Frequently Asked Questions

Adextinguisher isnt listed in "Add/Remove programs". How do I remove it?
1. Disable the HTTP proxy in your web browser
2. If running adextinguisher as a service (adextsvc.exe), stop it by executing "net stop adextsvc" from the windows command line.
3. Delete all files called adextinguisher.exe (Windows 95/98/ME) or adextsvc.exe (Windows 2000/XP/2003) on your hard disk.

Could you please add THIS NEW FEATURE to Adexinguisher?
Addition of new features by Adextinguishers original developer Mike Ingle has ceased. This software project is not likely to have any new releases. The blocking list may still be updated in the future.

How do I create my own Ad Blocking list? Can I use more than one list??
1. Make your own list instructions.
2. Yes, as many lists as you want eg: my list + yours + your friends. Tell me if you make a list of your own, perhaps I can include your rules in the main adextingusiher block.txt rules file.

Does Adextinguisher stop popup windows from opening new browser windows?
No, but Adextinguisher can block the large ad images inside popular popup windows eg: X10 or Tripod so the popup window that opens doesnt contain any images.

Will Adextinguisher work with my Cable/ADSL connection?
Yes. I put the proxy server settings in my Dial up networking proxy settings for my ADSL connection. However depending on the modem you use for your cable/adsl connection the proxy settings may have to be entered in a different place eg: the modems internal settings.

Adextinguisher sounds good. What is the cost?
Adextinguisher is completely FREE.

Do you have a mailing list that I can join?
There wouldnt be any point in doing that because this software project is not likely to have any new releases. The blocking list may still be updated in the future.

HELP! Adextinguisher isnt working
Please read the HELP page.

I can see ads on a website, what can you do?
Email me with the exact location of the website and i'll do my best to get rid of the new ads.

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Adextinguisher Installation for Internet Explorer 4,
Netscape 3.x, and 4.x on Windows NT4/2000/XP

  1. Note: adextsvc.exe only works with Windows NT/2000 and requires Administrator access to install. It is primarily intended for enterprise use with multiple clients accessing one server, but can be used on a single Windows NT/2000 workstation if needed.

  2. Download Ad Extinguisher and save adextsvc.exe where you want it on the disk.

  3. Open a Command Prompt window and in it go to the directory where you saved adextsvc.exe, and type: adextsvc -install and press Enter to install the program.

  4. You will see the installation dialog. Set your options and click Setup. The Start Automatically option in the service version sets the service to start at boot time. If you uncheck this option, the service will be set to start manually.

  5. After installing the service, type: net start adextsvc in the Command prompt window and press Enter to start the service for the first time.

  6. You should now access the Ad Extinguisher Control Panel to set up remote access if you want other computers to access the internet using Adextinguisher through your computer. See the section on Remote Access below.

  7. Remote Access
    By default, Ad Extinguisher only accepts connections from the machine it is running on (localhost or Connections from any other machine will be disconnected immediately without reply. If you want to allow someone else access, use the Remote Client Access Permissions box in the Advanced (Show All Options) configuration.

    Enter the network number in the Network field, and the network mask in the Netmask field. If the Admin? checkbox is checked, the remote users will have access to the Control Panel; if it is clear, they will not. This should be clear except for an administrator's workstation.

    To allow a single workstation access, enter its IP address for Network and for the netmask. To allow the whole Internet, enter for network and netmask. To allow a specific network, enter the network and netmask of that network.

    After setting the server to permit remote access, set the client's proxy server to the server's IP address, and the port specified when Ad Extinguisher was installed. This permits non-Windows machines to use Ad Extinguisher. ISPs can install the program and allow their users to block ads by simply setting their proxy servers.

  8. To remove the service, go to the directory where the service is installed (in a Command prompt window), type: adextsvc -remove and press Enter.

  9. The program is ready. Visit some commercial web sites like ZDNET Downloads and see how nice they are without the ads, Note that ads are now transparent. Also notice that animated GIFs stop after one cycle. You can disable this behavior and cause them to animate normally in the control panel.

Note that ads are now transparent. For tech support, to make suggestions about the page or to tell me about ads that are not blocked, have a look at the Help part of this website, and if you cant find the information you want there, Contact Me. I'll do my best to help but there is no warranty.