Starlight Cinema North Sydney: Watch Movies Under The Stars (Review)

The sound and video quality may be great but watching movies at a standard suburban megaplex cinemas isn’t much fun anymore. In comparison watching a movie at Starlight Cinema Sydney was more of an “experience” and reminded me a lot of Broome’s outdoor deckchair cinema.

Starlight Cinema - North Sydney

Located at North Sydney Oval, Starlight Cinema operates from January to March during Summer/early Autumn and is an easy 15-20 minute walk up Miller St from North Sydney train station.

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North Sydney oval is much smaller than most big sporting stadiums with old style stands which provide the venue with character, it was perfect for watching the typical quirky Wes Anderson film Fantastic Mr Fox.

Bring a picnic rug, blue plastic tarpaulin or beanbag to sit on if you don’t want to sit on the oval’s grass as I did. You can hire a basic chair for a few dollars or purchase deluxe seating near the screen for a higher ticket price.

Gates open at 7pm and the film starts at sunset (earlier as summer progresses). The queue at the gate was already over a 100 people when I arrived at 715pm!

Tickets are priced higher than a cinema complex but less than IMAX. I recommend you buy Starlight Cinema tickets online as these are slightly discounted.

If you demand perfect sound and lighting then this event is not for you because the sound can be a bit echoey at times as it reflects from the stands and fruit bats in the big tree to the far left of screen squeak as they go to sleep.

Watching a movie at Starlight Cinema is about an enjoyable evening out with friends or family, don’t expect a perfect audio visual experience.

Starlight Cinema is well worth attending at least once every Sydney summer, especially for families with young kids who can arrive early, enjoy a picnic dinner and let the children run around and play before the screening.

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