List of Freelance Journalism Work By Neerav Bhatt

Thanks to my broad general knowledge, research skills and ability to explain complex issues I have appeared in the online, print, radio and TV media: SBS World News Online, ABC News Online, ABC Local Radio, ABC Radio National, BBC World Service Radio, 10 News TV, Sky News TV, ABC News 24, News Ltd online, iTnews, APCMAG, IDG, YHA Backpacker Essentials magazine, GEARE magazine and a variety of other publications.

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Examples of Technology and Travel Freelance Journalism Work By Neerav Bhatt

SBS World News Online

Business/Technology Spectator

The Guardian

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Online

Public Broadcaster/Commercial Radio Interviews, Podcast Interviews & Lectures


Be Ready: Traders Hotels

  • Wrote travel tips and travel gadget reviews. Site was shutdown in mid 2013. Only 1 of my Beready articles was indexed by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, linked below.
  • How to: Avoid Credit Card Fraud When Travelling on 23rd February 2012

YHA Backpacker Essentials Magazine

GEARE (print magazine) Magazine

Lots of 1-2 page articles as well as long feature articles about a diverse range of topics.

Issue #63 (12 pages): Google Android feature, Google Android phone roundup, Google Android GPS Apps review, Netcomm NB9WMAXXn VOIP ADSL2+ modem/router review, Energy Efficiency gadgets.

Issue #64 (over 20 pages): long feature articles about Electric cars and eBooks as well as reviews of Android tablets, looking back at 20 years of the Hubble Space Telescope, Windows Phone 7 launch and Budget Digital Cameras reviewed.

Issue #65 (10 pages): Augmented Humanity feature article, Oregon Weather Station review, Universal Power Supply (UPS) review and Rugged Technology review of a Motorola Defy Smartphone and Panasonic FT2 Digital Camera.

Issue #66 (14 1/2 pages): Deep Sea Submersibles feature (cover story), Space Flight & Exploration feature, National Broadband Network feature, Inflight Technology, Wisper 805FE Electric Bike Review and Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth earpiece Review

Issue #67 (9 1/2 pages): Satellite communication: Spot 2 GPS messenger & Inmarsat iSatphone, Compact Ultrazoom GPS cameras: Canon SX230 HS vs Panasonic TZ20, Internode Fetch subscription IPTV, Samsung Galaxy S II and Huawei X5 Android mobile phones and a Netgear Gigabit switch.

Issue #68 (9 pages): High Speed Trains (Investigative Feature), Hacker/Maker Spaces, Kobo Touch eReader review and overview of Wearable Christmas gifts from Thinkgeek.

Issue #69 (17 pages): Safari tech (6 page Feature), Geocaching, 3D Printing, taking Panoramic photos, Motorola RAZR review, Kobo Touch review, Kindle 4 6″ Wifi review and Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook review

Issue #70 (11 pages): Australia’s NASA HQ (4 page feature), Underwater Photography (4 page feature) and several Smartphone reviews: Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X.

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

CeBIT Australia

I wrote several articles each weekday about a variety of information technology related articles for CeBIT Australia in mid-2012. These are a selection of those articles:

Other Media Outlets

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