP or Linux) and then follow the instructions to learn how to enable Cool n Quiet on Windows (linux users can follow the instructions for Fedora and Gentoo)

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