ABC Australian Federal and State Election Weblog

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 2007 Federal and State Election Weblog is the place to go for up to date unbiased political news which doesn’t have any spin or angle unlike the commercial Newspapers or TV stations.

For all elections chief ABC political analyst Antony Green conducts in depth research into possible swings, current hot topics, highlights the issues at stake in marginal seats, examines changes in electoral boundaries or seat demographics etc

Some other Australian Political blogs are*:

* Note that by linking to these blogs I am not implying that I agree with everything they say

5 Replies to “ABC Australian Federal and State Election Weblog”

  1. Excellent, I am very glad to see a place where we can get some inbiased opinion. The bias and shameful reporting of many commercial stations is starting to bother me more and more.

    Especially, I have noticed, that everytime I KNOW the details of a particular situation due to first hand or eye witness accounts, the newspapers have reported the event or situation incorrectly. Which makes me wonder about news items that I DON’T know the details. If they get it wrong when I do know the details, they must be getting it wrong when I don’t as well. That just makes them very untrustworthy. I am finding the less commercial the reporting association is, the more I am inclined to hear the REAL story.

  2. this is a breath of fresh air for news which is usually always biased; would love to watch this and see it for myself. Wish them luck as I am tired of watching fox and cnn and seeing two completely different stories.

  3. The Australian Government is thinking about setting up a consultation blog/forum to give the public a chance to debate public policy.

    If you want to help shape the form this blog will take then have your say here:

    It only takes a couple of minutes and could help lead to something really worthwhile.


  4. I’m glad that in the midst of all factions and bribery there are still few blogs out there that cling to what is true. Thanks for sharing this list to us. I’m afraid, however, that I may no longer have time for other blogs.

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