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What are Feeds? What is RSS? – Video Tutorial Here

This video does a good job describing how RSS feeds work.

Below is similar information, in text

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In the real world we subscribe to our interests by paying for magazine subscriptions or Cable TV

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To keep up with all the new articles every day you could visit your 20 favourite websites one by one.

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Dear Neerav Thanks for the advice. I think that it is amazing that you help people that you don’t even know – thanks so much for your kindness.
– Steve Schlesinger (South Africa)

Just keep up the good stuff. I can’t tell you how many blogs are about American Idol. And we’re being trained for stupidity. People complain about the dumbing down of America, with short attention span TV, newspapers with giant headlines and little substance, etc. The only way people are going to pay attention is when others lead the discussion, so I’m grateful you’re doing so.
– John Alexander (USA)

I like your site a lot for your unsurpressed honesty, plain simple language and forthright opinions – Jim (Australia)

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