Adtech Sydney 2009 Twitter Conversation Highlights

I was invited by the Ad:tech Sydney 2009 conference organisers to be one of the official Twitter stream moderators

Twittering at Adtech Sydney 2009

Overall I think it had the highest volume of Twitter conversation of any Australian conference to date (roughly 4000 tweets) but a lot of the conversation was the kind of chatter you get in a bored classroom rather than insights or thoughtful discussion about what the speakers in each session were saying

While I was moderating the Twitter stream, answering questions and linking to relevant websites related to what speakers were talking about I noted the most informative / sarcastic / funny tweets using these hashtags: #atsyd #atsyd1 #atsyd2 #atsyd3 and have collected them below as a handy summary

You will notice that some people get quoted a lot more than others eg: @servantofchaos, @jbewes, @silkcharm, @trib, @neerav, @eskimo_sparky, @kcarruthers. That’s because 1. They’re consistently insightful 2. Very funny or 3. Both 🙂

General Ad:tech Sydney 2009 discussion

@neerav: people who are attending #atsyd may find this useful Definitive Guide to Maximise Benefits of Conference Attendance

@servantofchaos: – Danger and opportunity = crisis … Recession as a time for innovation

@servantofchaos: Use analytics to determine the best mix/most consumed content – then adjust and direct traffic through an experience pathway #atsyd1

@servantofchaos: Nodding my head with Ben – influence isn’t about followers but crossing the chasm between social groups

@jbewes: “Having a client that understands their strategy helps a lot”. [Sounds obvious but so often the reality is that they’re not clear]

@SilkCharm: rt @mab397 pity we can’t have a drinking game for every time a vid is played #atsyd (I think we can :P)

@neerav: #atsyd go the Omniture booth number 51. theyll give you free book “Buyology” if you ask them about their services (while stocks last)

@SilkCharm: My Relevance of Twitter for Business presentation for this arvo #adtech #atsyd

@codenamemax: @SilkCharm love that your preso is only 9 slides, because people want to hear you speak! not read slides! 🙂 #adtech #atsyd

@bjwhittington: Brilliant video! Check this clip out called “winds of change” by kodak #atsyd (via @Nneon)

@hollersydney: RT @ideagarden: #ATSYD Is social media free? s*it no, it costs time and time costs money. F*ck it up and you will pay an even higher price!

@trib: @kiryn @soupmama I’d say engagement is critical. But many people I talk to don’t understand what it really means or needs #atsyd

@paul_fisher: Who needs to attent #ATSYD with such an abundance of quality tweets? The audience IS the content

@neerav: #atsyd @paul_fisher speaking from personal perspective the main benefit of conferences is talking to panelists/speakers after their session

@lucasng: @KateKendall #atsyd URL for Ad:Tech Sydney Speaker Usernames List

@eskimo_sparky: @silkcharm saying you can be real in your conversation with clients – too right, but be careful!! #atsyd

@damjanov: #atsyd – Not a bad conf. But not sure about value for $… I’ve seen just as good content at free or Un-confs. by mostly same speakers…

@katieharris: RT @kcarruthers: can we have a Kate/Katie tweetup at #atsyd for afternoon tea tomorrow? – Brilliant idea!!! : )

@jbewes: #ATSYD has put some life back into me. I LOVE digital conversations, debates, ideas. Must start going to Fri Tweetups to keep fire burning

@neerav: Asked today how I earn income from ads on my blogs #atsyd. Answer=Luck, SEO skills, Quality random content, not focusing on “making money”

@trib: Speakers who do a sell job at conferences should have their eyeballs dug out with a soup spoon. Evil bastards. #atsyd

@ozdj: Who else is bracing themselves for the latest and greatest in spam, online MLM, pop-ups, fake blogs etc after #atsyd ?

@motherwell: Here’s a question for YOU BBC lady: WTF is the point of this keynote? #atsyd Sleeping pill FAIL!

@emgib: bit disappointing to get a sales pitch from BBC #ATSYD

@tiphereth: Social media panel needs to learn from Twitter – laser your answers please people please don’t ramble it’s boring #atsyd

@gridkid: Twitter at conferences = the digital equivalent of passing notes in class #atsyd

@trib: Social media site evil overlords taking the stage at #atsyd. Expect *none* of this session will be about *social* anything. Expect screams.

@trib: One day these people will realize they are actually at the mercy of their communities and not there to sell to *brands. Rethink! #atsyd

@trib: @mattsterne users welcome brand presence=bollocks. Tolerate is better word. Until the brand pisses users off. #atsyd

@wadekingsley: #atsyd myspace have a goal to have half their traffic on mobile in 3 yrs time – they are on track to do it – quote myspace dude

@watto36: #atsyd please someone roll a grenade to bring some excitement to the panel discussion

@mikestuchbery: Skynet will become sentient and devastate the planet. Old Humanity will have to rebrand (John Connor) to deal with new challenges. #atsyd

@mikestuchbery: The Cylons were created by man. There are many copies, and they have a plan. #atsyd

@trib: @mikestuchbery you win tweets of the morning for Skynet and Cylon references. Borg as well? #atsyd

@eunmac: LOL. Tweeters calling the 5 social networks on stage “SKYNET” . Classic. #atsyd

@tiphereth: Need to understand userengagement etc but no-one is coughing up figures. Twitter mentioned in Q for transparency for trends, content #atsyd

@mikestuchbery: Recruiting must employ new methods to stay ahead of Web 2.0. – rendition, black bag ops, underground fight clubs. #atsyd

@eskimo_sparky: I cannot believe bebo said it’s about number of connections. What a crock. Quality, strength and relevance more important. #atsyd

@lucasng: @Kimota What do these speakers not understand. No one wants to hear you pitch. Save it for the exhibit hall. #atsyd

@lyndons @neerav re Brands & social networks: “1 thing U don’t understand – I’m not locked in here with you – YOU’RE locked in here with ME!” Rorschach (from #watchmen movie)

@neerav: #atsyd #atsyd2 @kcarruthers recommends US Air Force Rules of Engagement for Blogs

@watto36: #atsyd Mick O’brien from Eyeblaster comprehensive insightful overview on tracking search and display in the seminar area

@neerav: #atsyd “Mobile Devices: Next Frontier Of Communication” session: designing mobile websites getting easier now Webkit based browsers popular

@fibendall RT @neerav Much talk of “owning customer data” last 2 days which i dont like. Ppl own their own info. Your privileged to get access to it

@johnlacey: It must be fun to be a presenter at #atsyd and have everyone in the audience passive-aggressively tweet about everything you say.

@ozdj Condensed executive summary of AD:TECH DAY 2 now available (FREE for a limited time only) #atsyd – Please RT

Best of Ad:tech Sydney 2009 Track #2 ATSYD2 discussion

@jyesmith: #atsyd2 suxty sux days to create treehouse restauraunt by Yellow. Even wheelchair ramp. Awesome integration.

@eskimo_sparky: #atsyd2 = the axis of frickin’ awesomeness. unique and original. multichannel storytelling. (via @katiechatfield)

@neerav: #atsyd #atsyd2 @TarnyaBaohm Digital Marketing Manager at talking about their General Managers blog

@bankingreview: RT @katiechatfield #atsyd Rabobank: ask people proactively what they want. Monthly podcasts are popular with audience (info without sell)

@neerav: Gareth Llewellyn from Oracle recommends marketing ppl read the Cluetrain Manifesto

@neerav: Jackie (BeautyHeaven) says dont let legal department handicap online conversations by not allowing real human communication

@neerav quote from @charispalmer: “we havent ever had control over users brand conversations. in current environment must engage & converse”

@neerav: Data portability is more than mere technical challenge, also cultural & legal challenge. Should be independent of any 1 corp.

@neerav: @philmorle has blogged about Why Data Portability?

@jyesmith: measures for succses: time spent, number of comments. Trialing new things (yay): Frequency, content, length. “Test & Learn” nice.

@jbewes: #ATSYD2 I’m not the only one gushing about Omniture (SEEEEE @eunmac) J&J said “can I just say that Omniture is BRILLIANT for tracking retail”

@ideagarden: what are we ACTUALLY measuring in social media (question to the panel)

@ideagarden: qualitative measures are also important and is often left off because of time and budgets #ATSYD2

@mbuckley: @trib point out Forrester Groundswell profile tool

@M_Hickinbotham: @kchatfield – agree that we need to keep it simply – listen first and then monitor how you are impacting the conversation #atsyd2

@lucasng: Omniture can track engagement via API feed; for eg. brand reputation on Twitter #atsyd2

@eskimo_sparky: Good quote. “If you just do search marketing you go out of business cost effectively” #atsyd2 (via @mbuckley)

@jbewes: #atsyd2 “not what technology we’re using; it’s who we’re having a conversation with”. Sweet spot: where consumer, brand, media come together

@jbewes: #atsyd2 Q: why is online Word Of Mouth so powerful? A: it’s there forever; it can be found; reaches >ppl than any other medium; Leads to Sales.

: RT @mbuckley: 6th presentation I have seen with the key being “influence”. Could be the word of Adtech Syd #atsyd2

Best of Ad:tech Sydney 2009 Track #3 ATSYD3 discussion

@jbewes: #ATSYD3 love the fact @steven_noble is talking about Club Penguin. My kids love that & u r right, to them it’s just ‘normal’ to converse thru web

@wadekingsley: #ATSYD3 interesting client (J&J) talked about need to convince internally to do facebook trial – very underestimated factor!

@eskimo_sparky: Social media is not the saviour of marketing, it is one of the tools

@katiechatfield: #atsyd3 if you’re gambling with your reputation and you fail…that’s quite expensive. social media is not free

@charispalmer: UBank considers Facebook a way to target mass
markets. Twitter is still early adopter phase but bank has been in it since launch #atsyd3

@jbewes: #ATSYD3 kmart gave 6 bloggers $500 gift vouchers had negative impact “you’re paying to get good comments for you” {yup, ppl r not stoopid}

@jbewes: #atsyd3 hmm @silkcharm reckons u must follow people back. disagree w this; tho do agree u can’t follow 2 get followers then drop them

@kcarruthers: happy ending from telstra twitter experience from @M_Hickinbotham audience goes “awwwww” #atsyd3

@kcarruthers: @M_Hickinbotham “we basically showed up to a BBQ in a dinner suit” lessons learned by Telstra on Twitter #atsyd3

@kcarruthers: you are your brand on twitter @servantofchaos #atsyd3

@silkcharm AhoyMatey RT @neerav industry jargon is funny. Mobile ppl talk like ship captains: “On Deck”& “Off Deck” #atsyd #atsyd3

@gridkid you should use progressive enhancement to cater for a range of capabilities rather than specific handsets, IMO #atsyd #atsyd3

@emilyfreeman: #atsyd3 don’t restrict your users on mobile.. Don’t give me a cut down version.

@oliverw: ‘How to Engage Online Customers’ was a great panel with great case studies inc. Yellow Tree House, V People’s R & Free 7/11 Slurpees #atsyd

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  1. Geez, you can tell just by how they typed that they were going super fast. I am always amazed by the translation of human thought and voice to internet “forums.” This is particularly intense.

    EDITOR : It was even more intense watching the speed at which the live conversation stream zoomed past on my laptop screen

  2. Before Twitter I would note-take from conferences directly into a Word document. This time I decided to do it in Twitter in the hope that my notes would be of use to others. Was really chuffed to get such positive responses from all you Tweople. Just goes to prove how little effort it actually takes to add value to other people’s worlds. And I love that. Er, not that I’m lazy or anything… {ahem}

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