Spotlight on Quality Blogs: Peter Martin – Economics, Canberra, human behaviour

Today’s spotlight is on Peter Martin: Economics, Canberra, human behaviour.


Most blogs I select to spotlight because they deserve more exposure have a common attribute of writers who “Tell it like it is”. Like me they have strong opinions and are not afraid to publicise them even if they’re challenging the status quo.

Peter Martin is the Canberra-based Economics Correspondent for the Melbourne Age newspaper. He also writes about economics for New Matilda and is heard on NightLife on ABC Radio.

He is a former Economics Correspondent for Australia’s ABC radio and SBS television as well as being a former ABC TV Foreign Correspondent and Economics editor of The Canberra Times.

I like his writing style and unlike some biased journalists (cough: Andrew Bolt) he is willing to say what he thinks about all the political parties and powerful figures like Premiers and Ministers without favouring or attacking any in particular. I also find his explanations about economics, finance and government policy easy to understand compared to blogs by academics specialising in economics.

The following is an excerpt from one of Peter’s articles: Sunday dollars+sense: Don’t you just hate job interviews?

I do. And they are useless, or worse.

Halleluiah! The University of Queensland is to scrap the use of interviews to decide who gets into its medical course.

It has done what most such organisations never do and actually conducted research into whether a candidate’s performance at an interview is at all related to their subsequent performance if they are successful.

The answer, according to the head of the school of medicine David Wilkinson quoted in The Australian this week: “All the evidence shows that the interview is useless”…

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The Internet is like panning for gold in a stream, you’ll find a lot more dross (worthless, commonplace, or trivial matter) than gold nuggets. That’s why I’m asking for your help – please suggest quality sites for me to spotlight in the future in the comments area of this article

3 Replies to “Spotlight on Quality Blogs: Peter Martin – Economics, Canberra, human behaviour”

  1. Hi Neerav,

    What a interesting post. I agree that in some cases this reasoning is probably spot on. Academia and baseball teams where performance can be assessed by measurables are good examples. In some other professions however, I don’t believe it would be so good. It’s my view (and that of my teacher partner) that an interview is vital when considering the employment of a secondary school teacher.

    Thanks as always for the interesting post.


  2. I have liked Peter’s blog for some time and check in intermittently. He is a straight talker and chooses interesting things to discuss. He is on the radio here in Adelaide (he is originally from here) on a weekly basis and I sometimes hear him then. Yesterday he analysed the budget in an easy to understand folksy manner. We need more journalists like that.

    EDITOR: Definitely agree, he’s good at explaining complex concepts in a way that normal people who aren’t experts in economics can understand

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