5 Dollar Donation to WordPress: the best investment I ever made

Last weekend I attended Wordcamp Australia 2008 where I made a short presentation about the opportunities that have opened up for me as a result of using WordPress as my blogging system including becoming a professional blogger earning a sizable income from my blogs and associated activities.

neerav bhatt wordcamp australia presentation

The best investment I ever made is the $USS5 I donated to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s Paypal account when I first began using WordPress v1.2-mingus

There were plenty of interesting presentations and people I chatted with but going to Wordcamp Australia 2008 was worth it for 1 reason alone, to saw thanks to Matt Mullenweg for making WordPress such a great free piece of software because without it I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thanks to Sam Bauers & Family, Anthony Cole and Lisa Davis for organising Wordcamp Australia 2008. Photo credit: JJ Halans. View Wordcamp 2008 presentation on SlideShare

Wordcamp Australia – Photos

Matt Mullenweg took lots of photos at Wordcamp Australia 2008 including the ones below (left: I’m waiting for AV guys to setup equipment, Right: Conference attendees at a bar for drinks after end of Day 1)

Several people also uploaded their #Wordcampau photos to Flickr

2 of Matt Mullenwegs photos from Wordcamp 2008


6 responses to “5 Dollar Donation to WordPress: the best investment I ever made”

  1. Thanks for your presentation Neerav, I was really impressed with all the speakers at WordCamp. I hope to see you again at a WordCamp event in the future.

  2. WordPress is amazing I run my blog with them. I would donate $10!!!

  3. I have only used 2 types of blogware and I have to say wordpress is the one I use. Ok I will admit it I have never made any money with my blog, but I am toying with the idea. liked your presentation but where is the sound??? The Best to you!

    EDITOR: unfortunately the organizers had problems recording the video/audio 🙁

  4. I just started blogging for fun on blogspot. Maybe i should switch to wordpress. I could use some extra cash these days.

  5. I watched your PowerPoint presentation (yes an audio track would be cool) and then I visited your other sites listed there. You are a “Blogger.” Hmmmm. Never thought of that as a career path – but you’ve got me to thinking. Thanks for the mental stimulation from “down under…” –Keith in Southern california

  6. We all have our share in donating our hard earning money to wordpress…
    greatest CMS ever (IMHO)
    Thanks Matt!

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