2009 CH10 IPL 20 Twenty Cricket Indian Premier League Australian TV Schedule


The 2009 IPL 20/20 Tournament runs from April 18th to the final on May 20th. Channel 10 has an exclusive five-year Australian TV deal to broadcast the Indian Premier League (IPL) which consists of eight teams competing in action-packed Twenty20 matches. All IPL matches will be broadcast on Network 10’s ONE HD & SD Digital TV Sports Channels

IPL indian premier league cricket channel 10

Channel 10 will show almost all the IPL cricket matches live broadcasting at either 820pm or midnight (Australian Eastern Standard Time) depending on whether they are Day or Day/Night matches

Fans who have become accustomed to Twenty20 matches lasting 3 hours are in for a surprise during the second season of the IPL – they will now last 3 hours 15min. Part of the appeal of the shortest form of the game is the non-stop action but IPL games will now take longer.

The IPL are planning to market the added time as an ‘innovation’ by calling it a tactical ‘time out’ but the fact that each innings will now come to a halt for seven-and-a-half minutes after exactly 10 overs makes it neither tactical nor, indeed, practical.

The seven-and-a-half minute break will see the stadium crowd entertained by a live band while television audiences will watch three, separate two-and-a-half minute segments, two of which will be sold commercially. The third will show the teams taking drinks and discussing ‘tactics’ to add some validity to the argument for the ‘time out.’


All eight IPL franchises will play at least half their matches in Durban, Cape Town and Centurion, where they hope to have significant crowd support from the sizeable Indian-origin population

The opening double-header in Cape Town on April 18 – Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals v Bangalore Royal Challengers – will feature at least nine South African players, including Graeme Smith, the South Africa captain, in a calculated attempt to spark local interest in what is essentially an Indian domestic event.

The opening day will also showcase two England stars who will make their IPL debuts, Kevin Pietersen, who was bought by Bangalore for US$ 1.55 million, and Andrew Flintoff, who was signed for the same amount by Chennai.

Kingsmead in Durban, which has a sizeable Indian-origin population, was allocated 16 matches, the highest among the eight venues, while Supersport Park in Centurion will host 12 games. The Wanderers and Newlands will stage eight matches each, while St George’s Park in Port Elizabeth and Buffalo Park in East London were given seven and three matches respectively. Two matches each were handed to the Outsurance Oval in Bloemfontein and three to the De Beers Oval in Kimberley.

Which team are you following and what does everyone think of the IPL as a tournament?


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  1. Neerav , Thanks a lot for your information..just one query is this One Hd channel free? and does it required HD TV only?


    1. ONE HD & SD are free extra channels from Channel 10

    2. You need a digital set top box to view ONE HD or SD (suggest you buy a HD set top box) and a strong TV antenna signal

    3. ONE HD & SD are only available in capital cities at the moment

    More details at http://www.bhatt.id.au/blog/ten-network-boldly-launches-one-digital-tv-sports-channel/

  2. ONE Sports HD & SD tv channels (Network 10) IPL Schedule (Almost all matches are LIVE)

    To begin with there will be a 2008 IPL highlights package broadcast on Saturday 18th April 11am Sydney time for 1 hour on ONE.

    Saturday 18 April
    08:15pm #1: Mumbai Indians V Chennai Super Kings

    Sunday 19 April
    00:00 #2: Rajasthan Royals V Royal Challengers Bangalore
    08:20pm #3: Delhi Daredevils V Kings XI Punjab

    Monday 20 April
    00:00 #4: Deccan Chargers V Kolkata Knight Riders

    Tuesday 21 April
    00:20am #5: Chennai Super Kings V Bangalore Royal Challengers
    08:20 pm #6: Kings XI Punjab V Kolkata Knight Riders

    Wednesday 22 April
    00:00 #7: Rajasthan Royals V Mumbai Indians

    Thursday 23 April
    00:20am #8: Bangalore Royal Challengers V Deccan Chargers
    09:00pm #9: Chennai Super Kings V Delhi Daredevils

    Friday 24 April
    00:20am #10: Kolkata Knight Riders V Rajasthan Royals

    Saturday 25 April
    00:20am #11: Bangalore Royal Challengers V Kings XI Punjab
    08:00pm #12: Mumbai Indians V Deccan Chargers

    Sunday 26 April
    00:00 #13: Chennai Super Kings V Kolkata Knight Riders

    Monday 27 April
    09:00am #14: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Delhi Daredevils (DELAYED OVER NIGHT)
    00:00 #15: Kings XI Punjab v Rajasthan Royals

    Tuesday 28 April
    00:20am #17: Kolkata Knightriders v Mumbai Indians
    15:30pm #16: Deccan Chargers v Chennai Superkings (DELAYED OVER NIGHT)

    Wednesday 29 April
    00:20am #18: Delhi Daredevils v Rajasthan Royals
    20:20am #19: Bangalore Royal Challenges v Kolkata Knightriders

    Thursday 30 April
    00:00 #20: Kings XI Punjab v Mumbai Indians
    21:00pm #21: Delhi Daredevils v Deccan Chargers

    Friday 1 May
    00:20am #22: Chennai Superkings v Rajasthan Royals
    20:20pm #23: Kolkata Knight Riders v Mumbai Indians

    Saturday 2 May
    00:00 #24: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Kings XI Punjab
    20:20 #25: Deccan Charges v Rajasthan Royals

    Sunday 3 May
    00:00 #26: Chennai Superkings v Delhi Daredevils
    20:20 #27: Kings XI Punjab v Kolkata Knightriders

    Monday 4 May
    00:00 #28: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Mumbai Indians

    Tuesday 5 May
    00:20am #29: Chennai Superkings v Deccan Chargers
    20:20pm #30: Kings XI Punjab v Rajasthan Royals

    Wednesday 6 May
    00:00 #31: Delhi Daredevils v Kolkata Knightriders

    Thursday 7 May
    00:00 #32: Deccan Chargers v Mumbai Indians
    21:00 #33: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Rajasthan Royals

    Friday 8 May
    00:20 #34: Chennai Super Kings v Kings XI Punjab

    Saturday 9 May
    00:20am #35: Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indians
    20:20 #36: Deccan Chargers v Kings XI Punjab

    Sunday 10 May
    00:00 #37: Chennai Superkings v Rajasthan Royals

    Monday 11 May
    00:00 #39: Delhi Daredevils v Kolkata Knightriders
    06:00 #38: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Mumbai Indians

    Tuesday 12 May
    00:20 #40: Deccan Chargers v Rajasthan Royals
    20:20 #41: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Kolkata Knightriders

    Wednesday 13 May
    00:00 #42: Kings XI Punjab v Mumbai Indians

    Thursday 14 May
    00:00 #43: Deccan Chargers v Delhi Daredevils
    21:00 #44: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Chennai Superkings

    Friday 15 May
    00:20 #45: Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals

    Saturday 16 May
    00:20 #46: Delhi Daredevils v Kings XI Punjab
    20:20 #47: Chennai Superkings v Mumbai Indians

    Sunday 17 May
    00:00 #48: Deccan Charges v Kolkata Knightriders
    20:20 #49: Deccan Chargers v Kings XI Punjab

    Monday 18 May
    00:00 #50: Delhi Daredevils v Rajasthan Royals

    Tuesday 19 May
    00:20 #51: Chennai Superkings v Kolkata Knightriders

    Wednesday 20 May
    00:20 #52: Delhi Daredevils v Bangalore Royal Challengers
    20:20 #53: Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals

    Thursday 21 May
    00:00 #54: Chennai Super Kings v Kings XI Punjab
    21:00 #55: Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indians

    Friday 22 May
    00:20 #56: Bangalore Royal Challengers v Deccan Chargers

    Saturday 23 May
    00:20 #57: 1st Semi Final

    Sunday 24 May
    00:20 #58: 2nd Semi Final

    Monday 25 May
    00:00 #59: Final

  3. Thank you for doing this again Neerav.

    But because im Tasmanian we dont get ONE HD! What a joke! But anyway will TEN show any on there main channel?

    EDITOR: At this stage I don’t think so 🙁 but TV land is an unpredictable place so keep an eye on your local Ten affiliates promos and TV guide

  4. what a crap mob channel ten are,no channel one available here in Grafton either,so no Ipl coverage on Ten,And I watched all 56 matches last year and enjoyed them all,Just like Ten to crap on country viewers.
    They are the BIG TOSSERS as far as I am concerned

  5. No Aussie players will likely be shining in this IPL, also don’t think any scope for oldies goldies like Tendlya, Lakshya, Dada, Wall, Sanath Jayasuriya, Matt Hayden,… ..but keep eyes on all SA players like Van-Merve, Dumini, AB devilliers, A B Morkal, Gibbs, Smith, Stayn…..also some regular stars like Chris Gayle, Brendon McCullum, Mahi, Yuvi, Viru, Raina, Pathan Brothers

  6. Can we do anything to make Ten put it on normal Tv.

    Think about it! Ten shld think about other people, like kids and cricket fans.

    What can we do?

  7. opening match will be telecast live at 830 pm on sat 18th april on ONE. Sorry it wont be on channel ten it is only on ONE. Opening ceremony will not be shown cause its shit anyway – its the cricket that matters.

  8. what is the diffrence between Digital set top box or HD set top box

    EDITOR: An SD Digital set top box can view some Digital TV channels

    An HD Digital set top box can view all the Digital TV channels

  9. SD set top box can buy for 30 bucks. With HD set top box the video quality is excellent and you will get more channels like 7HD and 9HD and ABC HD.

  10. remmeber guys if u dont hav ONE buy a digital set top box for 30 bucks and you should be able to see ONE (unless u live in rural areas)

  11. Last year they showed IPL pn chanel nine in Griffith
    i was wondering if they will show it this year as well.
    We dont have any form pf channel ten over here :(.


    Only showing it on one SD and HD out of 20 million possible viewers they are only showing it to 15 Million!!!! THATS 20% OF THERE POSSIBLE MARKET Gahhhhh Channel 10 are Arseholes Channel 9 or WIN would never do this

  13. Hi another poor decesion by a tv network I cant watch it and I wont be watching channel 10 for other shows either well done a great series on and nobody will be watching it.THANKS

  14. grab a set top box for 30 bucks because analogue TV will be switched off next year anyway….

  15. Guys I would like to know whether is it possible to see the Channel One if I buy DGTEC Standard Definition Set Top Box (Model: DG-SD2410). This is a Standard definition (SD) set top box. This one is for $49.97 at Dicksmith.
    This set top box will work for any Television? I am having a normal Analogue TV?
    And after I fix this on what channel will it be aired I mean the IPL?


  16. Thanks channle 10… great show, enjoyed last years and looking forward lots of cricket fire this year

  17. Well Well Well! What a surprise, I was expecting to watch some IPL cricket on channel ten tonight as matches last year were on channel ten. Right now some crap “D-Tox” is on, really good stuff that. I have never known such a shortsighted decision as this and to totally disregard regional viewers, what is this mob all about? With no IPL it’s over to foxtel again after viewing free to air TV.

  18. What a crap channel, always giving priority to unwanted gossip programmes. Australia is a sporting nation and the crowd love cricket specialy the Twenty 20 more than anything. Looking to see some changes in your programmes.


  19. thank you a bundle for not lettin us australians watch the ipl this year we really appreciate us standing around watching 10 while you guys watch ONE hd. kiss my a**

  20. Letterman and Buffy instead of the Royals v Kings. What did 150000 people in Hobart do wrong when we watched the IPL last year TEN?

  21. Watching IPL on channel 10 last series was awesome!

    I am UNBELIEVABLY annoyed that I cant watch this series beacause I am in regional VIC.


  22. It amazes me that a corporation like channel 10 will spend millions of dollars to buy IPL TV rights and not show IPL matches live, especially the prime time game at 8.30pm AEST. They have 3 channels – Channel 10, 10 HD and One HD to split between different program but they choose to show grand prix on all the channels and happy to skip IPL live games.

    If they didn’t want to show IPL games live then they should have let some other channel buy the rights.. They have just left cricket loving fans like me in hot water.

  23. I’m loving ONE’s coverage of the IPL! Virtually every match is LIVE and that Ryan Campbell provides some hilarious insights.

    Anyone know who’s broadcasting the T20 World Cup? I hope it’s not Nine! Because I want to see matches which DON’T feature Australia too!

  24. Any idea if Channel 9 is bringing the T20 World Cup in June 2009 ‘live’ to us?If so unlike last time can we please not have the “delayed live” please!

  25. Oh and why on earth is ONE HD doing the same “delayed live” of certain matches of the current IPL season?We got to write in to these people at Channel 10 and inject some commonsense into their brains!

  26. Hi, I just heard that channel 10 is showing the semi’s onwards IPL matches in places where there are no 1 HD. Is this right? Aslo is it true that Vision Asia has secured the rights to show the last few matches too

  27. Satish,whats Vision Asia and how do we get the same?Guys,any news on T20 World Cup telecast?Anybody there?!

  28. @Satish

    And where did you hear that my friend? I got all excited after reading your comment and jumped over to Channel Ten’s TV guide only to be disappointed once again.

    It’s a pity mainstream TEN cannot find it in their hearts to broadcast the IPL finals at the very least, especially when you consider some of the Australian stars are on show; namely Symo, Gilly, Warner, Warney. Good going TEN management!

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