ABC2 Digital launch & ABC Broadband revamped

ABC2 is the ABC’s new digital-only, free-to-air TV channel. ABC2 offers a broad range of new and time-shifted ABC programming — children’s, regional, arts, public policy, social commentary, documentaries, performance and information, a complementary service offering another chance to see the program you missed, or simply not available elsewhere.


ABC2 is a digital-only free-to-air television service on channel 21. This means that you’ll need a digital TV receiver that can be purchased from retailers specialising in home entertainment. ABC2 is also broadcast as part of the basic tier on most subscription TV services Foxtel and Austar on channel 126, TransACT on channel 22 and Neighborhood Cable on channel 20.

Furthermore if you have a broadband internet connection, a lot more content has been added to Abc broadband the latest breaking news, the best online documentaries, streaming music, ABC radio and avant-garde animation – all available on demand in Windows Media/Real Player format

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  1. I spend some time in Bunbury, WA’s second city, and am loving ABC broadband. Only 20 minutes out, near Donnybrook, we’re still at the mercy of satellite broadband and that’s been fairly intermittent. The benefits of a real broadband connection elude so many of us, I look forward to the market catching up.

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