7 Favourite Google Android Applications

I’ve recently tested the new HTC Dream (Google Android phone) for Optus and bought one of my own. These are my 7 Favourite Google Android Applications

Google Android

SnapPhoto – Enhances the HTC Dream/T-mobile G1 camera by using the accelerometer to detect stability. SnapPhoto also allows you to set white balance, change the auto-focus, JPG quality etc. A Pro version with extra features can bought for 99c

NetCounter – is a simple network traffic counter for GPRS/EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi that runs all the time tracking your data usage but takes up hardly any phone resources. Data collected is persistent and you can set the counters (monthly, last 7 days, today, etc) as you need to.

This application is a must have for anyone whose mobile carrier gives them a certain amount of data usage/month eg: 500mb to make sure you don’t go over your allowed data usage and get charged extra.

android network traffic counter

Rings Extended – Replaces the standard ringtone picker with a new one that makes it easy to select from all the music tracks & other sounds on your phone. Just go to Settings or an application’s settings for a ringtone & you will be prompted to use Rings Extended.

Shazam – Place your phone so the speaker can record a few seconds of the music you’re listening to. Shazam then identifies the music tracks, displaying song and artist details.

These are 5 songs that I tested Shazam on and it identified all of them perfectly:

Google Android Shazam

BuzzOff – Don’t you hate it when you turn off your ringer during a movie or meeting and forget to turn it back on afterwards? With BuzzOff you can set a timer to re-enable your ringer after the movie/meeting ends! Or you can have it turn your ringer back on after you move a certain distance – easier to use than Locale. Includes Silent+vibrate option.

Android Buzzoff

Useful Switchers – Quick toggle between all your frequently changed system settings including: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ringer mode, Battery level, Internal memory/sd card memory status, Brightness adjustment, Airplane Mode, Screen Timeout, Turn on Flashlight, Auto Sync, 2G/3G and much much more.

Android Useful Switchers

Movie Finder – Allows you to quickly find showtimes, cinema/movie theatre locations and details for released and upcoming movies including trailers and reviews. Supported regions include: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore.

Other Great Android Apps


  • Footy Scoreboard – Footy Scoreboard allows Australian football fans to get live scores for their favourite football code. Currently supports rugby league, AFL and rugby union (soccer coming soon).
  • GPS Status – Shows the position, number and signal strength of GPS satellites. Displays your position, GPS accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing. Bigger dots represent stronger signal. Compass included.
  • No Signal Alert – detects when your phone is in a “dead zone” or with zero bars and sends a status bar alert followed by a short vibration and a sound alert. You can customize your alert using the Settings page, it will automatically clear itself when phone has signal again.
  • ACurrency – a currency converter for 160+ currencies with daily exchange rates updates. Allows you to Enter values with virtual keypad and show conversion in up to 6 currencies
  • Twidroid – Twidroid is a full-featured Twitter client that includes direct messaging, photo posting, GPS, replies and notifications.
  • Wikitude AR Travel Guide – Wikitude is a mobile travel guide based on Wikipedia, Qype & Panoramio. Search landmarks in your surroundings & view them on a map, list and on an Augmented Reality camera view. You’ll see an annotated landscape, mountain names, landmark descriptions, & interesting stories
  • Xtremelabs Speedtest – Use this Speedtest application to evaluate the download/upload speed of your 3G, GPRS/EDGE and Wi-Fi Network.
  • AppManager – Manage your apps including: backup to SD, install from SD, uninstall, locate in Android Market, detect protected apps and detect AdMob apps
  • Opera Mini – a free Web browser for your Android phone. Browse the entire Web and save time and money. Opera Mini compresses pages up to 90%, making web browsing fast and cheap
  • Linda File Manager – Allows you to view all the files on your Android phone and SD card, move/copy them etc.
  • Hidden SSID enabler – Allows your Android phone to connect to WiFi access points with a Hidden (non broadcasting) SSID

7 Replies to “7 Favourite Google Android Applications”

  1. Suggested Apps: Better Keyboard (paid), My Backup Pro (paid), Airplane AutoSwitch, AK Notepad, AppManager, aTrackDog

    Barcode Scanner, Buddy Runner, BuzzOff, Facebook Sync, FBReader, Footy Scoreboard, Here I Am, K9 (best mail app)

    Linda File Manager, LOLcats, MixZing (best music app), MountUSB, My Battery Status, My Tracks, NetCounter, Rings Extended

    Shazam, Sky Map, Ultimate Stopwatch, Wifi Analyzer, Layar, Wikitude –

    thats my top list of apps from all my testing.

  2. That is a very good list of apps. I’ve always been a fan of Shazam and had it on my old Blackberry Curve before it got broken.

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