2008: Top 10 Popular New Rambling Thoughts Blog Posts

The top 10 most popular new Rambling Thoughts blog posts for 2008 are listed below. Unsurprisingly the list is dominated by Sport, TV & Technology.

Most Popular New Rambling Thoughts Blog Posts of 2008

The list is in order of how many times each blog post was viewed but I’ve included the number of comments people made to show that a popular post doesn’t necessarily attract a lot of comments

  1. Channel Ten Australian TV Schedule IPL Indian Premier League 20 Twenty Cricket (112 comments)
  2. Australian TV Radio Online Coverage 2008 Beijing Olympics – Channel 7 SBS ABC (58 comments)
  3. Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone Review (Camera, MP3 Player, Radio, Organiser) – Series 40 (19 comments)
  4. Top Gear Australia (SBS TV) Fan Site and Review (497 comments)
  5. DVX-555U SD Digital Set Top Box (STB) PVR (Review) (66 comments)
  6. Channel 10 TV Coverage of Formula 1 (F1) Racing (22 comments)
  7. Should We Boycott Chinas 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? (18 comments)
  8. Tips for City 2 Surf Fun Run Sydney to Bondi Beach (6 comments)
  9. 2008 Beijing Paralympics TV Schedule ABC TV and iView (5 comments)
  10. Whats the difference between Mastercard and Visa? (5 comments)
I’ve also created a list of the Best Rambling Thoughts Blog Posts for 2008
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