90% of BYD Atto 3 buyers in Australia choose extended range model

EV Direct (the Australian distributor for BYD electric cars in Australia) has confirmed to The Driven Podcast that of the roughly 4500 pre-orders they’ve received for the Atto 3, nine out of ten have purchased the extended range model.

Known as the Yuan Plus in it’s home market of China, in Australia the car is named Atto 3. Atto is inspired by the Attosecond, the smallest time scale unit in physics.

The standard model Atto 3 ($44,990 drive-away for 50kWh version) is only $3000 less than the extended range model. Atto 3 is the first SUV built on BYD’s e-platform 3.0, specially designed for high-performance electric vehicles.

The demand for long range is not surprising considering there are several state based incentives of $3000 as well as waived stamp duty. Current orders are expected to be delivered to owners in January/February 2023.

BYD’s Blade Battery technology comes as a standard in ATTO 3, offering drivers industry-leading safety levels as well as an optional extended model single-charge range capability.

Launched by BYD in 2020, Blade Battery is the only battery that successfully passes the nail penetration test, the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries.

You might not have heard of them before but BYD is one of the world’s leading vehicle battery makers and besides electric cars they make other electric vehicles like buses which have been ordered by the NSW Government for their Sydney bus fleet. Recently Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany has started using BYD batteries for their cars.


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  1. Is this just a rehashed press release? No mention of the change.org petition with thousands of signatures regards the distributors back flip of warranty length and coverage and the enormous service regime, unheard of in EV’s. Both NZ and HKG markets have 6 year bumper to bumper warranty coverage, shame BYD went with a distributor model in Oz that will tarnish their record for years to come. Should have done a Tesla and sold direct. Shame, could have been a game changer…

  2. Neerav Bhatt

    Thanks for reminding me about the change.org petition https://www.change.org/p/better-warranty-for-byd-atto-3-in-australia

    I’ll cover that as soon as I have a moment to writeup a summary of the whole warranty situation

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