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Neerav Bhatt business card bought from Click Business Cards

Need some new business cards? Click Business Cards is by far the best place that allows Australians to design and buy their business cards online.

I have personally used Click Business Cards because they were cheap, quick to deliver, the cards look professional and they do print runs as small as 250 cards whereas the local print shop wouldn’t do any less than 1000!

For example I just ordered a new business card (as seen at right) to replace the last batch of cards I’d ordered from Click Business Cards in 2004:

I designed the card online with all the specific graphics, colours, fonts and text sizes I wanted to use and 250 cards with a standard semi gloss art board (310gsm) with a varnish cost me $49.95 + $7.50 postage for a total of $57.45 and they arrived by Express Post 2 business days after I ordered them.

Click Business Cards - online business card creator

The design interface (shown above) is very easy to use and helpful tips are provided to make sure that the finished product created by Click Business Cards is exactly what you specified eg:

  • Using graphics which are 91mm x 55mm to allow for 1mm bleed on all sides,
  • Making sure the graphics used are CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black),
  • Graphics MUST be under 2mb in size,
  • All photos and pictures should be 300dpi in resolution. All logos and text should be 600dpi.

What do you think of my new business card design? The reaction so far has been mostly positive, a few people thought it was a touch aggressive but the rest agreed with me saying the use of red is quite effective because for a business card to be of use it must make an impact and be different from all the bland boring cards everyone else uses.

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  1. I like the business card design. Simple is always best. Simple cards are much classier than a cluttered, not well thought out card.

    I like it!

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