Aaron Walls SEO Advice For Travel Sites

I recently asked leading SEO Expert Aaron Wall to write a guest article about “effective SEO / site promotion in the hyper-competitive market of travel websites”.

Ironically his advice echoed the purpose of my travel site – to take the Road Less Travelled and use techniques that are obscure, niche and off the beaten track to find a successful space that hadn’t been occupied already

Road Less Travelled
Taking the Road Less Travelled – Footprints on a bush track in the Central Australian Desert region

GUEST ARTICLE: One of the easiest ways to compete in a saturated marketplace is to look for a niche you can dominate. If you start a general purpose thin affiliate international travel directory today the odds of success are quite low. But many people have entered the game late and still done well.

I used to live in State College, Pennsylvania, and the guy who owned StateCollege.com did well in excess of a million a year in ad revenue – just from one small town. You do not need to cover a wide area to do well.

In fact, the smaller your region of focus the easier it will be to create strong editorial and develop. There are a lot of towns in the world that can yield $100,000 to $10,000,000 in annual income each.

Other travel players have done well by targeting a topical niche like pet friendly travel locations, or running trails around the world. Some, like World66, have leveraged new content management systems like wikis.

The big key to competing is that you can’t follow someone else’s footprints and beat them. You also have to have something that makes your site different…and that can be extreme focus, an obscure niche, or even how you create and publish your content.

Aaron Wall is one of the world’s leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists who blogs about SEO at SEO Book.com.

Recently he started an SEO training course (http://training.seobook.com) and has offered a leading suite of free SEO tools (http://tools.seobook.com) for years which I have found most informative.

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4 Replies to “Aaron Walls SEO Advice For Travel Sites”

  1. I totally agree. In fact there is a big related topic on local search at WickedFire right now.

    I myself have been focusing on local market and it seems to work better than trying to be everywhere.


  2. I couldn’t agree more with this article. The travel web is so full of sites and content, that you’ll need something to set you apart. What we don’t need is yet another social travel website. Having something colorful and interesting helps get your readers in the mood too.

  3. Great advice, although quite obvius. The best thing about this article is that is not necessarily about travel, it can the applied to almost any competitive industry. Diferentiation by means of focusing your project on a regional area in which you can easily compete, is the wisest way to go

  4. Often people cannot see the woods for the trees and this article will hopefully try and allow people to hone down their knowledge and create a niche in an area they have a lot of knowledge in, yet specific enough and popular enough to provide a great income source.

    Thank you for the editorial, these few words are worth a mint if used correctly.

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