Pixar’s UP – best animated movie of 2009 reviewed (DVD & Bluray)

Last night after a hard days work I sat down with much anticipation to watch a media preview DVD of Pixar’s animated movie “UP”. I didn’t have time to watch UP at the movie theatres but many people had told me that it was the best animated movie of 2009 so I had high hopes for it.

UP Pixar Anmated movie on DVD and Bluray

I’m a big fan of animated movies but unfortunately while many have great visual effects it’s rare to find Hollywood animated movies like WALL-E which have heart and depth.

UP is one of these exceptions. As soon as I saw that the main protagonists motto’s were “adventure is out there” and “the wilderness must be explored” – I knew I’d love this movie 🙂

UP Pixar Anmated movie on DVD and Bluray

The lesson you’ll learn from watching UP is that you’re never too old to follow your dream and Adventures are out there but you have leave the safe predictable confines of everyday working life in suburbia and experience them instead of perpetually putting them off for another day.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this DVD had a decent assortment of bonus features and more importantly that they were worth watching. Bonuses consist of 2 short amusing movies, a 20 minute documentary about how the animators visited locations in South America to make sure the movie landscape was true to life, a short discussion about possible alternate endings and an audio directors commentary.

The UP DVD looked surprisingly good upscaled to 1080P high definition by my bluray player but if you want to see the colourful visuals in their full glory I suggest you buy the movie on Bluray

Pixar’s “UP” will be released in Australia on January 13th 2009. Be the first to watch it by pre-ordering UP on high definition Bluray or DVD from Chaos.com

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