2011 Year of the Tablet-iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Apps and Connectivity – Business Spectator Webinar

I was recently a guest expert for a Business Spectator webinar about 2011 possibly being the Year of the Tablet: discussing hardware like the iPad, Google Android, Blackberry as well as Mobile Apps and Connectivity … all in the context of how Australian organisations and their employees can use these to be more effective and efficient.

This video is an excerpt of the full 45minute webinar Hosted by James Kirby Managing Editor of Business Spectator with guests experts: myself as a technology journalist and Charis Palmer, finance and banking journalist.

I’ve written a feature article about Google Android tablets in issue 64 of GEARE magazine, currently at newsagents.

geare magazine december 2010

geare magazine december 2010

10 thoughts on “2011 Year of the Tablet-iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mobile Apps and Connectivity – Business Spectator Webinar”

  1. Great article and video thanks. 2011 will definitely be the year of the tablet. Google’s new Android incarnation is designed specifically for tablets, and there are hundereds of models coming out. HP are making their own with their own OS and then there’s the iPad 2…

  2. You made great articles about those tablets. iPad is really awesome and I agree with you that this will be the year of tablets. And sooner, there will be lots of different brands in the market. Thanks for sharing.

  3. thsi year will be the battlefield of tablet gadget
    there is new gadget here that i’ve read the review and its very promising called Motorola Xoom

  4. Great article. I recently brought an e-reader, I got it from a book store and it only cost me NZ$140.00 such a great wee toy but you are definitely right about the impulse buying. Beware.

  5. 2011 was indeed the year of the tablet. Competition in the marketplace will increase markedly in 2012 with a proliferation of new providers. This will see prices come down which has to be good news for the consumer.

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